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are any of your friends audiophiles?
Chad, sorry for the confusion. I live in Missouri and the guy from Ohio now lives in Tulsa. I didn't make my post very clear. 
are any of your friends audiophiles?
I have 2 audiophile/music loving friends. One lives about 4 blocks from me and the other moved about 60 miles south of me a year ago. When all of us lived closer we would get together about once a month rotating to listen and enjoy each others ver... 
Anyone use Audiogon "Wanted" Ads Success?
I have responded to one and the whole thing went flawlessly. I rarely look at them though. 
Do true audiophiles own Mcintosh gear
Are there any hi-fi stores amoung this list of Southern Cal. audio/video shops? Maybe all but 1 are (what you consider) mid-fi? In your initial post, you only mentioned McIntosh being carried by 2 (what you consider) mid-fi shops, but admit in you... 
Do true audiophiles own Mcintosh gear
I am curious what mid fi shop is selling $5000 amps? Sounds bogus to me. Taters, what are the names of these 2 stores?And a dealer that doesn't carry McIntosh bad mouthing McIntosh? Who would have thunk it? LOL Would it have anything to do with th... 
Horns for Rock.
You could get a pair of Altec 19s for $1200 and they would blow away ANY pair of Heresys for rock music. No contest. 
'90's gear
My amps are from the 60s, speakers and turntables from the 70s, CD player from the late 90s. It delivers music I really enjoy. There is nothing wrong with good vintage gear as far as my ears are concerned and it can offer great bang for the buck, ... 
Horns for SET: Low budget solutions
Excellent post from Rchau. I suggest you read his post again. 
Horn Speakers
I own a pair of Altec 604-8g (Model 17's) that sound to me what you describe you are looking for. The 17s are designed for nearfield listening and can be bought in your price range. Excellent clairty, soundstage and dynamics. They don't do much ov... 
Materialism or Idealism is hope alive? And Request
Amazing. Confusing as hell, but amazing. I hope I can now find my way home. 
Please Help How would you grade an antique stereo?
Put it up for auction and when the auction is over, look at how much it sold for. That is how much it is worth. 
What other hobby or hobbies do you have?
Mine is fishing. I find it very relaxing to go drift in a boat or sit along the bank of a river and wait for the rod to bend. I try to go at least twice a week as weather permits.I also maintain care of 4 lawns, so that keeps me busy too, but I ca... 
Speakers under $750.00...Preposterous Notion?
Klipsch Cornwalls 
One's trash is someone else's treasure
I have never perceived paying a seller his full asking price as being unfair. I find giving someone a hard time over paying the sellers full asking price very weird. Is this another case of political correctness? Was the OP not meeting moral stand... 
What was your biggest vinyl surprise for $.99
My biggest surprise was a 7" 45rpm that I bought at the Salvation Army for 33 cents. I sold it on eBay for $2,850. Some of that Northern Soul stuff goes for silly money.