Bedini Amp repair

I’m looking for a good vintage audio repair shop. I have a Bedini 25/25 I would like to get repaired. Right channel went fuzzy. I think it just needs a recap.  I contacted the company that now runs the repairs on the Bedini site. They asked if I had a schematic for it they could study. Strange, but I did have one. I sent it and never heard back. I’ve contacted two other shops that said they wouldn’t know how to work on it. I’m hoping someone here knows a shop that would be capable. I’m in St. Louis but can ship anywhere. 


Bill Thalmann is reputable, in Virginia and is probably very busy. He did a whole raft of work for me- an old tube preamp, a pair of ancient tube amps, restored a period Technics SP-10 etc. He was the Tech Director at Conrad Johnson. His shop is called Music Technology. I visited to drop off my equipment, en route from NY to Texas. Lots of stuff, in an industrial warehouse setting, including tons of keyboard instruments-- those are not easy to work on. 

He's good, he may take some time, he's not a rip off. 

Any shop with a technician competent with 1970s-1980s solid state should be able to service this amplifier. If probably does need new filter caps but I doubt that is why one channel 'went fuzzy'.

The biggest issue working on these IME is getting them apart so you can troubleshoot it and replace parts but my experience is limited to some of their larger amps.

Give John McCormack of Rainbow Electronics in Sacramento, CA a call. He is the best. I own his wonderful Shoreline 150wpc tube amp.  We displayed together at CES in the 90's He knows high end audio inside and out. If permitted here is a link to his website:  Mention David from Timbre..  Good luck with the repair.


All good recommendations.  We repair and manufacturer out own audio components here in New Jersey.  Can repair and upgrade your gear if you want to ship it to us.


Happy Listening 

You might check Alpha Tech in Saint Louis ... they've worked on a couple of vintage pieces, good experience

1901 Gravois Ave.
Saint Louis, MO 63104


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