Audio Refinement Complete 'a' Integrated preouts

I’m an admitted newbie with a couple questions regarding my Audio Refinement Complete a integrated amplifier. First with the really amateur question: The ARC has ‘preout’ inputs so I’d like to purchase a power amp to run through it. Regarding the hook up- The ARC has a right and left inputs, so will I just hook the right and left channels from the power amp into the corresponding ARC R/L inputs?

My other question is much more subjective: Has anyone used a separate power amp through an ARC integrated? I don’t expect the ARC to give a good quality separate preamp a run for its money, but was the sound decent enough to not offend your ears? Input from others that have used the preout inputs on another integrated amp would be appreciated as well. For what it's worth the Odyssey Stratos is on the short list for this duty.

Thank you
First, the "preouts" are OUTPUTS not inputs. To use them you would disconnect your speaker cables from this unit and hook them up to whatever amp you want to use. Then run a set of interconnects from the "preouts" to the "inputs" on the amp.

I haven't owned an Audio Refinement unit, but have done this many times with other equipment. Works well, in most cases.
Thank you Mofimadness, your response really helped clarify things (embarrassingly I completely forgot about the speaker cable connection!).

One last question, can I use two mono amps each plugged into the integrateds corresponding R/L preout output?
Yes, mono amps are the same as a stereo amp, just two boxes instead of one. A stereo amp, of course will have a separate right and left input, (2 total) where a mono amp will have just one.

Remember to keep all the inputs and outputs to the correct right or left channel/speaker.
Mofimadness is absolutely correct with his/her information and instructions. This is one of my favorite integrated amps, the preamp section may surprise you with its quality.

One assumes you've already run the amp as is and now are seeking more power to gain a more authoritative sound. Good luck with your endeavors.
That's great to hear about this particular preamp section Celtic66 as I was going into this absoultely blind (deaf?). And you're absolutely correct, I really enjoy the ARC (except for its start up 'Thump'), but I'd like to feed my speakers (Tekton Lore S's) some more power just to hear how they'll sound.

I plan to eventually go to separates in my main set up and use the ARC in a second system.

I really appreciate the help.
Just make sure the outputs are "pre" outs and not "tape" outs. Pre outs are variable with the volume control while the tape outputs are line outs set at full volume.

I'm doing the same thing now with a Cairn integrated amp. It has two sets of "pre outs." I hook them up to a pair of Dared VP-20 tube mono amps. I switch the speaker wires back and forth between the Cairn speaker outs and the Dared speaker outs depending on which amp I want to use.

I did own an Audio Refinement Complete a few years ago. I really liked that amp.
On the "alpha" version of the Audio Refinement Complete integrated amplifier, you have to hit the "AMP" button followed by the "STOP" button to activate the pre-amp outputs. A relay will click and you'll see a faint blue light under the front of the unit. Pressing the "STOP" button a second time will deactivate the pre-amp outputs. Not sure if this works on the pre-alpha version or not.

Here is the description from the manual. I quote directly, bad grammar, typos, and all.

"IR SENSOR AND PRE OUT INDICATOR: This sensor receives a signal from the remote handset, it also used for the function of indicating pre-out is enabled, as you press the "AMP" button on the remote control and then press "STOP" button, a light blue LED behind the acrylic under the panel will lit up, indicating that the per-out function is enabled. Pressing "STOP" button one more time will turn off the LED and return to the original state without pre-out."

"PRE-OUT: Pressing the remote control of "AMP" button, then press the "STOP" Button, after 3 minutes the pre out function will be enabled, the signal will through volume control and could supply to subwoofer or power amplifier."
I owned an Audio Refinement Complete integrated, enjoyed it very much... My unit did not have PRE OUTS...
I doubt you will significantly improve it by adding a power amp along with an extra cable, unless you need more power or the ability to drive low impedance speakers.
I own this lovely integrated and there is no pre out on mine. The beauty of this integrated is the synergy between amp and pre so it makes no sense to split them. My next move up the food chain would be Odyssey. That said this is a very formidable performer with the right speakers. I have this flowing to a pr. Joseph Audio monitors and it is musical and right. Do not sell this int. short it is hard to replace at many times it's cost.