Are you delighted at your present system?

Hi everyone,
I strumbled across Audiogon,whilst browsing the net for information on SP1’s.To tell the truth I’ve been lurking here for a while and during this time I read a half-dozen opinios and a few words of advice.I reckon we can help one another and use other people’s experience to build our ideal system despite the fact hi-fi being a very personal thing.Well,I’d like to share some thoughts with you about my audio experience, maybe it’s useful to someone. Since I have messed about with hi-fi sonic reproduction, had a few products but due to my inexperience or other causes all of them were sold. Many years ago I was so naive as to believe that the more expensive speakers you have, the better sound quality you’ll get. Needless to say this isn’t true. At that time I owned an inexpensive (but balanced) system which consisted of a Philips 850mkII CD player,a Musical Fidelity A1-X integrated amp (20W)and a pair of Triangle Scelene speakers(91dB,two-way,only 6” paper woofer). Before laughing at me, I must say this combination sounded incredibly well in my (13x17x9 ft) living room. The sound characters of this chain were simly amazing. Fast, airy, incredebly lifelike. As I didn’t pay enough attention to component/cable matching’ve already known ..I got rid of the whole system.I wish I would have bought more polished cables(e.g that I have now van den Hul First metal free interconnect and Revolution hybrid speaker cables) for it but ..I didn’t.After selling this great sounding system I bought Spendor SP1’s.Although these boxes are great products I’ve been trying to squeeze the best out of them since then. It happened more than ten years ago. In these days I tested some tube gears with my Marantz CD6000 OSE player , SP1’s and it seems I found what I’ve been looking for.One of them (15W monoblocks) with EL84 drove my spekers(87dB) surprisingly well but I’d rather use bigger valves(e.g.EL34).The speakers are placed almost 4ft from the rear wall and 3ft the side walls. I think 30-40W could drive nicely them..So I’m about to get a new/vintage/kit integrated tube staff about $1000-1500 but I don’t know yet which one. I only hope I’ll get that musicality my old system did.

Do you have any similar experiences to mine? or Did you always improve your sytem(s)?

Any opinios,suggestions would be appreciated!
I am, but every step along the way was not an improvement and/or a step in the right direction.
I really like int. amps. I've tried quite a few. Some inexpensive, some pretty expensive. I've never gotten the satisfaction out of any of them as I do the current one that in my main system. (Kora Explorer SI-90 int. amp, Snell E/III's, Wonderful vintage NEC CB-650 CDP, soon to be Sansui TU-217 Tuner, MMF-5 TT, Cardas Spk. wires/VDH IC's.) I've replaced the (2)stock ECC 81's tubes w/ Telefunken's and the sound was excellent. Currently I'm using some vintage (60's,I believe) RCA's tubes which sound excellent as well, although they present a different sonic presentation than the Telefunken's. If it's an int. amp you're after which uses EL 34's, Conrad Johnson comes to mind. (I would love to audition this in my system one day to see how it compares w/the Kora.) I hope you find what you're after. Good Luck! Bill
I have had the pleasure of putting many great sounding systems together over the last 30 years. I am delighted with my present system..but, I was also delighted with many of the other systems.

I love music but also love the thrill of putting together the components that reproduce the music. That said, every now and then I enjoy a change for no real reason other than change. I do try to keep a few extra components and speakers in the pile that can be rolled-in for a little different spice.

I'm delighted with every system. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) it's temporary....
Dave hit it for me. I love to listen to almost anything, but I really enjoyed going from horns, to ribbons, to stats, and solid state to tubes. Been a real fun ride and I totally enjoy my system. I sometimes "miss" my old stuff even though it wasn't as accurate it sure was dynamic and fun. But I have heard really sweet setups with Maggies, Avalon Eioldons, and such and there is really a wealth of great great gear out there. Kind of like a chef it is just mixing the ingredients just right and playing around to see what comes out of the mix.
No, im not delighted.
In fact, im still quite unhappy.

I tossed down a grand to replace my front end recently, massive improvement, but untill i ditch those radioshackers and get something better, i will just be marginally "tolerant" but certainly not delighted. :)

Thank you for all the responses.Sorry,didn’t see your posts earlier as I’ve been off the net few days.

