amp for Eminent technology LFT-8As

A co-worker is buying my Eminent technology LFT8As. I did not get to try them with anything other than a PS Audio HCA-2. The room is 22 feet by 22 feet. I believe the room was to big for this combination. They were great in a smaller room with that amp. The buyers room is 16 feet by 16 feet. I am looking for suggestions for other amps that have worked well with theses speakers in the $500 to $650 range used.So far I'm thinking Forte 3, Marsh A200, Parasound HCA-1500A,Acoustat Trans-Nova Twin 200 and McCormack DNA 0.5.
They do really well with tube amps,try to find one that is 100 watts per channel.
I came so close to buying thr ET speakers a couple years ago it was scary, call Bruce as he is a pure pleasure to talk too and get info and opinions from.....great guy.
I'll tel you an amp to stay away from. The Anthem MCA-20. I was using a Portal Panache 100 watt integrated with my LFT-8As and went looking for more power. I got a good deal on the Anthem (200 watts) but it couldn't touch the sonics of the Portal.
Tell your co-worker to call Lee Landis at Landis Audio in Chester NJ and buy the cabinet fins to absorb cabinet vibrations, boy those make a huge improovement for the bass.....much bigger then sound anchor stands.
They are 83db but are 8 ohms, but still not easy to push.
I find tubes to be best on the ET8a.

If your listen levels aren't unreasonable, you can get away with a lower powered amp. But it MUST be a Quailty amp.

I like your thinking with the Forte amp, but I believe only the Class A Forte amps will do ( Model 4 ). The 50 watt Forte will smoke the Model 3, even though the 3 has higher rated power.
I used a Model 6 that was converted to #4 and it was far far better than the 200 watt Forte 6.

Another good amp in your budget is a Threshold S/150 and mine worked very well with the ETs.

I have moved on to Tubes and am very happy.

If I was to do it again on a budget, I would get a Forte Model 4 or 4a and then later when I could aford it I would get another Forte #4 and Biamp. If you run into a Forte #6 just remmber it can be converted to pure Class A.

Jon Soderbreg of can repair or upgrade any Forte or Threshold amps. He worked there when they were built, super nice guy and helpful.

He even has a link to the Eminent technology website from his website.