2nd system for office, all-in-one integrated suggestions

Hi everyone, I'm looking for recommendations on an all-in-one integrated for a second system at work. My overall all-in budget is $4000 (including cables). I'll be using the Elac debut 2.0 speakers to start. The goal of the system is mainly streaming but I'll need MM/MC capabilities. I could do a separate phono stage at some point, but prefer something built in for now to keep the system clean. I'm looking at the Rega P1 with an updated Hana cartridge (my home rig is a P10 outfitted with a Hana Umami Red). I'll be using AQ cabling. I feel like this price point is difficult because of the vast number of options. My rig at home is very transparent, dynamic, maybe just toward the warm side of neutral. I have all tubes at home but would like solid state just for convenience for this system, but nothing too analytical sounding. Thanks for the suggestions


The Naim Unity Atom crossed my mind, partly because it’s been around so long with many positive reviews, but no phono stage. NAD M10V2 is more recent, but been around for awhile.

You could go for the Rega P1 "Plus" that includes a phono stage, so you can stick with a single box.

I am extremely happy with my office system. It consists of beautiful Totem Mite speakers with its matching subwoofer, and a PrimaLuna integrated tube amp and a Schiit Gungnir DAC. The speakers / system is punchy at any volume and very musical. 

With an all-in budget of $4k, you may want to consider the Schiit Ragnarok.  I run a more robust, tube-based system in my main listening room but purchased a Ragnarok to use at my cabin.  I selected it after putting it through the paces during free audition period Schiit offers, pairing it with Dynaudio Special 40s, a Bluesound Node for steaming duties, and a Rega Planar 6 for analog.  The Ragnarok can be configured as just an amp or "fully loaded" which includes a MM phono and their True Multibit Unison DAC.  The Ragnarok is a bit quirky, and I had to get used to the the relay stepped attenuator as it does not work like a normal volume control (rather, it is much more liner:  at the 12:00 position, it is still 40db down from maximum output).  I found I needed to put the knob in at least the 2:00 position for the amp to start singing.  This said, the amp is well built and provides a dynamic sound through the Dynaudios - different sound than what I have with my main system, but satisfying nonetheless.  I've found it a good solution for this secondary listening set up.

If you’re gonna bother investing in a P1 and Hana cartridge I’d go for a separate phono stage as anything in an all-in-one unit is gonna be a big bottleneck.  This NuPrime unit has everything except the phono stage but only costs $1495 so leaves a good bit available in your budget for both decent cables and a better phono pre.  Hope this helps, and best of luck in your search.

My Office System

I am very happy with the sound and features of my Luxman 10 wpc tube integrated with both MM and MC, 3 line inputs, balance, meters and remote. Remote mute is a good feature in an office.


It’s small as you can see, quite solid 27 lbs. I wanted tubes in my office, but low power to keep heat down. Actually, surprisingly, SS might be hotter.

All the reviews say it has more power than 10 wpc, I agree, I have had it driving a pair of Wharfedale’s and now my restored AR-2ax. Both are low sensitivity, plenty of volume.

It’s power button stays in/on, so I am able to use it powered thru a unit that has remote power on/off without leaving my chair.

On, meter lights remind me to turn it off when I leave the room. With prior Wharfedale’s


  • Powerful 150 watts per channel – capable of driving 2 sets of speakers
  • High quality ESS SABRE ES9018k2m Reference DAC – for highly accurate & detailed musical performance
  • Integrated MM Phono Stage – for a wide choice of turntables
  • XLR balanced inputs – for connection of high-quality analogue equipment
  • StreamMagic Gen 4 module – for an unparalleled streaming experience
  • Bluetooth aptX HD – for hi-res playback from & to compatible device







PS Audio bundles the Sprout 100 integrated with Elac 2.0 speakers on their website:


I've never heard one, so can't comment on that; but this one has many of the features you're looking for a very reasonable price. 

Thanks for all the input...I'm leaning toward building around the PS Audio Stellar line, but I'll check out all of your suggestions, really appreciate the time!

