Audioquest Cheetah- Anyone?

Just curious as to any feedback from you guys regarding the Audioquest Cheetah cables.

..They employ Audioquest's "DBS" system for charging the dielectric, and they earned a good mention in a recent audio rag (if that means anything).

Any feedback?

I auditioned them in my home and my impression is that the DBS system may help shorten break-in and hold the dielectric for systems used infrequently, but, that it does not do anything for the sound otherwise. As far as the cables themselves, they sounded OK to me - not special.
Haven't heard them directly, but from what I've heard, it echoes Jkphoto's comments.

If you want to try a "charged dialectric" cable, I'd recommend Aural Thrills right here on Audiogon (userid billardhockey). His Force cable, available with Copper, Silver, or Gold Alloy wire, is most probably a lot better than the similar-priced AQ cable, and it sounds fantastic. I got the silver wire Force, then upgraded to the gold alloy.

The cable uses the chassis of the source and destination component; a third "ground" wire is attached to each. It isn't mandatory to connect it, but when I did, the music sprang from an absolutely quiet background; it was almost spooky when i first heard it !

Anyways, no affiliation with Aural Thrills, just a satisfied customer - about 10 times over !

My 2 cents.

Todd - chams_uk
I have the cable in my system pre to power, phono stage to pre, cd to pre. Chams_uk if you havent heard them how can you echoe other comments? Absolutely the best interconnect I have used. Not sure what Jkphoto was listening to but just to see the difference disconnect the battery.

The sounstage shrinks, the sound is less focused and less dimensional. It isnt just for breaking in the cable. By saturating the dielectric with DC it allows the signal to flow more freely without getting absorbed by the dielectric. IT WORKS. On top of the that lets not forget the basics; teflon air tubes and the Purfect Surface Silver conductor. The wire is drawn in a low oxygen /high nitrogen environment which minimizes imperfections in the metal. Also typical AQ welded RCA connections (not soldered). Smooth and detailed without ANY hard edges. Check out latest TAS. Golden Ear Award winner. They are right on.
I had mentioned "from what I've heard" - to clarify, it's what I've heard ABOUT them. From someone I know who tried them, and one other, who's comments I read online (I think on Audio Asylum, not sure though).

So the info is not first hand, admittedly, but represent two opinions of those who HAVE heard it, and basically concurred with what Jkphoto had to say: nice, quiet, no perceived huge break-in, but not worth the money they cost.

Sorry, I should have clarified more, I realize my comment reads funny....
Chams_uk, thank you. Cables can be subjective and system dependent. I guess thats why there are so many choices.
I have a pair of the Panther RCA here on loan. With my 93db sensitive speakers. I can easily hear exactly what the dbs battery pak is doing. And I much prefer the cable with it disconnected. The battery boosts the signal, especially in the midbass and also reduces the HF ambience/extension. I also hear more distortion in the sound. This is not a neutral/accurate cable at all.
I recently re-cabled my system and was a long time AudioQuest Junkie as I always received great results. In my oppinion though, they are missing the mark with their new DBS line up. The new stuff (cheetah, Jaguar, Etc) is anything but neutral.

I ended up using the Audience Au-24 speaker cables, interconnects, and Powerchords with steller results. It sure isn't much to look at as it is very thin but the sound is nothing short of Amazing in my set up. Not to mention it is reasonably priced..

Good Luck


It seems entirely logical that the cable could be neutral, and your system could not be... Engaging the DBS could be revealing more system flaws then cable flaws, couldn't it?
I have yet to try them, but I am very excited to do so.

"It seems entirely logical that the cable could be neutral, and your system could not be... Engaging the DBS could be revealing more system flaws then cable flaws, couldn't it?
I have yet to try them, but I am very excited to do so."

Good point but when I auditioned them, I tried them on several setups (Friends Reference Systems. Tube and SS)and the results were similiar. As I mentioned, I used to swear by there stuff. IMHO though, the new stuff is grossly over priced for a performance vs cost value.

I do not mind spending big dollars on cables, equipment, or cars either. I was just not impressed and I really wanted to be, trust me. Very Disapointing...

Now up to 48v on the DBS speaker cables and 24v on the cables. I heard the interconnect and nothing has changed.
Caveat empteur.
First I will admit that they are way out of my buget but as for an opinion. Just what I wouldn't want, another battery to worry about. I have enough trouble keeping up with the bateries in my remotes much less worrying about them in my interconnects. I'll stick with Cardas for now.
This thread makes me wonder why frequency sweep measurements aren't standard practice in cable reviews. Unless I'm just reading the wrong publications..

I fail to see how a company with a solid reputation and wide customer base could benefit from producing severely rolled off cables such as this thread suggests. Then again I haven't heard the DBS IC's but I still find it hard to believe.
I have the Cheetah interconnects (they replaced AQ Anacondas) and I hear a much more open and inviting presentation of music with these in my system... I can't wait to upgrade my speaker cables next!

Perhaps they just arn't synergistic with some of the gear others have been using with them- I have had great results.

I have been using three Cheetahs on my front three channels from my amp. to my A/V control center ( Proceed amp. , macintosh 134 A/V control center) . I was using A.Q. vipers and the cheetahs are much more responcive , hard to put into words , faster ,alot warmer in voice and base, mids a little bit crisper.I am using B&W 802's with A.Q. granite biwired . Saving up to buy 3 more Cheetahs from A/V to DVD player. thanks Bill Head
I purchased a pair of Cheetah RCA, after taking my old pair of Silver Interconnects to the dealer for a sound comparison.

Obviously the Cheetah's were superior, so I purchased a pair.

Note, with the Battery plugged in the sound is a little warmer with a slightly more air. Without the battery, the sound is a little more detailed, but with slightly less air. It's difficult to pick the difference unless one has a very revealing system.

Hope that helps
I am now 100% Audioquest Cheetah with 48v, and Audioquest Pike's Peak 72v DBS. Well my subwoofer is running on Panther 48v from my source to my pre-amp, but the rest is Cheetahs.

I have never heard cleaner highs, better midranges and voices having terrific clear and bodied (meaning that the voices sound natural and coming from a human body) sound out of my system.

I've tried in camparison Nordost SPMs, Taralabs Air and "The" series (loved "THE 1"s, but they were a bit overly dark and warm) and old audioquest lines (Minerals, again very dark and no high ranges). Among those; the Nordost SPMs came to the top of all of them in camparisons..and while I liked their sound in a friend's Tube unit, the SPMs lost to the audioquest in my system. SPMs were just hissy, tinny and unreal in my Solid State.

The DBS cables seem absolutely neutral, your mileage however may vary...

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Hi Greybard, did you add or upgrade the Cheetah to 48VDC or AQ has a new Cheetach with 48 VDC? Have you compared the Cheetah to Cardas Golden Ref or HT Magic one? Thanks.
I upgraded to 48v, Audioquest themselves are up to 36 but offer an upgrade kit for 48.

Never compared to Cardas or HT.