Accuphase Bookshelf Speaker Pairing recommend

Friends: I would love a bookshelf speaker suggestion:   I have come into a used Accuphase e-280 integrated amp which I will use for streaming music in a small den (11 x 11 ft / 3 x 3 meters).  I now need to buy bookshelf speakers:  I would love speaker recommends from knowledgeable folks here.  I prefer warm rich tones, detailed and controlled, leaning toward feeling like "live".  . I already have a good subwoofer.   I appreciate your time.  Thank you.



Check out Fyne Audio F500, should be a great pairing with E-280. There is a lightly used pair on sale for $850. My all time favorite bookshelf speaker is TAD Micro Evolution One (ME-1) but that may be out of your budget. 

~100 Watts is enough to drive a lot of speakers. But the room is small so you won't need a beast. The list is long and the budget and used vs. new and cultural preferences (British/American/Scandinavian/etc) would narrow it down significantly

Some follow up:


1. I do not have a budget, but I assume this is well under $2000 purchase, hopefully?

2. I do not have a lot of space for smaller is preferred, though I know there might be a sound quality trade off....hence the ask for suggestions.



this is from my list between 2 and 4K. (I went to 4K because you may find them under 2K used.) Revival and Mofi would be on the top of my list:

Ohm Walsh Microwalsh Short 2000
ProAc tablette-10 2000
Indiana DIVA 660 2100
KEF R3 Meta 2200
Revel Performa3-M106 2200
Tannoy Tannoy Autograph Mini 2200
Fyne F500SP 2300
Gato Gato FM-15 2300
Spendor A1 2300
Creative Sound Solutions CSS Criton 1TD-X bookshelf 2349
Paradigm Founder 40B 2400
Salk ELLIS 1801 2400
KHL Model Five 2500
PSB PSB Passif 50 2500
Revival Atalante 3 2500
Totem Bison Monitor 2500
Triangle 40th Anniversary Comete EZ 2500
Ohm Walsh Tall 1000 2700
JBL L82 Classic 2750
MoFi SourcePoint 8 2750
Audio Physic Step 35 2800
Monitor Audio Gold 100 2800
Spendor Classic 4/5 2800
Charney Audio The Maestro 2900
Elac VELA BS 403 2900
Zu Union 6 2900
Castle Avon 5 3000
Martin Logan ElectroMotion ESL 2800USD 3000
Sonus Faber Sonetto II Bookshelf 3000
Trenner Friedl Sun 3000
Vienna Acoustics haydn-se-signature 3000
Buchardt S400 MKII Signature 3200
Klipsch Heritage Heresy IV 3200
Reference 3a MM DE CAPO BE MONITOR 3290
Creative Sound Solutions Criton 2TD-X Tower 3300
Vandersteen VLR CT 3300
Usher Usher Audio Mini X Diamond DMD $3350/pr. 3350
aperionaudio Verus V8T 3-Way Dual 8" 3400
B&W 705 S3 3400
Canton reference 9k 3500
Dynaudio Special Forty (2 way rear ported) 3500
Harbeth P3ESR XD 3500
Nola Boxer 3 3500
Totem Signature One 3500
Amphion Argon3S 3600
Amphion Helium520/2 way vented 3600
Joseph Audio Prism 3700
MoFi SourcePoint 10 3700
ProAc Response DB1 3825
Perlisten R4B 3900
Wharfedale AURA 3 4000
Fritz FRITZ PURIFI 6.5 BE 4200


The list is long and the budget and used vs. new and cultural preferences (British/American/Scandinavian/etc) would narrow it down significantly

@grislybutter , "Cultural preferences" on a box, crossover and driver....Hmmm, can you elaborate a bit on what you meant by that?

@deep_333 I could but I don't know what I am talking about.

But to try: there are differences in the sound, design, looks etc. based on location. I wouldn't say it's like wine but I believe engineering has deep connection to the culture. 

@dunkin There’s a pair of Usher Audio Be-718’s for sale right now on Audiogon!

I just checked,and they’re listed for $1950, which happens to be within reach for you, according to your post. I own a pair of these speakers. You will be amazed by them.

I read a ton of reviews before I buy any equipment. If you read just a few of the reviews I bet you’ll want to buy them.

They’re power hungry and like to be driven hard, but if you have some power behind them I bet you’ll be wow’ed by em.

