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Favourite Guitarists
Nuno Bettencourt   
Solid state to tube
@decooney  I agree. I also have a tube amp and I switch between that and the SS every now and then, but the tube amp is used mostly for jazz and softer music. I had it the other way too, SS pre and tube amp, and the tube amp softened the SS hars... 
Solid state to tube
@winoguy17 I agree with you. I switched my SS pre amp to a tube one, and I love the result. In my system I get the lush, smooth tube sound, with the power and control of SS amps.  
Best sounding CD player
I love my McIntosh MVP871. To my ears it's very musical.   
Do You Tell Others How Much You Have Invested in Your System?
I don't mind sharing that information, depending on who's asking. I read once that you're considered an audiophile when your system costs more than your car, so when I bought my recent car (which city a little more than my system) I had to upgrad... 
Why do so many sellers take offense to offers on their listings?
Some sellers are great to deal with, and some are plain rude. In my opinion offers that are about 30% off the asking price are fair, and we can negotiate from there (both as a seller and a buyer.) One of the smoothest transactions I've ever had o... 
Who is Gonna Buy A New Jeep Grand Wagoneer For the MacIntosh Stereo?
The only reliable part of the Jeep Grand Wagoner now IS the McIntosh system. Then again... If Jeep put it together... Maybe not. The dealership's mechanics will enjoy premium sound while your Jeep is in the shop :-)  
Fraud /SCAM
There are a lot of scams lately on audiogon. When the price is too good to be true, it's probably not true. As well as sellers with accounts that were opened the same month as the listing. I do my best to flag those when I see them.   
Roger Waters Live Last Night in Glendale,AZ
I like his music and dislike him as a person. Roger Waters managed to unite both political sides recently, pissing off Republicans (his criticism of Trump and everything right-wing) and Democrats (his support of Putin for example.) He criticizes ... 
Direct Drive
I love my 1200G.   
Check this out, if you already haven't.
  @juanmanuelfangioii I respect my partner, but just as I would never tell her not to buy anything expensive if she wishes and can afford it, I expect the same from her. We have a partnership as well, but neither of us controls the expenses of t... 
Check this out, if you already haven't.
I can't believe how many of you have to comment about the wife, or wife approval factor. Must be an older generation thing.  Maybe the guy is not married, and maybe he doesn't have a bossy wife controlling his every penny and purchase.   
Check this out, if you already haven't.
That's great! Thanks for sharing.   
Was my friend given misinformation.
Sometime around 2009 I went into Circuit City to buy a new U2 DVD that came out that day. When I couldn't find it on the shelf (why would it be on the shelf when it's brand new?...) I asked the sales person if they had it. His response was: "YouTu... 
Was my friend given misinformation.
@russ69 I have a friend who asks my advice and then asks all our friends for advice, then doesn't listen to any of it. I know the type!