anyone heard sony s9000es

Ordered one last week, Just wondering if anybody has heard it yet?
Haven't heard it yet, but I'd be interested to hear your impressions when you receive it. I've also been thinking of getting one.
thanks, I don't even know when these things are going to ship but I am starting to get impatient. I am wondering how the cd playback will be. Bmpnyc, you may remember my goal of replacing Cal. auidio Ikon MKII with combo player. Did you ever get your new pioneer prog. player?
Hi, No money, Yes I did get the Pioneer DV-37. In terms of the marketplace it was difficult deciding to buy it now instead of waiting to see what the DVP-9000ES looked like. I decided that I could wait and see if the SACD format really takes hold and when more titles become available I might upgrade to a multi-format player then. The Pioneer multi format player costs $5000 right now. When that is at a $1500, or less price point with a few choices of manufacturers I will get one then. As far as the DV-37 is concerned, I couln't be happier. The video is as good or better than any DVD player made, and the big surprise was the audio quality. Once in a while a company hits a home run with a particular model. In this case the audio holds its own next to every under $2000 cd player I have heard. Granted, I may not have heard them all, but I feel that I don't need to buy a CD player ever again.
The 9000es sounds, video looks great, but- On several cds I played the sound dropped out partially. On the "Beatles 1" cd on tracks 12 and 13 there were virtually no vocals. On the Stereophile test cd, where they test speaker hookup, the sound of the dog barking in the left channel was non-existant. The cds played perfect on my other cd player. Am I the only one with this problem? It's the same spot on each cd where the sound drops out, so it can't be my connections faultering. I would like to know if it's my unit or all of them.
Euphorbia24, I just got my s9000es a couple of days ago and I have not listened to a tremendous number of CDs, but I have had no problems at all. I do not have the CDs you mentioned so I cannot comment on those specific discs. All the ones I have played have sounded great. My standalone CD player is a Linn Ikemi that I run through a dCS 972 to upsample to 24/192 and then through a dCS Elgar DAC. The standard CDs on the s9000es do not compare to this setup, but I have been blown away by the SACDs I have listened to. The clarity and presence of the sound is unbelievable. I haven't been able to compare the same disc played through the Ikemi/972/Elgar vs. the SACD, but from what I've heard I would bet my system it's better with SACD. I used to use the Sony 7000 for DVD, and to me the S9000es has a better picture. So far I have no complaints - sound and picture are what I had hoped for.
I hope I didn't scare anyone away from the 9000. The problem turned out to be a faulty cable. Some of the music just wasn't passing through. Problem solved, everything sounds great. It has great detail and openness. The picture, going through component cables is great. I'm very happy with the 9000 now. Sorry again if I caused any concern.
Finally back from out of town, finally have the player. SACD sounds great and cd's are getting better with the break in. I only have about 30 hrs. on each section now. Video is as good as I can hope for on a 8 year old Sony Trinitron. Bmpnyc, glad to hear you are having succes with the Pioneer, almost had to try one out waiting for this one to come in but wanted to hold out for the SACD section. Who knows, maybe it will make.
No Money, Good luck with the 9000ES. Let me know what you think of the "standard CD " playback after break in. I have owned 3 different Sony CD players and they all had a similar approach to sound, ( a bit forward and hard) . If the audio was as good as the Pioneer in CD playback, I would buy the Sony, as I have heard that the video quality is as good as, or better than the Pioneer.
Bmpnyc, after another 50hrs or so the cd really is sounding nice. I have to admit I was really trying not to like the cd/playback. 1. It's a dvd player 2.It's Sony. But I have to admit I am liking it more and more every day and will most likely retire Cal. Ikon Mkll to the bedroom system. Hope you had a nice Christmas and New Year.
No Money, Thanks for the update. I have been very happy with the audio quality of my DV-37, but would certainly welcome the SACD option if CD playback was comparable. Now I will have to try and find a 9000ES and check it out. Let me know how you find the sound in another 50 hours or so. Have you been able to compare the SACD aspect to any other SACD player? Happy New Year!,Martin
I recently bought the Sony S9000es, the $500 Panasonic A7, and the JVC723GD ($600). The A7 and 723 have DVD-Audio. The CD sound of the Sony is superior to the DVD-Audio sound on the Panasonic and JVC. SACD is in a league by itself. After listening to the Sony CD sound, it was difficult to listen to CDs on the Panasonic and JVC since they sounded lifeless and grainy. I returned the Panasonic and JVC.
I have been thinking about chucking my CD gear for this machine and a new turntable, but this thread is pretty lukewarm. I thought I read in other threads (maybe another site?) that this component is the second coming -- amazing on everything even plain vanilla playback of CDs -- better than $10,000 CD players etc. Is this just a bunch of BS or are Sony employees infiltrating our beloved site??
In reading reviews everywhere before I bought, I concluded: 9000ES Video is the best--bar none. CD is similar to $1,000 CD only players. DVD audio is similar to $1,000 DVD players. SACD betters $10,000 CD players and turntables. The 5 year warranty is worth at least $150 extra. The difference when playing CDs between a $600 DVD player and the 9000ES is astonishing! It made me stop considering anything in the $600 price range. Even $600 players with DVD-Audio did not better CD play on the 9000ES. If SACD is not important to you, the $1,000 Pioneer DV-37 is a better buy. Slightly lessor video, but equal or better CD/DVD audio at a lower price.
Ymarttinjr, there is certainly one better DVD player, The Camelot Roundtable, but the 9000ES seems to be the best all around value, considering the SACD aspect.
I paid $1300 and I can't find anything close that sounds as good. I read a review that concluded that the CD play of the Pioneer 37 ($1000 list) was but smoother than the CD Sony, but that Pioneer could not match the Sony SACD play. The Pioneer 37 does not have SACD or DVD-Audio.
I bought one of these early December, along with the Sony 36XBR400 to replace the Pioneer DV-05 and Sony 36XBR250. Big mistake. The new combination's video is much grainier and can't get rid of the reddish cast on flesh tones without washing out the color. The old combo was spooky in creating a grainless, stunning picture with fabulous color. The Sony s9000es DVD player is frustrating. The faceplate controls sometimes just won't respond. On the positive, the SACD sound and CD sound are superb. CD only is about as good as my Theta gen V processor with digital feed. My advice to the Pioneer owners - stick with your Pioneer DVD player for video (the sound from analog output is mediocre at best, but that doesn't matter if you're using digital outputs to process the sound). Pioneer just can't be beat for video. I'd appreciate any advice on how to correct my picture problems with the new Sony / Sony video combo.