Accurate and revealing subwoofer

Hello, new to home audio, I would need some help to spot an accurate / revealing /  dynamic subwoofer under $1500. It would pair a JL audio Dominion D110.

It has to be less powerfull because the room side to fill with is quite difficult with some bass frequency accumulation at the ceiling level. I am applying some room correction though with Roon's DSP engine.

Here is a short list by now:

  • REL HT (1003 ou 1205, yes, I am avoiding passive radiators)
  • M&K V10 or V10+
  • Dynaudio 9s
  • Genelec 7050C

any other sub experimented in this category ? or should I stick to the exact same Dominion?

Context :
- living in Europe
- 30 m2 room (200 inch, L shape)
- Davis Acoustics Courbet 5 speaker (down to 50hz, bright, high and mid ranges detailed)



It has to be less powerfull because the room side to fill with is quite difficult with some bass frequency accumulation at the ceiling level. I am applying some room correction though with Roon’s DSP engine

I think it’s really important to get your fist sub dialed in before deciding to go with a second. Minimize the bass peaks because those will force you to set your overall sub volume too low.

Consider bass traps like Gik’s corner or soffit traps.

Roon is great but it won't work when you have 2 subs.  You'll need a miniDSP like device to give you separate control over each sub.

Look at the AM Acoustics room mode simulator and try to place your sub, speakers and listening location out of the lowest bands.

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PS - You don’t need a sub to be less powerful, but one important component in adding a subwoofer is matching the dynamic range. You don’t want one sub that starts to compress when another still has plenty to give, so I personally stick with the same, or get a larger sub. If you are going to use DSP anyway a larger sub won’t overpower your room if EQ’d well.

It will however give you much better dynamic range.

The JL Audio subs with built  in room correction are amazing, but also super $$$$.  I can't spend that kind of cash, so I do with Hsu and MiniDSP and am very happy.

my favorite (dream) subs are Monitor Audio and KEF.

I would find it really challenging to add subs to floorstanders (mostly because I am ignorant but curious)

1) Stick to the exact same Dominion sub

2) Get the DSPeaker 8033 II to calibrate your subs (available in europe from their website.)

3) Get the Auralex Geofusor for your ceiling. They can be back filled with polyfil or Corning 703 acoustic insulation to double as diffusors/ bass traps (see the pic in my system page).


Thank you all, very appreciated.

Will stop the MK v10 demo order and digest this sum of information.

Difficult to get rid of the excellent Dominion, that is for sure.

Personally I’d love to compare the Rhythmic F12 vs. the D110 at this price level, but that may be impossible and not even sure if Rhythmik is sold in Europe, so there’s that. Short of that another D110 seems like a no brainer if you like what you’re getting from yours. FWIW, and best of luck.

Keep the Dominion no matter what.

Consider adding a JL Audio E series which can master RCA output to the Dominion via a pair of long interconnect cables from Blue Jeans or Monoprice Cables.

After performing a crawl test position each sub near your rooms two loudest bass modes.

Can someone comment on the possible advantages of using DSpeaker or MiniDSP subwoofer equalization over Roon DSP?

Then run the equalized / optimized source signal to the E master sub.


Or, wait for a used Velodyne DD-10 Plus as the master for your Dominion.

Nothing is better than a decent size REL.  They play like woofers rather than thumping bass.

Larry—does decent size mean 10 inch woofer or bigger? I’ve been debating between the T7x / T9x or the considerably more expensive Serie S510 for a small room (13x17)

Used Vandersteen 2Wq with M5HP crossover. A pair would be better.  I have had these for around 15 years, and they do everything you want.  They will never leave my system.


I think the S510 would be fine in your room. 2 would help eliminate any room modes. Happy listening !

Try and get rythmik f12se’s if possible at your location.  Servo technology with the incorporation of a piesoelectric sensor is the most advanced technology that’s come out for subwoofers in my honest opinion.  It even is more advanced than velodyn, however they would be a close second best abiet much more expensive price.

I’ve a pair of Rhythmic F12SE used with single driver Voxativ Ampeggio speakers. Front end is Revox A810 RTR and Dr. Feickert TT with Ikeda and Dynavector MC cartridges. Integration was easy and the results are detailed and musical. The Rhythmic F12s don’t thump playing either jazz or R&B. 

Any experience with some Bowers & Wilkins DB4S or Dynaudio 9s?


To sum up, the options to be considered:

Stick with the D110


Master sub (my Atoll amp has 2 sub line out though):
Velodyne DD-10 Plus


Other sub brands:
Rythmik F12
decent size REL
Monoprice monolith
Vandersteen 2Wq
Monitor Audio


Room frequencies correction:
DSPeaker 8033 II

Room acoustics:
Auralex Geofusor


Thank you

I have the the Dynadio 18s  - dual opposed 8.75 in drivers in a sealed box I like it  a lot. To me it sounds very musical. and it reaches down well below 30 hz  $1800 in the US

The dual opposed drivers mean zero vibration is transmitted through the floor

If you haven't already, I would suggest finding a place that allows you to hear dual subs in stereo.  If you're going down this road it's worth the experience to help with your decision.

Like most things that deal with the senses, it's difficult to imagine when you have no reference.

Why do you want a revealing subwoofer? Your your main speakers should be able to handle lower level bass detail and then the sub fills everything out. Maybe you have tiny subwoofer speakers. No less than 12 inch diameter should be used for a sub.

Subs became popular when the bass quality of Main speakers began to deteriorate in the industry because the driver sizes were reduced. So now people bought subwoofers. Older speakers you’ll notice have larger Drive sizes.

> Why do you want a revealing subwoofer?

Good question. My main speakers are thin with two 5 inches woofers that are supposed to go down 50Hz, I would rather say fully at 80Hz in my room. Since they are bright and analytical, i trust a sub that is more accurate than powerfull would be nice. The JL audio Dominion are wonderfull still, i guess they are quite dominant and still not bad at note to note disctinction even at fast pace.

I trust if I need to pair the dominion, I will stick to the Dominion. I can’t get rid of the idea though that it would be nice to have several types of audio rig to vary the listening experience.


> If you haven't already, I would suggest finding a place that allows you to hear dual subs in stereo. 

Yes looking for them. Most dealers are saying they don't have them in stock and need to order, or that it does not make sense to listen to them not in my room.