Are bad rooms keeping the hobby alive?

Having just set up a dedicated room I have been thinking about rooms alot lately and although my room is not perfect, the upgrade bug is farther at bay then ever before so I wonder, do bad rooms keep this hobby alive and somewhat "well"?
There are so many who switch gear so often and when you look at there rooms if pictured many have what appear to be serious issues with the room and set up of speakers. So I assume these folks are more likley to chase a sound that they simply cant acheive as long as the room is holding them back........but this constant buying and selling is great for audio as a whole. So just curious of what others think, cheers.
Yep. While a poor room can be a insurmountable problem, more often its just poor set up originating out of a 'decor' priority over-riding an audio priority, or just simple ingnorance about the value of proper set up. It is evident in many system photos as you suggest. Nothing worse than WAF in the presence of an audio wimp! :-)
Yep, I think there's a great deal of truth in your observation. Bad rooms are so frequently overlooked as the weakest link in the audio chain.
Agree with you Chad. For me it was a lesson I had to learn through experience. The first step is a dedicated space where the wife (if you have one) doesn't care about the decor. Why don't they like those beautiful panels?
Absolutely correct! I've improved my system's sound greatly with proper speaker placement and room treatments, much greater improvement than many of the equipment changes I've made.
Chad, you delude yourself... it's just a matter of time, like all upgrade bugs.



the best thing is the room is the biggest and also a free tweek and the most important
You are on the money. Talking about rooms just look at the number that don't even have 'any' soft furniture to help with simple standing waves. At the same time, i think if all rooms were suddenly perfect it would'nt be long before us music & sound lovers(perfectionists) would be looking for improvement in equipment & sound again. They keep on building better Lamborghinis don't they, and there is nowhere to use the potential the car had 10 and more years ago. Full as little eggs kids will still say 'we want more'.
I have always been a little less accepting that tweaking the room makesas big a differenceas people claim. I have heard acoustical architect designed rooms and the worst concievable type room with the exception of an empty corregated storage facility sound very good. That room is my audio wimp room. Get this the speakers are not in the Cardas triangle ratio, and impeded by a glass and maple coffee table and face a solid mirror wall (no joke) (it came with the house. Doesmy dedicated listening area set up with baffling soft furniture wall claerances seating position etc. do a better job. NO I have a 2'X 2' mirror on a small section of wall which relects sound but not consistenly a CD rack that does some musicianship itself. Beyond which if you call sound design "The" reason for the audiophile to stay interested I think that is ludicrous. Tweaks can make a difference but the desire to buy new or different equipment remains the reason for every classified, every auction, every other audio site, not dedicated to room treatments.
Yes it is an intense area of interest at the moment.
My theory is that while audio represents one of the larger niche hobbys. It is being kept alive by maybe one more generations that dislike IARs before it becomes as wildly popular as having carrier pidgeons. It is imploding at an alarming rate.
Chadnliz, I'm glad you're enjoying the room! It was a dream for you, so it's immensely satisfying when it call comes together.
However, just to develop the argument (not at all in the negative sense; Chad is a nice guy!), I'll disagree with you (just for fun). How long have you been in your room? Less than three months, I believe. You're not even out of the honeymoon phase yet. Just wait...until you get the idea that because you're in this fabulous room upgrades will sound better! And indeed, they have for me; i can't say that my enthusiasm for good gear has been slowed at all by the room. In fact, it may have increased, because now I have an ideal environment to hear the equipment much better.
How much debt do you have after your project? If none, then you are truly blessed. But, I sure wasn't hyper on upgrading when looking at repaying thousands for the construction of the room. Once that was out of the way, wala the Upgrade Bug bit again!
Let's see if in a year you're as completely content as you are now. Knowing your history on Agon, I'd say that you will be back to your old tricks of looking for upgrades in the not too distant future.

It seems to me that there are two types of audiophiles: The one who buys and listens for years, and the one who is always on the upgrade path. My guess is that for those always looking for new toys a dedicated room, after dispensing with any associated debt, could fuel the fire! I wish it were true, my friend, that the room would cure "Upgraditis" but alas it does not.

Typically, the more money people spend on luxury goods, the MORE people want to spend. It's very encouraging to see all the responses of contented people, but I would suspect that's the exception in the larger population rather than the norm.

My hope is that people keep balance in their lives, and not overspend in audio or any other indulgence to the point that it disrupts more important needs/goals. If one lives within their means, then upgrades are all the more a joy!
Yet you have people who believe leather is 'soft furniture'. How many significant others would let you use a rolled up rug, of course from the odds and ends bin at Home Depot, as the poor man's tube trap. Talk about tweak.
I think OCD has more to do with keeping this hobby alive than bad rooms, though bad rooms do certainly play a vital role.

I dont believe for a minute that I will never upgrade or desire to but there are several threads where I did swear to not do anything until my room happens and I kept that promise.
I am just thinking outloud as usual that many buy wires, pre's, amp's and so on in hopes of over powering what they dont understand is the major issue, that the room or placement or combination of a few issues keeps them in a state of dis-pleasure and system flux....but that is good for business and it trickles down to us unable to afford many new retail prices, no matter how much I would like to support helpful and kind dealers.
Well said Doug, and let's not forget those not upgrading the equipment are likely out there upgrading their "stash" of recordings-in one form or another.
Hey John, with this ocd stuff I think you know me a little to well-and we haven't even met yet!
Well, I for one can "not" think of a better hobby to get old and decrepit with; and with modern science we just know they'll keep our ears going.
Happy New Year & Happy Listening all over again. Hurray for the high end!