Considering the speakers, you are not in the esoteric price range. Not trashing them as I am really amazed at their price point.  ( I have D5.1's in my shop powered by a V3)  Really, don't know how they do it. 

So the amp is not that critical. Look for a solution with the best internal DAC  and streaming software. Unfortunately some very nice integrated amps have $5 DACs in them.   Even the Moon internal DAC I would not write home about.  To go external DAC and maybe IOTA integrated?  If going to better speakers, the Hegel, Atoll, AudioLabs integrated are all exceptional.  I put them a notch over Rega, Naim, Linn, Cambridge, Marantz etc.  Ones I have heard. I have not heard a PS since the first generation when I lived in Boulder.  PS does seem to make some very good electronics, but I just get a bade taste with the snake oil they also push. 

My desk is a PC as server and streamer.  I run JDS Atom+ DAC and  preamp/phones into a Schiit REKER driving my Vifa/Dayton 4 inch mains and an 8 inch sub. Once I tuned enough JRiver parameters, I have eliminated the vocal sibilance I am so sensitive too.  It plays more than loud enough with all of 2 Watts.  I tried my ELAC's on it and sorry, as good as they are, they were no match for the Vifa XT-25 tweeters. Electronics under $350!  I really want to hear an Aries II in the system.   Now, I only listen to headphones occasionally at night. That is not my primary listening, but the $109 JDS seems fine.  I also have an Asgard. Can't tell the difference. 

If I were buying a desktop from scratch, I might start with Sonas Faber Lumina IIs, go for the bigger 12W Schiit amp, Probably a JDS Element DAC, maybe WiiM streamer.  All that way less than the above mentioned prestige brands and I would match the sound any day. Maybe the RME DAC instead of the JDS. Not sure it is smoother sounding, but the feature set is worth the price. 

I've  had a PS Audio Strata for a few years now and I keep going back to it.  My other system has a tubed front end and vinnie rossi amp.  The Vinnie system has a little more bloom and body but I've also spent more time, money and tinkering to dial it in than I have the PS Audio.  The PS Audio has been great for me and the only thing it doesn't have is the phono stage built in.  Streaming is very easy as I use airplay from my phone, bypassing the use of the PS Audio app completely.  The PS Audio has channel balance and gain control per input which I do find useful.  Another example, I swapped out the PS Audio for a Rogue Pharoah on a pair of Magnepan .7's.  The PS Audio had more top end and better bass.  The Rogue had a little extra depth/dimension.  The PS Audio has been dead quiet for me.  I also hear the differences in cables with the PS Audio.  TMR Audio had a couple very reasonably priced.  

Linn Classik and WiiM Pro. At roughly 1/10th your budget you have a full streaming system with CD playback as a bonus. Sure you can spend more but you wont come close to 10x or even 2x the performance of the Linn/WiiM.  

The BELLES ARIA @ $2200 or the Musical Fidelity at $2600 M6....both are excellent sounding....My Belles has been replaced by an Aavik. I'd sell for $1600....9-10/ 10 like new.

i've heard the cambridge evo and it's good....nad c368 is another option for an all-in-one unit--it has a phono stage and a streaming module.

A few really good recent offerings. The NAD I think more enjoyable compared to some of their more expensive options. 

NAD C 3050

Cabasse Abyss 


Staying within your stated budget, $4000 all-in, I suggest a Peachtree Carina 300, which has a phono stage, an ample 300WPC and is, of course, a one box integrated with dual DACs. All you will need will be your streamer and the speakers and TT you mentioned.

@elliottbnewcombjr nice looking office system. I have something similar but I have the Magnepan LRS+ speakers behind me without any obstruction from my 6 monitors. I have a SilentPC.

Have you ever considered rotating your desk so your monitor is not between your ears and speaker?

You might be able to find a used Luxman 550AXII at around your budget. Excellent class A performance and looks to die for.

So your $4k budget is for integrated (streamer/phonostage), speakers, cables?  Or is the cost of your turntable in that budget as well?