A Very Blissful Christmas Playlist

I made a playlist for Christmas Day and thought you might enjoy it:




Wishing you all a safe and blissful holiday season and a fruitful New Year.



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OK.  So It's Christmas Morning.  I'm sitting here at 0500 listening to Christmas Music.  How do I import your playlist into my Qobuz?

@carlsbad once you open the link you should see a down-facing arrow under the headline of the playlist. That should import it for you!

Thanks.  I listen thru Roon.  I logged directly into qobuz on my pc, opened it in Qobuz, favorited it, then I could see it in Roon.  

Enjoying it now.  Nice list.


Juan, Thanks for sharing the playlist, many of my favorites in the list 🎄

Thank you! If anyone has a nice classical xmas list to share, please add to this thread!


Scroll down on Qobuz featured playlists and there is currently a Classical Christmas playlist.

I thought the Qobuz Christmas hi-res album was solid. Frank Sinatra and Andrea Bocelli are great too.


Thank you for the wonderful X mas playlist and I've discovered some performers that l have not hear of before 

Have you heard of the young Russian female singer named Diana Ankudinova?

She does a very excellent cover of It's a Wonderful World

She also does excellent cover versions of Wicked game and Can't help Falling in Love  Diana Ankudinova is a contralto and polyphonic, very rare!

She is also a YouTube sensation with  millions of views 

and has many more songs, plus an album on Spotify 

l listen to many female singers from around the world on my Qobuz playlist and l must say none so far sound like Diana Ankudinova 




@jrwaudio I’m happy to hear you like the playlist so much. Also, thank you for the introduction to Diana Ankudinova.