Are we all destined to be "womenless" audiophiles?

Hey y'all, I am just curious if there are any women in this hobby? I have had women over who seem to enjoy my system, but I have only met one woman audiophile in the last three years...and she was really into it! It would be great if I could meet a young lady who was into this hobby and make something of it! I get pretty lonely sitting in the sweet-spot all by myself.
pretty much everything the men post on this site scares most women away, and then they wonder why there aren't many women.

There are a number of ladies who post here, but they don't want to be known as women, they want to fit in as audiophiles, at least that's how it seems.
over done. Find one who likes music and will listen with you. Who cares if she is an Audiophile.
Why wouldn't women audiophiles want to be know as women? I think that would be something that they would like so share...
We "audio enthusiasts" have all of the women. Enthusiasts consider their significant others a bit more important than their audio equipment. It's more enjoyable too.
I agree with Mt10425. Make sure you marry while your still an enthusiast because once you become a full blown audiophile it could be too late as all your extra money goes into this hobby and dating can be expensive. My wife use to be an active participant in this hobby with me, now she thinks I'm a bit overboard. She could be right. I'm changing for the better, hopefully.
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Something to do with money better spent on yet more unnecessary upgrades to the bathroom, kitchen lounge etc, etc, etc.
My good lady professed a love of music when I met her & would happily listen - now it's a chore.
The sound doesn't come from the speakers - so why do they cost so much? I know I'm on the right track !
Hence she has matured and moved on and I'm still a juvenile idiot - thank the man she works away from home a lot and I get peace to enjoy my music - note not system - my music.
My wife is a very intelligent women who seems to relate to the visual - read any old shit on the tv.
Maybe she just wants to loose the stresses of the day and can't hack any more emotion? I would love to know - some of her female friends are the best advocates of my system, not because they are remotely impressed by new boxes, just because they love music and imo my system lets them hear closer to the real McCoy than most they have been exposed to
(I'm not bragging, we are talking $600 being a major investment for the family music system)
I only have have one mate who's wife is more into his system than he is - she does not care what it costs as long as it sounds better and has a better handle on the fundemntals than he has, only because she wants results !
Whew, hope her indoors doesn't see this
Bearotti, I wouldn't put alot of emphasis on finding a woman that is an audiophile, this would decrease your ability to find a soul mate drastically & as you mentioned, you only met one woman with this interest in the past three years. Just look for a person you can relate to on most everything else and the rest will fall into place. As for the sweet spot, I don't need a room full of distractions for critical listening. Don't need a vacuum cleaner going or a loud party otherwise music should be shared & enjoyed with friends.
I would guess women would not advertise their gender on this site mainly to avoid stupid comments from the men. There ios one system I know of posted by a woman, and there are comments about what does she look like, is she single, wow, a woman!, etc. I expect most women would find these comments a bit tedious. Also, gender should be irrelevant for the most part. While there are posts that deal with gender issues (such as this one), they are the exception.

Regarding trying to find an audiophile mate, I think this would be a bad idea. My mate should be interested in my interests, but should have other primary interests of her own, that I can participate in. For example, I would want her to be interested in my stereo, but not to the point that she wanted to call the shots. I want to make the final decisions. How many Audiogoners would you want to have to share and build a system with? You would be constantly fighting. Try finding someone who will bring something new to your life, maybe someone with a lot of friends. That way, you get a more interesting social life, she gets better music.

I'm very lucky to be with a girl who thinks tech is cool and that having a nice stereo is a marvelous indulgance.

A girl-friend who's been dating lately told me about a recent date. After things had gone well for a couple of dates she got back to one guy's place, they took of their shoes, and he plopped into a certain spot on the couch and flipped on his big-screen, surround-sound system. And she saw right away that he was in His Sweet Spot, that this was his thing -- sitting and watching and listening. Total turnoff for her. Within two minutes she was out of there and gone.

Get out and be with people. My audio rig sometimes makes beautiful sounds and nails me to the couch... until I realize what's going on and turn the thing off, call a friend, and we go hiking wiith our dogs or something. Audiophilia nervosa, a consuming quest to find the perfect audio rig and to try new things because the current stuff just isn't quite right, can be cured. Push through it until you get sick of it -- like eating too many peanut butter and jellly sandwiches and not wanting them anymore -- or just find other and better ways to spend your limited time. Audio is a patently passive hobby. Girls like guys who are enjoying life *actively*.
Well I think you can still be an audiophile and enjoy other things in life. Most people have hobbies and indulge in them, so whats wrong with this hobby? I have even chilled out considerable myself on the quest for the perfect sound but this hobby will always be a part of me. Anyway only met one lady on Audiogon that actually purchased a piece of gear from me and she called me via the phone number posted in my ad. I have to admit she was very knowledgable. Maybe she was married to an audiophile, who knows.
I have found it a wise policy to consult my wife on major purchases. I find that she is quite accepting of equipment purchases if she understands what the context of the upgrade and also how it will look in the living room. I have gotten her involved in several trips to CES and together we have auditioned our Toshiba RPTV and our Maggie 3.6's. Also, I showed her a selection of turntables and she approved the Linn LP12 that I eventually acquired.
man, just think you have your system tweaked just right,call your buddys over to share the glory,and you walk in the room and your wife is tring some new home depot speaker wire on your stuff,and your 2000.00 speaker wires are in the corner,not me man this is my hobby,dad always said fishing hunting, golf and hifi,never teach them any of it,you will lose out of special alone time,been with same girl long time and got lots of kids,and dads words worked this long
I agree with Honest1. Threads that I've read with women involved, always seem to have guys groping and acting like awkward jr. high boys that don't know what to say but are trying for their attention with stupid jokes that are painful to read.

It's pathetic and scary for women, me thinks. Next time a woman posts, treat her like one of the guys!
"Are we all destined to be "womenless" audiophiles?"

Not even close to reality - how can you enjoy music if its not a shared experiance?

Perhaps some audiophiles are people who prefer to be alone. A dedicated listening room with one or two chairs is pretty isolating.
Put your system out in the open so everyone can enjoy it - women and children also.

"Put your system out in the open so everyone can enjoy it - women and children also."

That sounds good in theory, but I imagine that if you decide you want to listen to what you want to listen to at the time and volume you want to listen to it, then what makes you think everyone else wants to listen to what you want to listen to when and at the volume you want to listen to it. (run on sentence record?).

"how can you enjoy music if its not a shared experiance?"

Just listen and enjoy without interuption.

Don't get me wrong. Family comes first, but you can enjoy your thing as long as you keep a healthy balance and spend time with the family first.
"how can you enjoy music if its not a shared experiance?"

Well, some don't have a choice in the matter.
"That sounds good in theory, but I imagine that if you decide you want to listen to what you want to listen to at the time and volume you want to listen to it, then what makes you think everyone else wants to listen to what you want to listen to when and at the volume you want to listen to it"

Ahh....and that is the essence of marriage and relationships.