best high efficiency speakers for under 3 grand

In your learned opinions,what are the best sounding high efficiency speakers (say greater than 92db) that sell for less than three grand?
Most Klipsch reference series are greater than 92db efficiency, and sound excellent.I am sure most of the models are below three grand.I ran a pair of Klipsch kg4 with a NAD 3240PE and they sounded great.The 3240 was only 40watts per channel but this combo could rattle the house and the sound was clean.The kg4 are no longer made but anything in the refernce szeries will give you excellent sound without having to mortgage your house.
Here are just a few:
Omega, Zu, Emerald Physics CS2
If I was looking for a pair of speakers in 3K range,
Emerald Physics CS2 would be on the top of my list.
One thing you must consider if you decided to go with Emerald Physics CS2 is, they need to be bi-amp.
a used pair of k-horns can be had for under $3K, but you need a room of at least 14x20 for them to sound right.
You should look into some of the models by Triangle. They are a French speaker maker and are highly regarded. They are very efficient,about 92db, and they are not horn loaded. Work best with tube equipment. I own the Triangle Celius ESW and am very happy with them. They were also rated very highly in Stereophile by Sam Tellig.

Completely rebuilt Dynaco ST 70 Triode...done by a fellow named Will Vincent.
Any of the Decware, Parker audio speakers, or Hornshoppe horns are all under 3k brand new.
It's hard to beat a slightly used ZU AAudio Druid speakers 101 DB - they can be had for $1800-2200
I second the Hornshoppe HORNS.. They are definitely a speaker to listen to and should be very happy with the music they produce and are way under 3 K. You can use the rest to buy more music!!