Are there any more good multi format disc players out there?

I miss the old days, circa 2007. I miss my great sounding multi channel Marantz disc player the UD7007, and the way it played dvd-audio, SACDs, and redbook convincingly. I have a lot of multi channel SACDs and dvd-a that I can’t listen to because my current player only does two channel. Does anyone know of any new players marketed for that same purpose, or do I need to get with the times, buy a streamer and admit defeat? I understand that not all multi channel audio was good, but a lot still is, and having the option to play it—in high resolution two channel as well—was terrific.

I still have the Marantz, but I was told it wasn’t worth repairing. Maybe it is after all. Maybe something on the used marketplace?

Anyone have any suggestions?


I own an Esoteric UX-3 universal player which also plays DVD audio.  They come up here from time to time for a couple of thousand.

Maybe go to Hifi Shark and see if you can find one used.  Doubt there’s anything new like that available. 

Streaming is quickly replacing discs. There are still high quality players being manufactured… but if I had money to invest in digital… I would invest in streaming (DAC and Streamer). My streamer sounds better in most cases except when only red book CD quality is available and I have access to millions of albums for $14.99 a month via Qobuz. I am giving away all my CDs. They just take up space. The future is streaming.

I use an Ayre DX-5 DSD universal player, mainly for Blu-ray. For stereo, balanced analog goes to an Ayre KX-5 Twenty preamp; for surround HDMI to a Bryston SP-3 processor with balanced analog LR by-passed through the preamp. I think the audio and video are superb. For convenience, I mostly stream using an Ayre QX-5 Twenty serving as a DAC and Roon endpoint.

I would certainly get a repair estimate before buying something else.

how close was a 2006 to the 2007?



you could find out if your 2007 remote will work on 2006?

or, buy this remote


they hold their value, complete laser assemblys are available



It is not easy finding a SACD/CD player that you think sounds terrific. I will repair or replace my Sony xa5400es without hesitation. It doesn’t do all the formats you want.

@ghdprentice I’m really not interested in streaming. I like physical media. And does streaming really sound better? Don’t forget, I’m mostly interested in the high resolution capabilities of the player. I’m guessing the interface is a more direct one, with less places for it fail, but either way I prefer having something tangible.
I wouldn’t rule out streaming as a casual option though.

@elliottbnewcombjr I’m not 100 percent certain of the year my Marantz was built…2007 was a guess. The repair guy steered me away from fixing it, asserting that it just wasn’t worth it. He’s probably not aware of the sentimental value, or the fact that they don’t make anything new to replace it. I wonder if that makes it worth fixing…?

@brian27b nice player, I’ve heard of it. I don’t think it plays dvd-a, and it’s pretty much the same as my Panasonic DP-UB9000.

If you cant get yours fixed this might be your best option…

I’m really not interested in streaming. I like physical media. And does streaming really sound better? Don’t forget, I’m mostly interested in the high resolution capabilities of the player. I’m guessing the interface is a more direct one, with less places for it fail, but either way I prefer having something tangible. I wouldn’t rule out streaming as a casual option though.

I’d strongly encourage you to open your mind to streaming. With a decent streamer (as little as $400) your music can sound better than spinning disks and obviously is much more convenient. If you subscribe to Qobuz you’ll have access to a vast amount of music and all recordings are at least CD quality and much of it is in hi res. But, along with all those benefits, possibly the best aspect of streaming is that you’ll have access to worlds of new music that will allow you to experience incredible new music you probably never would’ve otherwise gotten to hear. To me, this is the most exciting and rewarding thing that’s happened in music in my 57 years as every day I get to explore and hear awesome new music that has expanded my audiophile world exponentially. Due respect, I think you’re misguided in thinking that streaming music would be good for just casual listening. The fact is, I rarely spin a disc these days because most of my music is already on Qobuz (and sounds better), but beyond that it’s just much more fun and exciting to find and experience new music than just play the same stuff all the time. FYI, I just got an iFi Zen Stream for $399 (along with their iPowerX power supply) and it hands down sounds better than spinning CDs. You could also look at something like the Innuos Zen Mk3 (around $2400) and get an even better streamer and be able to load all your CDs into its internal memory so all your music would be available in one spot from your chair and possibly even sound better as a result. Sorry to be a little long winded here, but I think you’re cheating yourself out of one of the best developments in audio ever so hoping you take some of these words to heart and get onboard. Anyway, hope this helps and best of luck.

@soix still skeptical that streaming at 300kbps or so sounds better than DSD or 192/24 dvd-a, but as I said, I’m not against trying a reasonably priced streamer at some point. I’m always open to trying new audio.

I have a streamer and a Esoteric SACD player.  The SACD player gets full use, the streamer sits in the rack covered with dust. I like the physical disks much better and my CD’s sound much more analog sounding. 

@stereo5 I think whether you’re streaming or using discs, if all the R&D is going into streamers and dacs, then when you compare it to the increasingly limited number of physical disc players, you’re bound to think streaming is superior.

I’m still willing to give streaming a go, but it would be tough to convince me that streaming is a superior format.


