Best relatively Compact Speakers in $2000 range??

I love my Revel F30s, but the room I have them in is very small and as many of you know the F30s are VERY bulky - not to mention they really need to be spaced from the back wall. Is there a more compact alternative in the $2000 (used) range that will give me similar performance, especially the pristine voice coil and exceptional bass extension of the F30s?? I'm also a great fan of the F30s treble adjustment, as I prefer a more natural, mellow sound. I've heard mention of the ProAc Response 3s but I have yet to find any dimensional information on them. Other suggestions?? System info: Citation 5.1 bridged amp/Conrad Johnson PV-10AL Pre/Music Hall CD-25/music meter ICs/Harmonic Tech wire
It might help if you defined just how "compact" you're looking for by providing us with some suggestive maximum dimensions. Also, how far form the rear wall can they be safely placed without interfering with your room design? I'd suggest to look for somehting that is not rear ported, but nothing comes to mind quickly.
Why look any farther than the Revel line. The M20 is a sweet speaker! Priced right in your range.
I would highly reccomend the Von Schweikert VR-2's. The list price on a brand new pair is $2499. It's still early for all the audiophile-press buzz, but I've had a pair for roughly three weeks, and they are stellar. They do have an adjustment that can be made to the rear-firing tweeter that effects the treble. They can do 25Hz bass, and respond well to a mere 8" placement off the back wall. The footprint is also relatively small. I compared this speaker to some "flagship" editions, and the VR-2 was an easy choice. They can also be driven well by SET amplification.
I can suggest Tyler Reference Monitors, used about $1600.00 with stands, just a fantastic detailed speaker with workmanship on the cabinets as nice as it gets. Plus Ty the owner is very easy and plesant to work with.
I auditioned both the F30 and the M20, and actually preferred the M20. (Stereophile seems to agree--M20 is Class A, F30 is B.) So I'll second the M20 recommendation.
Revel M20s. Love 'em. You do need killer stands with monitor speakers which up the price considerably. The M20s stands are poor. The stand is a significant extension of your speaker, so going cheap will have a deleterious affect on your music. Something to consider ($$ wise) when buying monitors. Most audiophools, from my reading, have their monitors sitting on mediocre to poor stands. Probably to save money, which I can certainly understand. Been there, and done that, too. Read my review of the Sistrum Mini Monitor platform. Although these stands are pricey, they deliver, big time. There is a baby brother (speaker stand), that is also wonderful. peace, warren
Nothing beats the Ensemble Animata, I bought a pair used for $1300, but the problem is they almost never pop up used. I'm told they might be out of production now.
I have a biased opinion: Modwright Swans M1. The more I use them the more they impress me! You'll get 40-45 Hz bass response no sweat. The mod is $700 but definitely worth it.
I think Dsremer meant the Tyler Linbrooks. They sell in the 1850-2200$ range used, while the ref monitors sell between 1100-1200$ used
Actually, I was speaking about buying direct from Tyler Acoustics (used) inc stands and shipping, appox $1600.00. The Linbrooks would be much more.
I haven't heard Tyler as many recommend (good Seas Excel drivers, explains their popularity) but i would suggest the one i had chance to own and listen. That is Silverline SR-17. Dynaudio based monitors with satisfiying bass and all!
If i were to clarify further, i guess i would be looking for a low footprint, floor standing speaker. that way i could get the bass I want without the bulk.I would however like to investigate the M20 option. didn't know about the Class A/B distinction.