Anyone still using this player? Sony DVP-S9000ES

I had this player at one time,...and my memory has, likely, kept a better audio memory than it may have actually had.  Am I simply having a fond old memory, or is this still a good player for audio?  Any experience?  Thanks.
I have one and it is still used in my main system. I think it has a natural sound and is an excellent player. This was Sony’s high end player at one time and while it is a little dated I still don’t think it is the weak link in my system. In full disclosure I haven’t compared it head to head to modern $1000+ CD players so YMMV. Picked it up a couple years ago for ~$200 and couldn’t be happier. For what I paid nothing else can compare. When it eventually dies I already know I got my moneys worth.

I just use it to listen to CDs with it so I don’t care if it doesn’t have a HDMI hookup or if it can play the newest DVDs. According to the internet as they get older they can have problems playing SACDs but I never tried one.
I still have one in my 2 channel system, used as a transport for SACD into a Bryston DAC3.  It has a weird quirk in that it always starts playing discs about two seconds into the disc, which others have noted is a function of the HDMI interface.  I also have an Oppo 105 in the same system and that is what I prefer to use.  I keep the Sony in case anything happens to the Oppo.
I still have mine and bought it new 20ish years ago. At some point it became finicky with less than perfect discs. It still sounds great, especially with SACD.
A beautiful, overbuilt to-a-fault (solid copper chassis) first of its kind SACD player. Bought as soon as it came out (early adopter). The problem was it wouldn't play half of the SACD discs I tried.
Sony could not fix (tried twice). Paid something like $1500 full retail. Sold for $150. Worst audio experience ever.
I have one as my transport. Heavy, solid CD player. Mine will play SACDs, but on hybrids it will only play the CD layer. As I am streaming more, spinning has become less important. 
I have one I bought new when they came out. It went back to Sony once for repair for not reading theSACD layer, within the five year warranty. They had it for four months! Still use it in my two channel system. Sounds good enough for me. (I listen mostly to vinyl) I have it on a Symposium shelf on roller blocks which improves the performance considerably.
I have owned since purchased in 2005 the 9100ES CD/SACD/DVD player. Demoed against ARCAM, MARANTZ, CAMBRIDGE & Pioneer Elite comparable models at the time. Since then have owned the Lector CD-6 tube player and a Cary Audio. Still have the Sony ES. Repaired it once in 2014 by Sony Laredo TX. New SACD LENS. Other than that no problems. Beautiful depth, soundstage and PRAT. I love the Burr-Brown chip which I find very musical and natural. Upgraded power cable and interconnects required.

If interested let me know as I mostly stream and use a SSD based source in addition to vinyl. The unit is Silver and works perfectly. All original OEM packaging and materials are like new as well.
I have one, its a great machine.....    once I move it will go into a 2nd system.   Not many machines built like that today.
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Still a very good transport and really shines with a external DAC.Im streaming my music the last 3 years but occasionally you come across a CD that no streaming service has and having a dedicated CD play is great.I might use it like 10 times a year .