One Thousand Dollars

Perusing Amazon and came across an 8-disc Talking Heads CD set for $1000.00.

Too much?

Too little?

Just right?


A thousand bucks for an 8 CD set??!

Ridiculous. I don't care who the group is.


I'd pay good money for a DSD collection of the Moody Blues catalog (on gold plated disk media, of course). Never warmed up to Talking Heads though I do respect some of their songs.


I enjoy reading your audio posts, but on this…admittedly a matter of taste…I cannot agree less.  Talking Heads was the last rock band I fully, totally loved before deciding popular music was not exciting me any more, specifically because of their rhythm section. For me, Remain In Light is a work of genius on every level.  I have a dts disc, the CD, an original LP, and I stream it in MQA.  That said, I would never pay that kind of money for a set of discs.

Hey @crustycoot  I'll have to try that one out.  My main experience is with Stop Making sense and while I can get into the lyrics of some of the songs I thought the rhythm and bass playing was hypnotic instead of innovative.

This was released by Rhino in 2005 and has been out of print for ages. Village Revival Records is the one who is asking for $1000, but as others have indicated, it can likely be had for less, but it all depends on the condition, too. Sealed is worth a lot more than non-sealed. If you're not a collector, it would not be worth $1000; if you are, it might very well be for you. 

I love the Talking Heads and own their entire catalog. Had the pleasure of seeing them 11 times. Saying this I would not pay a grand for this collection.