Anyone using a Mytek Brooklyn or Manhattan (I or II) DAC as a preamplifier?

Anyone have any experience with the Mytek DAC's preamp direct to a power amplifier? Any good? Great? 

I'm considering going with a Mytek Brooklyn direct to either a McIntosh MC275, Pass Labs XA60.8m or X250.8, or Parasound JC-1. I'd need to stick with this setup for a year until sufficient funds are available for a preamp, so want to make sure it's enjoyable and a marked step-up from my current Rega Brio + Parasound zDac combination.

Forgot to mention that the Mytek Dealer doesn't stock any of my possible amp combos. Only stuff way out of my price range - Dartzeel, VAC, and BAT with the BAT being the cheapest option at $19.9K.
Thanks Erik - have you tried it direct to a power amp or connecting to an integrated or dedicated preamp?
Direct to my Class D monoblocks.

I usually listen via a Parasound P7 because of the ht. Otherwise I would run the Mytek direct. It is a better pre.


I am driving a Jeff Rowland 625 directly with a Mytek Manhattan to great effect via the analog volume control.  Manhattan II is said to have a superior volume control.  I think Mytek would pair great with a Pass amp.
I looked at the Brooklyn and wound up buying he PS Audio Directsteam JR. For only a few dollars more with their trade in offer, I was able to remove the tangle of USB wire and MicroRendu from my system and it sounds amazing directly into my McIntosh amp.  
bbyer - I hadn't see the PS, so thanks for providing a new option to look into. Does the Direcstream JR support MQA or do you know if they have plans to support it? Also, which McIntosh amp are you using?

I use Roon which enables playing MQA playback from Tidal.  I believe PS is planning a new release that supports MQA in DAC but frankly it's sort of what led me to believe the Mytek is a bit of a Swiss Army knife incorporating headphone amp, DAC, Phono, etc all into a half sized box.  

My McIntosh is their new small amp MC-152.  I got it used from Audio Classics and couldn't be happier with the combo.  

I too own a Mytek Brooklyn and it's really a spectacular unit.  Throw in the fact the MSRP is $2k and it's a steal.  Even the firmware that I updated yesterday went off without a hitch.  It's a very powerful unit which sounds great both through a pre or direct (how I use it).  I have a Sotm sMS-200 connected to it as well.  
I would have bought one of these if it could connect to an integrated amp preamp input.  
I don't understand why more quality DACs don't allow the option of connection to a preamp or integrated amp.  
I tried my Mytek Brooklyn through a Bryston 14b sst2 and thought it sounded ok.  I preferred it through the preamp.  The imaging and tone quality seem better.
I go straight into my Triode Corporation TRX-M845 Monoblocks and love it. I will consider the Manhattan II when it's available.  
I'm thinking of ditching my Peachtree Nova Pre in favor of a Brooklyn. How "touchy" is the Mytek volume control? The Nova pre is very touchy. One small hit on remote, the volume really jumps
Do the Mytek DAC’s that support ROON require connectivity to a PC or a MAC computer?

What devices, if any, are available that support streaming using ROON and do not need computer access?
I don’t understand why more quality DACs don’t allow the option of connection to a preamp or integrated amp.
They may make preamps as well, so not in their best interest to do it, so use a passive.

Cheers George
Do the Mytek DAC’s that support ROON require connectivity to a PC or a MAC computer?

Yes, even with the Roon ready network board the Mytek will require a computer to run Roon.

The advantage is you eliminate a digital cable in your system and dump the unaltered bits directly into the DAC....It is strictly for sonic benefit and does not eliminate a box in your system.

I've been considering the same thing myself and what I want to know is if you use this network interface, or one like it on another DAC, yet still have it connected to a generic computer like a MacMini, do you eliminate the negative affects the computer has in the chain, or are you still at a deficit by not having a purpose built computer?

What devices, if any, are available that support streaming using ROON and do not need computer access? 

There are plenty of devices that don't require an off the shelf computer, but those devices are essentially just a purpose built audio computer.  Some good options would be Aurender, Auralic, Antipodes, etc.
What DAC can't be used with an integrated or preamp? Are we talking DACs only having variable output?
My preamp stopped working today, and it will be a while before it gets repaired.  I tried using my Mytek Manhatten I as a Pre amp.  I don’t know how to use the volume control.  It seems to be at max volume right now and I can only listen for a few seconds at a time for fear of blowing my speakers.  The manual isn’t very helpful.
I figured it out.  At the first adjusting the volume on the Mytek didn’t have any effect but after turning the DAC off and rebooting it worked
There is analog vs digital volume. I found this confusing as well and emailed them before randomly poking around and figuring it out. 

 I was also confused by the digital vs. analog volume setting.  I’ve had the DAC for a couple of years but this is the first time that I’ve used it as a preamp.  Do you use it as a preamp?