Best place to buy Mcintosh Integrated Amp

I´m planning to buy an Mcintosh Integrated (MA 9500 or MA 12000).

Recommend any store/website for new equipment?



Your local authorized dealer unless he's a jerk, then just find another one. Prices are all the same. Service may differ. A big part of Mac price is the dealer service pre and post. 

I 2nd Audioclassics .com They are located In Vestal NY and have been there for decades they are excellent to deal with cant say enough great things about them.


CALL THEM 800-321-2834. I mean who still has a 800 number HAHA!

P.S. Ive owned my MC352 amp for 16 years and its never had a issue. Now thats QUALITY! 

Ask for Mike Sastra


Matt M

Why ?   Ina audio shoot out we had pass labs , McIntosh, Gryphon , and Accuphase , Gryphone Diablo ,was #1,  2 was Accuphase their hand built and tested one at a time by a long shot considered the most dependable integrated out 

there they are like a Swiss watch in build quality ,testing and detail ,they are very refined  and natural the E380, I have a bunch of audio friends with McIntosh 

I sold it they are not built anywhere near Accuphase standards their new E4000

is a incredible piece, the E380:, is I believe the one below ,not cheap but heirloom quality, go to you tube and look up their build process,  I am strongly considering the E4000, my friend bought his from Perrotta consulting  great service and fair price , he used a AQ Thunder Power cord and sounded great I had it in my system 

it’s very natural with great refinement , if you have not compared them lately you should ,their patented volume alone improves the sonics nothing gets overlooked .

tryit before making a decision just sound advise .New Gryphon Diablo is the only one that bettered it.

McIntosh prohibits selling these two amps you are asking about online. They must be purchased new from an authorized dealer in store. I have used McIntosh for years and have never had an issue. If you do not have a dealer close by, buy used but make sure they are packed well. These are very heavy units.

HiFi Haven Whittier CA

If you are near Southern California; these guys are great and a throw back to another time.  They have been selling McIntosh exclusively since 1957 in the same location. Its not a fancy place; just an old small shop and they repair anything McIntosh.  They are older guys who know everything about any legacy or new McIntosh product. 

I purchased my MA352 from them and they had MA352 and MA252 demos in stock last I checked.  In fact they usually get most anything McIntosh quicker than big chains. The owner told me their relationship with NY goes back generations and they have a direct line to key people.  So if you want it, they can somehow just get it.

They are not online and only open Saturday afternoons unless you call (really just Saturdays at the shop). Like I said a throw back to another age. 

Check out Ehead Audio,  925 324 2897

Dan has as extensive collection of used McIntosh equipment mostly from retiring dealers.  He is an authorized McIntosh dealer for new equipment also.  All  my dealings with him were excellent.  He went so far as to delivery demo equipment to my house, set it up, and allow us to use it for several days.  Definitely deals in the high end market.  While located in South San Francisco, he has an extensive customer base developed and expanded by word of mouth.

Audio Classics is the best place for new and used McIntosh equipment.  I personally have purchased 7 pieces of used McIntosh equipment from them.   Their used equipment looks as good as new equipment and comes with all the boxes and packing(important for resale or repairs).  I honestly would not buy from anywhere else. 

Agreed w/ Dill...any dealer.

I've been to Audio Advice retail store, and to a weekend audio show they promoted. Nice people.

Stereo Unlimited in San Diego is my place of choice. A major McIntosh dealer new and used. Bruce, Ray, and their crew are awesome. Honest fair and service is the best in the business. 619-223-8151

There’s a guy an audio gone who’s been trying to get rid of a 12,000 he has it listed on either here or on US audiomart. It looks like he bought it and then just decided to sell it or maybe he spent too much money that day. I’ll try to find it

Me, myself, I'm always looking for a bargain, so I never, ever buy new.  I always purchase pre-owned.  For the past over 20 years, whenever I was in need of all things high end audio, I usually am able to find great deals at one of the following websites (primarily):  Audiogon, HiFi Shark, US Audiomart and Ebay.  On occasion, I'll fid a great deal at an Audio dealer, even if it's in another state.       

In the Phoenix area, LMC Entertainment in Scottsdale or Tempe.  Good guys there. I bought my MA352 from them and they gave me a reasonable trade-in on my older MA6900.  I also purchased a used MAC MCD350 SACD/CD player from them.

In Chicago, Saturday Audio Exchange.

Very friendly, knowledgeable staff. Limited hours go to their website for more:

Have worked with them for over 12 years. Ask for Andy or Joe

The first question needs to be: where are you located?  Then, those of us in your area can make a recommendation.  You’re not going to find the equipment you’re interested in online, except used. 

There are 8 dealers in your neck of the woods! Why the problem?


If you can find a dealer that has a display unit that's within a couple months of being put on display I can't think of another way to get a discount on Mac products.