Amp Pairing for B&W 606

Hi all, 
Recently bought my first speakers, a pair of B&W 606 S2s. Excited to complete my first ever set up! I started an earlier thread a couple weeks ago that's died down but the replies were super helpful and helped me tremendously. I'm looking to narrow down my choices on amp - I'd be using a bluesound node to stream for all the choices except the marantz which includes streaming. Also I'd be connecting my tv via optical (bummer the rotel a11 doesn't have an optical input)

In no particular order:
Arcam sa10 $799
Marantz pm7007 $1k
Yamaha S501 $550
Rotel a12 $1k new, open box "satisfactory" @ BB for $540

Thoughts? And, thank you very much to everyone for being so helpful! 
None of the above. You want to move up just one small step from the products listed. How about a Musical Fidelity M3si?  A good match for your loudspeakers. 
I’ve paired B&W with Marantz together for a long time with very good results.  The PM7000n Integrated is an excellent unit.  I owned one for a year and paired it with B&W 706s2 and a subwoofer and was very happy.  I eventually moved up to the Marantz Model 30 integrated and am happy, but I really enjoyed my time with the PM7000n.  The Marantz would be my choice based on quality, and ergonomics.  I’ve owned Rotel, Yamaha and Arcam and all will work.  The 501 from Yamaha is getting a little old and probably up for a refresh soon.  I hope that helps
Thanks - good to know you’ve been happy with the Marantz. 

The Music Fidelity looks great! Although it’s a little over my $1k budget (sorry should have mentioned) 

Anyone else have thoughts on the models I mentioned? Thanks! 
Avantone  CLA-200. 
  Looks and great sound. Made just for studio monitors. 
  Headroom, and a great amp.

  Under your max price.   I’m ordering one in a couple weeks for a backup. 
If going with the Yamaha I would purchase the 701 or the 801, depending on the need for USB input.  Both have the same 100wpc amplifier and the extra power would prove beneficial with your speakers. 
Thanks - unfortunately the Avatone CLA-200 does not have any digital inputs so it wouldn't be able to connect to the TV. 

WIth the Yamaha - I know the 701/801 have more power than the 501 however being in an apartment I can't really crank it to 11 lol.
"...The Music Fidelity looks great! Although it’s a little over my $1k budget (sorry should have mentioned)..."

Spend the extra money, it will move you up a step.