A tribute to Roger Sanders and Innersound

I'm hoping, Audiogon approves this thread for all to read. I feel it is my duty and obligation to give credit deserved to Roger Sanders of Innersound. His genius, accomplishments, and generosity is an immense gift to this industry.

I have had the pleasure to speak with Roger on several occasions for the last 6 months. He has taught me more about audio, in a few hours of conversation, that I have learned from others throughout my whole life. I have even called him, just to ask a few simple questions, and it ended up being a learning experience for me, that sometimes lasted for an hour or two. This man knows his stuff, gives you genuine information, and is willing to share it with anyone who is interested.

As far as the audio gear he designs and sells, it is just simply fanastic. I have owned and listened to a substantial amount of high end audio gear in my life, but until I auditioned the Innersound EROS, xover amp, and ESL amp, it was the first time I had goose bumps in a long long time. That night, every single piece of gear I own, including cables, was put up for sale. I have now sold all my old gear, and are waiting for a last component to arrive. It doesn't even bother me that I have no tunes at this time, because I know when my Innersound system is complete, I finally achieved audio bliss.

I find it interesting, that if you search the classifieds at all of the audio sites, you will find virtually no Innersound gear for sale at all! I'm not sure why this is, but figure that people are just not aware of Innersound. I have spoken to many Innersound owners, and one thing is for sure, they are not parting with their gear, unless upgrading. I would urge anyone interested, to give the Innersound stuff a listen. I'm almost feeling sorry for the ones who haven't.

I would also hope that other Innersound owners, who happen to stumble acrss this thread, add their two cents for the unfortunate ones, who dont have this gear!!
I cannot concur more that Roger Sanders is one of the most gifted designers who's genius is exceeded only by his class, integrity and genuine helpful attitude. I too have fallen for the sound of his speakers but I am amazed at how accommodating he has been. I have posted here before about the details of just how he has gone WAY beyond what most non-audio maufacturers would do to assist a customer (let alone me who, at first, was not even a customer when he graciously assisted me). Roger, my hat's off to you -- you are a credit to both the audio industry and the spirit of kindness.

This is not to say that there are not MANY in this industry who have been geniunely helpful. In fact I think it only fitting, considering what September 11 has taught us, that I personally thank and acknowledge those who have made this hobby so enjoyable for me -- [please forgive me if I forget anyone] -- So, thank you and have a great New Year to: Jeff Smith at Silversmith, Vladimir Shushurin and Elina at Lamm, Allan Hagar at Sumiko, Vin Guarino at Nordost, Chris Johnson at SFI, Alex Crespi at Hovland, Harry & Sheila Weisfeld at VPI, Alan Yun at Silverline, Lloyd Walker at Walker Audio, Jim White at Aesthetix, Israel Blume at Coincident Speaker Technology, Allen Perkins at Immedia, George Stanwick at Stanalog, all at PS Audio, Brian at Whale, Bill Parish at GTT Audio, Bob Crump at TG Audio, Paul Marks at Thor Audio, Myles and Rufus at Ultimate Audio, Frank Alles, Greg Weaver and Clement Perry at Stereo Times, Albert Porter and Dennis Reese in Texas - JUST TO NAME A FEW!!

Could not agree more with the above two posts. The world
of the high-end is filled with some great people. A big
thanks to them all...past and present.

For what it's worth, Mr. Sander's interconnects are an
absolute steal.
InnerSound is one of the very rare high-end companies that if you use all their gear you are almost guaranteed to end up with a great sounding system. This includes their excellent interconnects and speaker cables. There are virtually no weak links – I know because I’ve tried the complete line both separately and together. To me this is no coincidence and no small accomplishment. It is the result of a very talented designer putting the same 110% effort into each and every product his company produces. This effectively takes the guesswork out of system matching. Just insert any competent digital or analog source into an InnerSound system, and with a little careful attention to proper set-up, short of having really horrible room acoustics, you can’t miss. The fact that Roger Sanders is so knowledgeable and so willing to share his knowledge and go that extra 9 yards to satisfy his customers' individual concerns is the icing on the cake.

I had the pleasure of meeting Sfrounds (who originated this thread) about a month ago when I sold his friend my Eros to upgrade to the Eros Mk-II. Before packing up the speakers for transit I recall Sfrounds saying to me that he thought all electrostatic speakers sounded pretty much the same, explaining that he owned electrostatic hybrids from another manufacturer. I figured that everyone’s entitled to his or her own views, so I didn’t argue the point. About a week later I received an e-mail from the purchaser to tell me how happy he was with the Eros. He also intimated that Sfrounds had since bought a pair of Eros, which surprised the heck out of me considering his previous comments. I guess that hearing the speakers in a familiar environment with familiar equipment was all it took to convince him of InnerSound’s considerable virtues.

I personally have owned a few different brands and models of planar dipolar speakers from such companies as Acoustat, Carver, Eminent Technology, and Magnepan. Additionally, I have friends that own or have owned speakers from Infinity, Sound Labs, Quad, Martin Logan, and Audiostatic. Of all the systems and speakers that I have had the pleasure to hear and/or own, the InnerSound Eros is definitely my favorite in terms of performance for the dollar. I also hold in high regard some of the more expensive models from Sound Labs, but they are over my budget and just too large for my listening room, which rules them out for me. And living with the Eros, I honestly don’t feel deprived in the least.