One of the things the reviews tout is the bass response ... more specifically, that they go so low. I still haven’t added a sub because obviously they’re doin it for me without one. I plan to add one, I just haven’t figured out which one I want yet. I can hardly believe how good they sound without one. Truly amazing. It’s a 7 inch woofer, I believe ... I know it’s made in house by Usher, and the reviews said it was their best quality of that particular size cone.

You will need good stands, to make them really sing! I got a pair of super cool ones that believe it or not only cost me like $94 bucks online brand freakin new. : )

Sorry, can’t remember where I got the stands. But I’m sure I can figure it out.

My big pair of speakers, Martin Logan, Summits, cost $11,000 brand new, and these little speakers do strings better than they do. And I’m not kidding. It’s the berylium tweeter. It’s a super special speaker. Speaking from experience here.

I’m not joking, they weigh like 40 lbs each.

+1 @soix 


Harrbeth P3esr. Very balanced sound. Especially great for near field listening. 
One of the few speakers I regret selling. 

I have the LS3/5 "Chartwell" from Graham Audio and an Accuphase Class A integrated amp – it's good. Strong recommendation.

Bookshelf Speaker or Small Speaker

True Bookshelf Speakers are specifically designed to fit IN a bookcase, either vertically, or horizontally at seated ear level. Depth no more than 11-1/2"; recessed connectors; NO PORTS. (perhaps a front facing port).

IF Vintage, IF Restoration is a consideration, I just renovated a pair of AR-2ax’s (initially: nostalgia for my garage/shop system). They sounded better than all the other small speakers I have. In my office they went, I’m renovating a 2nd pair for the garage/shop. Every thing you need is available.




For compact speakers, look closely at the Dynaudio or Totem models at or near your budget. Hard to beat these brands at the 5.25” 2 way game! Bison monitors with a 30 day trial may just do it. Great amp, btw. Enjoy.

note: placement is of great importance in any speaker selection, and we know nothing about what restrictions your room layout imposes, if any.  Most of us may assume you have the freedom to put stands away from room boundaries to optimize loading, imaging, etc. but that is often not the case. Always bear in mind that the “best” choice is what fits the conditions of use actually in effect.

Since you don't have a budget consider the Opera Callas standmount which could have the tonality/detail/control desired.

Wow, thank you for all responding.  I may not buy most of these, but my Black Friday "cyber window shopping" on these speakers on-line has been fun and informative.  

I’ve owned many bookshelf speakers including Harbeth, Spendor, Falcon, etc.

My favorite shoe box size speaker is the Harbeth P3ESR. You should be able to find a mint used pair in the $1500-$2000 range. BTW, you will find that many have damaged grills and corners because the grills were not removed correctly.

This is one of the many positive reviews on the P3ESR!



Used Merlin TSM, preferably a later model. Sealed box makes them easy to locate near a wall and integrate with a little sub if you choose. I run an SVS 3000 micro with mine in a large room with great results. I bought a pair of the little Harbeths in rosewood a while back, just to check them out; they’re lovely little speakers and certainly prettier but far short of the Merlins to my ears.


@ grislybutter

"the Harbeths are overpriced. They are just not the best value for the buck. "

Compared to what?

@yogiboy  compared with everything with the same characteristics and parameters (not made by an English Duke and out of gold), in the same price range. "Overpriced" is not a subjective term. 

 It doesn't mean a person can't justify buying it and loving it, it just means that for the same value you can buy "more" speakers.

Just get something easy to drive like Klipsch whatever cheap bookshelves on cheapaudioman says.

Your accuphase is designed by Japanese engineers who like sweet warm stuff that is not accurate!

so you want something with horns. Under 2 grand will get you MDF cabinets too! They boogie woogie and wiggle wiggle!

Buchardt Audio S400 MKIIs should fit your needs. A little over $2,000 a pair, but has free shipping, a 45 day listening trial, and a 10 year warranty. Mads Buchardt stands behind his speakers. Just do a search and you'll find dozens of positive reviews.

I've had mine for a couple of years now and still adore them. They can be placed about 15 to 20 inches from the front wall, so no need to pull them way out into the room. Great imaging, soundstage (width and height), easy to hear musician placement, nice speed, beautiful good midrange, and surprisingly good bass.

87 db at 4 Ohms they need a little juice, but the Accuphase should do just fine