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FM/AM Tuner under around $500
I'm not a tuner expert but you may want to consider a Magnum Dynalab FT-101A. I've read a number of comments on them that they are not that well made but I have one and have been perfectly satisfied with it. Then again, I haven't spent a lot of ti... 
Why Don't My DAC Like My DIP?
DAC is looking for a signal to lock on to. I've noticed the same thing with mine when I forgot to turn it off when I shut down everything else. Swampwalker is right, just turn it off first. 
avantgarde loudspeakers
Myraj - But how long did you keep them around - the women that is. I've got to believe that if they became more permanent fixtures, the Red Duos would have been history. 
Suggestions, please...
Bach's Brandenburg Concerto's are a good standard 
Best big flat screen under 4k
Gateway has some inexpensive flat plasma displays. Supposed to have HD versions out soon if not already. Never seen one myself, but I'm told they are OK. 
Phase inverted..why?
Clueless - In the immortal words of John Wayne - "Not hardly". Thanks for the clarification. 
which type of sink for record washing
What ever you use, don't use a heat sink...tends to warp the vinyl. 
Anyone still do insightful or intelligent lyrics?
Never heard the song, but is that where the name came from? 
Should audiophiles be disappointed?...
I wasn't there but I would imagine that the rooms were not exactly designed with good sound in mind. Accordingly, the most optimal way to demonstrate the equipment would be to use room treatments. Slappy's right though, it is the music that counts... 
Phase inverted..why?
I'm somewhat confused and, obviously, not an electrical engineer. However, if the solution to the phase inversion problem is to reverse the speaker cable polarity, why don't the manufacturers just wire the output that way in the amp.Sorry for the ... 
Guilty Pleasures
Vince Guaraldi's Linus and Lucy from the original Charlie Brown Christmas special. Various TV theme songs from 70's and 80's (e.g. Rockford Files, Hawaii Five 0) 
B&W 601 S2 magnetically shielded?
Actually, I believe a few non-center B&W's are shielded (the Nautilus 805's are, for example). I don't believe the 601 S2's are, however. Per their web site, the 601 S3's are not. 
Electro-Magnetic storm to hit Earth today.
When I saw the article on this yesterday, I immediately ran to the store, bought up all of the aluminum foil I could find and wrapped the house in it. If it was good enough for NASA, I figured why not give it a shot. 
Wi Fi and Hi Fi
If you can run CAT 5 cable rather than use wi-fi, you should have more consistent speed and certainly better security. Further, it strikes me that the fewer wireless signals that are generated in close proximity to anything (including the people i... 
Need Headphone amp under $300?
You can often find a used battery powered Grado RA-1 for less than $300 on Agon. New for slightly more than $300. I have used with Sennheiser HD-600's to good effect.