A mystery for you tech gurus out there

Hi all -

I am stumped, to say the least, at what could be going on with my home theatre system. My equipment hooked up is:

-Denon 1913-AVR receiver
-Dual CS7000 (Golden one) turntable (grounded to a casing screw on the receiver case)
-Marantz 5 disc CD changer
-Front speakers: Paradigm studio 60 v1
-Center and surrounds: Sony
-Klipsch subwoofer
-Panasonic plasma TV

So the issue revolves around the front Paradigm Studio 60s. Whichever one is plugged into the FRONT LEFT speaker output on the receiver emits an occasional, loud pop. Usually the pop comes in bursts, and sounds almost like a fireworks show would with a succession of airy-sounding, concussive pops.

I thought it was my receiver (I originally had a Denon 1911-AVR giving me the same issue) and recently got the 1913, and the issue persisted. I have tried using new speaker wire as well. The part that I cant figure out is when i go behind the receiver and switch the 2 front speakers around so that the speaker that was right is now left and vice versa, the popping now comes out of the right sided speaker which is now plugged into the FRONT LEFT output.

How can this be? Any thoughts or ideas?
Seems we need to work further to ID the component at fault:
1. how far your turntable from your left speaker? try to isolate turntable or simply disconnect and take away from rig and see if problem remains
2. what source you're normally running when the pop(s) occur?
3. have you tried running this receiver 2ch only with video sources disconnected and unpowered or the same with audio sources disconnected and unpowered?
4. have you tried running system with no subwoofer?
5. do you connect your main speakers to subwoofer or receiver? have you tried connecting to subwoofer instead if you didn't?
6. how far your turntable from subwoofer?
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Sounds like it's your speaker. Use or borrow another set, even a cheap pair, to confirm.
Hi everyone - thank you so much for the quick replies. To answer your questions:

1. the turntable is sitting right between the 2 speakers, roughly 3 feet from each. It is sitting about 2 feet above the receiver with all of the connections.

2. The popping has been heard all all sources, from HDMI sources to analog connections and also the iPod/iPhone

3. I have not tried running the system with only 2 channels connected

4. I honestly have a hard time remembering if the issue happened prior to hooking up the subwoofer, I believe it did

5. My front speakers are connected directly to the receiver

6. The turntable is about 3 feet from the subwoofer, as it sits behind the stereo cabinet the turntable is on top of

7. speakers are getting pretty old, I would venture 10 - 12 years.

It is bizarre to me that whichever of the 2 front speakers is plugged into the LEFT FRONT output makes this popping sound. That makes me think instantly that it must be the receiver, but like I said this is receiver number 2 having the identical issue.

Thanks again so much for your input.
12 years old is enough for studio v60 to be old.
Go to Best Buy and get pair of new cheap polks and play them for couple of weeks. They have one month return policy anyways.
Your components including turntable placed properly and should not create issues.
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Liz I simply directed to purchase with return to try. It's not a crime cuz you can return item to Best Buy for reason or no reason within the month of purchase. Hey even if you accidentally fried one or two of them with bad amp, No problem as long as it's done within a month your funds are secured and refundable.

Here's some learning links you should visit to 'brush' your reading and communication skills bellow...

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If you need more learning resources, let me know.
Marakanetz, that was one heck of funny response! Elizabeth, that would normally be good advice, but, if it's actually doing it with all those different inputs, it doesn't seem like it can be the source. Unlikely as it sounds, it could still be the receiver. I would get a receiver from a friend, and try that. If it was the speaker, it would pop regardless of the output it was hooked up to. If they were both bad, it would happen on both sides, not just the left output. I highly doubt new speakers will solve anything.
Zydo, same exercise you can repeat with receiver or whatever the suspected component is. sometimes swapping fancy wires to cheap wires also eliminate problem. it's risk free just to purchase and return within month to Best Buy.
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Not mine either Liz, If you still havin' issues you can refer to my previous post. Practice makes things perfect just like in music.
Marakanetz, using retailers as "free" test equipment rental suppliers is certainly not a proper way to track down problems. They are in business to sell and make a profit, so that they can remain in business. There is no profit in free!
Next week there will be another thread, asking what happened to all the brick and mortar stores?

I agree with Elizabeth on this "idiots".
Answer me Ska_man, why Autozone loans tools for free? Does it bring them profit? Yes I and many others go to Autozone to get pullers, stretchers all kinda tools that occasionally needed(not always) to use. I and many others buy and return equipment from BestBuy monthly, daily, hourly and every minute, second. What'd'ya think? Can you do the math?? Can you find what's wrong in your statement by solving elementary school equation?
Apperently you definitely need to find some learning resources about profit and return on investment before making such infantile conclusion that really make me look like I'm an idiot and so be it because probably I've got used to it.
After attending some PTA meetings as one of the examples, I found out that teachers of elementery school don't know who is Mark Twain, Alexandre Dumas, Homer; also found science and math handouts with obvious typos such as kg/s units of force. What really shocked me, that most of parents and teachers didn't know what I was talking about exactly like both of you and many others of a kind.
Consider me agreed on your and Liz's statement 100%. YOU WIN.
P.S. Following idiot's advice is truely optional and not obligational...
Autozone loans tools for free, as a service to their customers. The profit would be, from you buying repair parts at Autozone.