As we all want to get sg different from our ideal system, obviously we understand diff meanings beyond words/ sentences.Not only haven’t we been able to describe the sonic greatness of well-paired components,but also we haven’t been able to imagine the same greatness they’ve been able to produce.

Personally,I prefer well-established but not necessarily high-priced systems which can convey the message of the music with good musical pace and rhythm.Give it a try and listen to Lillian Boutté and her Band’s CD.”Live in Tivoli”-Music Mecca It’s a very good (and incredibly complex)music.
I hope you'll enjoy it.....I could't for many years.

After listenning many high-priced systems I must say I don’t intend to change nothing now( including vintage tube monoblocks as well)in my current set up.No doubt,the aims of this hobby depend on you and your requirements.Although I've done many extended experiments,tests and comparisons during the years I have to admit the satisfying results of my present system is not due to the consciousness.

I am delighted with my system as it has been for the past year. It is a far cry from the "audiophile" system I have dreamt of having. It is not true to the recordings it has been fed. However, its character is such that it is very easy to listen to. Small compensation, I suppose, but overall it has exceeded my expections for I believed would happen when I introduced new speakers. Unfortunately, since my "upgrade" worked, my imagination runs wild with thoughts about what even more of this or that might accomplish. It is deceptive, since I am fully cognizant of the fact that I really do not know what true fidelity really is.
No, due to a bad room. Good news is the purchase of my first home is closing next month, and I look forward to dedicating the basement as a listening room. (I live alone with my girlfriend, which yield omnipotent control over placement issues, and upgrade $$$'s). First order will be a vinyl upgrade. I miss my former roommate's vinyl front end. He had a Michell Gyro SE, expressimo incognito rb250, and dynavector 20xh cart. I'll let whatever vinyl upgrade I decide on and the new room settle in. At which I'll take a deep breath, consider my options, and listen to some preamp/amp/speaker combinations.

I really like Maggies with tubes and Maggies with Krell for different reasons. But I haven't listened to all there is yet. I'm being cautious since I'm trying to avoid the whole audiophilia nervosa and the merry-go-around "hell." I just want some good tunes!
Yes I am, but I was also delighted with my first hi-end system which I owned for 10 years and was quite modest in comparison. What I found to be most important in an audio system from a musical satisfaction perspective is

#1 a good room and

#2 synergy of components.

It isn't necessarily the price as how they work together. Also I am not much interested in changing for change sake or to have something new. This is the hobby part of being an audiophile that I have no interest in cause I don't have the time and I have other interests more important. What is of great interest is fine tuning and maximizing a system I am happy with and adding music. From my point of view the only reason to change is to move to something better to my ears, not different.
I liked short replies just the same as long(er) ones.
Thanks again.

Tubegroover,I agree with you.Also I have other interests
more important.First and foremost I have to learn a lot since I use English as a second language but I don't mind.My efforts are always crowned with success when I can translate your replies,thoughts,questions etc.

However,I leave out some folks'lines who show off their gears.Instead,I go for a walk with my dog or stroke my cat (and its kitten).And I'm happy.

Choosing successfully hi-fi components is not easy.
You can read a comprehensive article of it here
if you're interested in the background...
Hope you enjoy it.

I love the system I have now. It's the first truly high end system I've bought. I spent about a month listening and comparing and it paid off in the end.
I am very happy with the analog part of my system. I am an analog person for the most part but have heard HiRes digital an feel it deserves a go round. So I am now working on the digital side of my system. I feel the digital side is okay but it needs some upgrades. Not for movies but foer 2 channel audio.
To start I have ordered the Burkeley DAC to go with my computer that I added 9 terrabite of HDrive space to make a music & movie server. I don't think this is going to be easy but I do like a challenge.
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Actually, yes. In fact, it worries me, since most threads imply that I should be constantly trying to improve my rather "low-to-middle of the cost spectrum" system. But the truth is that I listen to it for hours at a time, and regret turning it off. I would never claim that it couldn't be better, but it serves its purpose well. The analogy that comes to mind is my car: I have a little Subaru WRX which is a lot of fun to drive, is quite economical, and has room to throw in my racing bike or other gear. No, it isn't a Ferrari or a Porsche, but it fits my budget and makes me happy. Same with my system. As the song goes, "love the one you're with..."
I'm finally at a point where I don't over analyze and critique the system because there is such great synergy. I enjoy listening to my favorite vinyl and CDs more than ever before.