Sounds to me like you made a good case for streaming to be better sound quality soon, if it is not now. (today, it simply depends which one you are comparing to which).

Consider a player is an optical computer file storage device, a streamer, and a DAC. It is reading computer files.

A streamer receives computer files from internal storage, external storage, or from a streaming service. Protocols in various places make sure the bits are identical. After this the player and DAC for a streamer do the same thing.

You can take those files and put them on a hard drive and read them from there… or put the files on a local network drive and read them from there. Or put the files on a set of drives owned by Qobuz and stream them through the internet.


However, where the real problem comes with players… they only deal with one file type of relatively low resolution… red book. So, for instance, Qobuz has over half a million albums in high resolution. A trend that will continue… leaving red book behind.



The Reavon 110 and 200 both play multi channel SACD and DVD-Audio. So does the Sony 800mk2.

@ghdprentice you had me until you stated that players “only deal with one file type of relatively low resolution, red book”. Not true. I was originally posting about the multi format players that play high resolution dvd-a and DSD as well as redbook, so no, they don’t only play low rez.. That was the whole point of my original post. Unfortunately, I’m still not convinced that streaming is superior when comparing it to more traditional formats. Despite all that, I’m more than willing to buy a relatively inexpensive streamer and have some fun. I’m not a Luddite either.



Oppo made some nice multi-format players. Although they are out of business, there are plenty of used ones for sale like the BDP-205.

I burned all of my CDs and SACDs into a Melco server so that I can get the best of both worlds: easy access and CD plus hi-rez resolution. The output goes into a DAC/streamer, so I can also stream when I want to.

@jonasandezekiel  There are dedicated threads on both avsforum and avforums.

There's also the Pannde PD-6 but it looks like it's only available in Asia and Europe.

The Sony is the only reasonably priced player on the market that plays all formats.




Early on the Reavon would play only the lower resolution layer of DVD-a discs but apparently that was fixed in a firmware update about 6 months ago. Can't hurt to contact them and make sure.



Ok, you were posting on multi format players. My point was when you buy a player, it is set for the resolution of the player. Then as higher resolutions are available and become available you will not be getting them.


Buying an inexpensive streamer is simply going to confirm that players sound better than streamers. Which sounds better is completely about the overall quality of the components. If you want I am sure you can easily find player that is better sounding than a streamer + DAC at many cost levels…. And visa versa. The real point is that for those of us that have done a lot of research, owned a lot of really good equipment realize that for close to the same money you can get streaming that sounds the same or better than a player and that the addition benefits are nearly infinite access to music, and higher quality formats, now and in the future.

I am not in an argument with you, I am trying to be really helpful. Point out a dead end versus an open ended future. My streaming sounds better than my CDs. If there are exceptions (we can have long discussions on specific formats… but honestly the equipment you own mostly determines the sound quality… the digital format less), they are always exceptions. But put your money on today and the future not BetaMax.


My point is that if you have X dollars to spend on digital… then investing in streaming is the way to go, now and in the future.

@ghdprentice the point is, I already have a lot of physical media in high resolution two channel and multi channel audio, enjoyed the way it sounded with my Marantz UD 7007, and wish to duplicate that enjoyment. Streaming isn’t going to do that. And As far as I know, streaming is only offered in two channel. Where’s the fun in that?

Despite my stubbornness, I absolutely thank you for your suggestions. I will seriously consider them.


Thanks for your comments. Ok, I guess I did misunderstand your post. Streaming does not do more than two channels. Nor is there such a thing as audiophile more than 2 channel sound. I have a very high end home theater system and as great as it is, it is not capable of real high end music audio.


So, I guess my comments only apply to two channel.


With due respect to the other posters here, my sympathies are with the OP.

It is nonsense that a multichannel system cannot be high end.  I have two Multichannel systems in my home as well as a two channel.  The Universal Players are Oppo 203 and Pioneer LX 500, respectively.  A well recorded SACD, Blu Ray, or DVD-A can derive benefits from Multichannel.  Exhibit A is the Pentatone Brahms Symphony cycle with Marek Janowski and the Pittsburgh Symphony.  The extra channels are used to supply ambience, reflections, and such, and elevate a really good two channel recording to a superb and realistic concert experience.

  Regrettably neither of those machines are available new.  Sony is still making Universal Players and the aforementioned Reavon is there as well

@mahler123 that’s the problem— I don’t want to part with all the multi channel discs I have, and many of them sound really good with a properly calibrated system. Granted, some of them don’t bring anything new to the table, or the way the sound is mixed makes you scratch your head, but if they sound too strange in multi, there’s always a two channel high rez option to listen to. I enjoyed these discs, even with all their quirks. 

And I’m convinced that high resolution audio is going to make a comeback. Without getting into a long winded discussion, it’s still superior to other formats.

@doctors11 yes, I’m still looking..thanks for that. Ive never heard of them but it looks promising.

Sony UBP-X800M2 And a D.BOB might work. All the units mentioned in this thread show up often enough in used market.