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Clamp or weight for Technics Direct Drive?
You could get one machined pretty cheaply. I have an audio friend who is a machinist and he made me one very similar to this one. Said it took about 20 minutes.http://www.soundfountain.com/amb/puck.html 
Clamp or weight for Technics Direct Drive?
A friend of mine machined a stainless weight for my SP25. I had used the 25 for a few months prior without any clamp or weight. Since getting the weight, I haven't played an lp without it. It brings the sound into focus and is very noticeable. The... 
selling vinyl and feeling?
I sold my 3500 lp collection last summer. Not because I wanted to, but because I had to. And yes, I regret it daily. Would I do it again? I sure hope not. 
Lp playback rituals
Checkout the thread titles "Record-Playing Rituals" at the top of the analog page. It has been running since 2001 and has over 150 responses. 
How do I clean a sticky speaker
Any idea what the substance is? You might try some tar remover from an auto parts store. It is safe for car paint, but not sure about your speakers. Like mentioned above, I would try a small inconspicious spot first to see the results. 
Is analog & vinyl anoying? Is it worht it.
"Yeah it may be better than digital. But come on. 3K+ for a cartridge. Cleaning machines. Preamps. VTA adjustments. noisy records. expensive software. By the time you get it all set up you are ready to just turn on the tv and watch Sportscenter. I... 
Small bookshelfs that reach 42 hz
These may not meet your bass requirements, but they sound worth investigating. I have not heard them myself, but they seem worth checking out, plus they come with a 30 day money back guarantee.Here is a thread with a link. I am not affiliated, jus... 
Sansui SP-1500 Speakers
I am not familiar with your speakers, but there seems to be a few vintage speakers that continue to make for very enjoyable listening. My speakers were made in 1975 and I dig the hell out of them and they are still 100% original, though I have con... 
Room size and floor standing speakers
My room is much smaller than yours (11x13x8) and I have a pair of 9 cu.ft. cabinets. They are nearfield studio monitors (Altec 604s) and to me they sound excellent. Very dynamic and great imaging. I am sure they wouldn't be for everyone and probab... 
Should I Brush My Cartridge After Each Use?
I agree with Viridian and Dougdeacon. Clean vinyl and keeping a clean stylus is the best way to go in my opinion. Cleaning the vinyl takes a little time and effort. Cleaning the stylus is quick and easy. I clean my stylus after each side and follo... 
Fixing Up Old Thorens
Kemp, I suggest you spend some time on http://www.theanalogdept.com/ website. It will give you detailed info on your 150. Best belts to use and where to purchase, how to oil the bearing and what oil to use, dialing in the suspension, tweaks, makin... 
High eff speakers? Sonata III, Super III, OR ???
If vintage doesn't scare you, you ought to consider Altec Lansing Models 14,17,18,19. These can be bought for $2000 or less. I own Model 17s with the 604 duplex and have been enjoying them for over 18 months with no thoughts of selling them. Mine ... 
Great Speakers - More is More?
I have never tried stacking speakers, though I have read stacking Advents was apparently enjoyed by many years ago.I don't have a room that would accomodate large speakers being stacked, plus my budget couldn't finance it. Sounds like fun though. 
Should I sell my Thorens?
I agree on changing the cart, an AT440ml for $90 would be a noticeable improvement. You should also consider having a better arm mounted on your 160. Linn??? You can also have LP-12 springs installed. Lots of things you can do to improve your Thor... 
Are you at this point??
I think I can enjoy my modest vintage system for a very long time. I look at other hardware, but don't feel the need to change. Maybe I am easy to please, but if my toes tap, I am in tall cotton.