Absence does make the heart grow fonder.  Just got back from a week's vacation in the mountains.  It was gloriously relaxing, just letting all the nonsense peel away and leaving it behind.  After the quiet, car radio, and bad restaurant sound, I sit tonight in appreciation.  What a joy to be home with my system and my music.  It seems like an extension to the vacation...the cherry on top.  Rhiannon Giddens, Ella Fitzgerald, Tom Verlaine, Elephant Revival, and currently Lee Morgan.  I'm happy!
Funny, I was just floating in the pool appreciating the subtle sounds of nature. Either way, absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Car radio?
I couldn’t live like that.
Glad you are happy now.
Like when one stops self inflicted hammer pounding.

I always have the same experience when returning home.

I want to get me some Elephant Revival, discovered on Pandora listening to Rising Appalachia. Which album do you think is the one to start with?
@millercarbon  Agreed!  That is nice as well, definitely enjoyed the sounds if quiet and nature in my trip.

@elliottbnewcombjr  I just have the one, I saw them live a few years ago.  They definitely impressed me.  I need to expand my exposure. The album I have is Petals.  Very well recorded.  As it turns out some of the musicians have gone on to record on their own.  Seems like a rabbit hole once I dive deeper.  One day...
I often have the same experience after being away from home for a while.  It is incredibly nice to hear your own system well tuned for your ears!
Just got back from chillin with the family in lake Travis. What a glorious place. Awesome people. Makes me want to move. 
We’re traveling this week in Montana and it’s a lovely break from the people, noise, and traffic of home. As nice as is, I’m looking forward to returning home, pouring a martini, sitting back and listening to some great jazz on my system.
@edgyhassle Nice listening choices.  I was on a trip to Ghana with around ten musicians in 2011.  We recorded an album with local musicians, studied dance and learned West African drumming with a master.  I had never met Bonnie Paine (singer/percussionist) or even heard Elephant Revival prior to our sojourn, but have tremendous respect for her musicianship.  Sadly, I think Elephant Revival has ceased being a band for a few years now.  While I really like their studio albums, seeing them perform added another dimension to their art.  All lovely people, too. 
....that the aids in my ears not only bring my gear back into 'proper focus', but they also allow me to re-hear birdsong....*S*

...and Today I become 70.

That, it itself, amazes me. *L*
(Oh, thanks...;)...)
You're right OP!

Some people put $$$$$ killer systems in their car, but they just sound boomy and voiced by Phil Spector - wall of sound is the glass six inches from your left ear (over here in England).

I mainly listen to car radio, then we have the wonderful BBC here, that broadens the mind rather than the sound stage.
Myself having a accident on the ice having two now 2 new discs in my cervical spine with pounding headaches and tinnitus on and off, surgery in 3 weeks ,sheds a new light and perspective on life 
and now a new found appreciation for music,and simpler things I took for granted,for even when I go over to my brothers home and listen to how fantastic his $200 k + Audio system is ,when you don’t have your health nothing ,no matter how good it is can be appreciated to its fullest !!
millercarbon  For every adage, there is an antithesis:  Out of sight; out of mind. 
Well, we have hurricane season approaching.  I will  hide out in Tennessee when they get here.  Of course, one missed us in Southern Florida, and went through Tennessee to New York from the Gulf of Mexico.  Time for a bike ride!  Bye