Like Sfrounds, it is my hope that others will discover this great company and Roger Sander’s fantastic customer support. As many of you doubtless know, the main drawback of the Eros system is its narrow sweet spot. But when you’re in that zone groovin’ to your favorite tunes, believe me, you won’t really care. The Eros is such a capable, musical, and articulate system from top to bottom.

Happy Listening to All!
Here I am with my 0.025 Euros...I own a complete system based on innersound gear (except for the sources): preamp, phonostage, amp, speakers (Isis) and speaker cables and interconnects. I can not be happier than this. After I put the system together I stopped visiting all the high-end shops! Is no point in doing it. I found what I have been looking for: audio bliss. All of this was done with the help of Roger Sanders. A great audio designer, a great friend, and a great man!

Thanx Roger!!!!
I couldn't agree more with this thread which is well-deserved, and long overdue. Roger stands out as a leader in innovative audio, and I'd have to say that my Innersound ESL Monoblocks have improved my system (and changed my audio life) more than any other change I have made in recent years. But what I appreciate more than Roger's Monoblocs is his patience in talking about audio issues. He'll spend hours on the phone discussing all sorts of audio questions regardless of whether it is about his products or not or making a sale or not. This is very refreshing. In fact, at points he has steered me away from useless upgrades to buy more software and enjoy my system. He's also an expert on a-b double blind testing methodology, which is why his equipment is so outstanding. Roger....you are a gem!!!
Let me add my kudos to Mr. Sanders. I purchased my EROS immediately after the first review came out in the Absolute Sound years back. I have been in audio nirvana ever since. While attempting to choose an appropriate preamp and amp (this was before Roger had other products to sell), I took them to my favorite audio shop, which did not carry Innersound but carried Martin Logan, and compared them side by side to the Requests, which were the comperable speaker at the time - same preamp, amp, interconnects etc - a pure a/b comparison. While the requests compared okay in the mid and treble, they were increadibly slow and dull in the bass. The innersound transmission line woofer just blew the martin logan sealed box woofer out of the water. I will admit that the logans did not beam the sound as the eros did, but they did not have quite the transparency of the eros either and I'm sure anyone familiar with the innersound product has read Roger's remarks about his conscious design choice regarding a flat panel to minimize sound reflection and room interaction. The eros to my ears were also able to rock, which is not something I felt I could say about the requests (especially when tested with something like "Filter" which made the requests sound awfully slow and plodding).

In addition I'd like to say that Roger has been phenomenally helpful on the phone and via email. He has educated me about audio, advised me about home theatre (lest just say he is a two channel person) been very generous to a fault with fixing problems with the speakers and the amp. In all regards a true gentleman and businessperson. Any time I had a conversation with him, I felt like a very valued customer. It is, in my opinion, a rare audio businessman who will tell you the flat out truth regarding interconnects, speaker cable, and digital sources. Roger is one of those people.

I am at the point with my speakers where, having moved to the Caribbean, I may have to upgrade my panels (and get the new wood edging) to the newer ones with a more humidity friendly coating. I will also upgrade my bass amp to the new Mk2 bass amp which has a gain control. I am considering selling my Levinson 331 in order to buy the ESL amp. I guess you would have to say that I'm a true fan of Roger's products and the Innersound company.

I think anyone auditioning electrostatics owes it to themselves to hear the innersound products. As always with audio, listen to the many available products out there though - the quads, the martins, the soundlabs etc., as its how it sound to your ears that matter.

- Scott Blair
I have been long interested in this gear. Customer service is very important to me. This type of endorsement behooves me to to priortize an audition. Thank you all for sharing, you help us all.
Being an InnerSound fan and customer, I found this thread so much fun to read - and it just feels good to just read it.
But, small companies need more than verbal support.

I sincerely hope that everyone can get out there and put some money where their mouths are!

I currently own a pair of ISIS, all my IC's and cables are Innersound and my next step is to look into his new tube amp coming out. If I had a bigger place, I'd be looking at the EROS MKIII's. When I move, I'm gettin' some!
Thanks for a wonderful thread,
Here are the differences between the Eros Mk II/Mk 3 (and soon the Isis/Isis Mk 3): (straight from Roger)

1) InnerSound has developed a new type of composite electrostatic panel.
This type of construction produces a panel made with diamond-routed slots.
It looks better.
It has greater efficiency (98 dB instead of 96 dB).
The panel has perfect insulation, so it cannot be damaged by the amplifier.
It needs NO protective circuitry.
It is immune to humidity.
Dirt, dust, and bugs don't bother it.
It makes no extraneous noise.

2) The new electrostatic panel is patented.

3) The new electrostatic panel is so reliable that it comes with a lifetime

4) The woofer grill is now cloth instead of perforated steel.

5) The new speakers come with the customer's choice of wood or black
aluminum trim at no additional charge.

6) The new price of the Eros Mk 3 is $7,995 (includes two speakers,
crossover, and 600 watt/channel bass amplifier).

7) The new price of the Isis Mk 3is $3,995.

8) The new price of the Passive Eros Mk 3 (made like the Mk 3 but with
passive crossovers instead of electronic crossovers) is $4,995.

I can email you a picture if you like.
I also own a pair of Eros MKII speakers from Roger, and I cannot agree more with the above comments. Nor can I really add anything substantive to them.

All I can say -- being a new audio enthiusiast -- is WOW!!

Roger, keep up the great work. You'll be hearing from me when I upgrade my amp and preamp.
He also has about the best simple and clear description of how a transmission line works without a extra 15 pages of bs to go with it.