It is Best Buys intention to sell you something that you can use. They give you the 30 day return privilege, in case the product does not meet your needs.

If you can't tell the difference between a free loaner program, and a 30 day return privilege. I can't help you.

P.S. Next time you get thirsty, go to Starbucks and order a drink. Drink only part of it and tell them it tastes funny.
They will gladly give a refund.
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apparently you couldn't solve elementary school equation with all your disoriented answers. too bad.
Marakanetz, as a dealer and a manufacturer I find your suggestion to use BestBuy's return policy for testing to be immoral and dishonest.
To buy a product and realize it doesn't work in your system and then returning it is ok, but to buy something with the intention of returning it is NOT ok.
Just knowing that your argueing in your defense to do this
and thinking that others are disoriented because they point out the a-moral behavior is a little disturbing to say the least.
I will make a point to never buy or sell antything to you and would suggest others do the same.
Z, than you simply SUCK as a dealer AND manufacturer. Many of those like you will loose business just because you will refuse to give to audition your product for a couple of weeks or even to support your client that apperently encountered the problem like an OP. Even Wyred4Sound 15% restocking fee seems to have much better statement than you've just quoted. I will see the future of giant Best Buy overtaking all of your measurable business to start selling Martin Logans, Maggies, Dyns, Krells Macs and other high performance audio equipment including analogue in the near future just because they're not thinking like you and they're not going to throw me out of the customer list.
Is it dishonest to ask BB rep if there's a possibiliity??? Guess now what kind of answer do you expect to hear from BB rep or have you EVER heard one?? Exactly the answer they've been trained to give as a customer rep of Best Buy. I haven't seen them in HT department specifically that they're not happy to assist you at any of your request. Perhaps to better improve your dealer skills you should fill out an application and work at least part time to get a hands-on experience on customer service. I guess it might help running your business better.
If you think one way all the time, you won't be able to solve any problems(LOL even elementary school equations) and wouldn't be able to even stand for the product you manufacture or sell.
Please remember that there's not only length, but width, depth and height. Your math is horrible especially when you try to speak in terms of profits... As I said, find more learning resources before dogmatizing your righteouseness.
I agree with Zydo about the source's as the popping occurs at any and all inputs ... also agree with Zydo that it isn’t the speakers as the popping stays with the amp's output and does not follow the speaker

I even think your receiver is OK ...

What I think is causing the popping is that amp’s channel is not balanced correctly to the other channels and is putting out a little more power than the rest of the channels ... causing that channel to clip on peaks

This is causing the ...
"occasional, loud pop. Usually the pop comes in bursts, and sounds almost like a fireworks show would with a succession of airy-sounding, concussive pops".
... you are experiencing because the input to that amp is set to high relative to the others amp's inputs in the set up menu

Try turning the main volume down 20% and see if the popping continues ... if it stops then that amp is clipping and needs to be readjusted in the menu ... if the popping continues even at the much lower volume ... I would suspect an issue with the receiver

Maximum capacity is a rating ... not a challenge

+1 Davehrab, you may have just salvaged this thread with a note of clarity for the original qn. If the OP hasn't abandoned in frustration, I suspect that he'll know by now whose hijacking posts he should just ignore.

The original description suggested possible clipping to me as well, but I couldn't envision what might cause this in a single channel for a solid state amp. The channel balancing issue might just be the solution, but in general, I wonder what else could be at play?
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Regarding the OP, it could be some outside electrical interference being picked up by a interconnect/cable on the left channel. Try repositioning.
Sandstone ... this is what qued me
-Denon 1913-AVR receiver
It's a HT receiver not 2 channel receiver and requires balancing of input signal to all channels including sub for balanced response

Turn one channel’s input up a little to much in relation to the others and it will clip before the others

OP descript sounded like clipping to me

Snwbrdrcol, have you switched interconnects/cables around?

The chickens always do come home to roost, don't they.
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So ive been at work disconnecting things one by one and waiting to see if the pop continues. Started by taking out the original front speakers and replaced them with a couple of the surround speakers. Got the popping from those speakers, so that ruled out the paradigms speakers. Then i disconnected the subwoofer since that was the most recent addition to the system, and shortly afterwords I still heard popping. The most recent thing I have disconnected is the turntable, and for the last 2 days the sound has been clear.

The way I have my turntable (Dual CS 7000) set up is that I have the audio wires running to a Creative Labs turntable amplifier, which then has audio cables running to the input on the receiver. The ground wire from the turntable is directly connected to a casing screw on the receiver.

I wouldnt say that it is enough to convince me yet that the popping is gone, as it can be fairly spread out and sporadic, but so far it seems like a maybe.

Can anyone think of a reason that the turntable could be causing this issue even when it is not the source being played? While the turntable itself is not always "on" the amplifier in between the turntable/receiver always has its power light on.

Thanks again!
Dennon AVRs have been encountering internal problems periodically. They encounter logical processor problems that comming from God knows where. Is your unit on warranty? Can you return it and exchange for similar functions Onkyo Yamaha or Nad which are much more reliable?