Goldmund studio reference - $45K. Take out a second mortgage or get 10 credit cards with $5k limits!
dear Waltw,do you own it? Which comparison did you do with other great turntables?Thanks, Fulvio
The latest model Walker Proscenium, with auto air suspension, adjustable motor base assembly, Prologue platform and isolated Power Motor Drive 2. This probably retails for about $30,000.00. CBS of LA has just completed their reference sound room (two weeks ago) many things were tested, and the Walker was choosen as the reference.
Dear Waltw....$ 45000 dream on... it is now $ 75000 and special order from Herr Goldmund....:-)
I own a SME 20 / SME V combo i don't think it's the best but i can assure you the SME 30 is one of them.
I agree with Curio on the SME 30, it is indeed one of the best in the world. And since I own the Walker, and no one has named the other obvious "best" turntable, I will. The Rockport Cirrus.
Albert, the best turtable, cost no object, is a highly modified Scully playing master tapes @ 30 IPS.
Hey, thats cheating. But, I like it! How about you come to one of our listening sessions and bring that baby along.
Why isn't the Rockport Sirius 3 the best, cost an inanimate object? I thought it was supposed to be. How does the La Luce SPJ compare with the Walker, and the Basis Debut?
Wouldn't it be great if there was a shoot out between the great TT designers armed with their tables, arm of choice, same cartridge on same system, something close to IROC challenge. I would love to see the Rockport design win because it at least looks that somewhat close to its crazy price, but I would love any of those others in my system. Sorry, its my opinion that no Linn plays in this league. Gerrym5
Gerrym5, correct! The Linn sounds really good, but no contest against the big dogs in this discussion. To tell you my personal experience, I have owned two Lynn's, The Rock, a Versa Dynamics, Gyrodeck (JA Michell), a Winn labs, two VPI's, two Basis Debut Gold (Mk4 and Mk5), a Well Tempered, and a Walker Proscenium. One of my friends owns the Rockport Cirrus, having sold his Goldmund Reference to buy it. Why am I naming all these? I have actually owned and compared all these except the last two mentioned. The Walker is my first choice and my friend who owns the Cirrus said to me "if I had it to do over, I would have bought the Walker." When I ask why, he replied, "the Walker is at least on par with the Rockport's performance, and I would have had enough money left over for a luxury car". I agree.
I've tried some pretty big contenders listed above but I have an old Micro-Seiki 8000 (ridiculus 50K new) bought it for 2000.00 several years ago and it beats damn near everything, most of the big boys listed above are copies of the Micro's, they were so far ahead of thier time.
Europe calling! Lived with the VPI TNT for many years (jr. to Mk.V). Know many of the American beauties mentioned, as close friends are happyly married to them. Recently lost my heart to the french "Platine Verdier" which is a killer-babe for almost sane bride money. And now I learn that my darlings father (Monsieur Verdier) is offering the "super-mother" of the beloved Platine for money ("ciao" to sanity here if I have the correct exchange rate for french francs!). See it on his website: "". Should be a contender for your big mama shootout. I keep spinning my college girl! Have fun.
OK! sounda'ttorney.. I also own the LA-PLATINE, and its sooo special. I wouldn't say its "the best" but i have owned and listened to many, and the VERDIER is right-on. This is the last table i'll ever buy. is it imported in the USofA ? What i absolutely cannot get is that people walk away with the silly wooden shoobox LINN LP 12 thing... I have heard this bouncy table soo many times, in so many setups,and it sounds like a cheapo DUAL player . What a joke to have to buy so many upgrades every time... If a table is designed properly it will not need upgrades every year to get it going finally.. I must admit that the marketing dept at LINN does their job. they sell a lot of boxes... Enjoy the music .
I have a Goldmund Studio with original triplanar and Koetsu Onix, this is a very special combo but no in this league. My next TT could be La Pletine Verdier or a Thorens Prestige, both very very special. They are beside the best...
The August 2000 issue of Stereophile has a review of the Rockport Technologies System 111 Sirius Turntable and Tonearm.Michael Fremer describes the table/arm as laughably better in every way than any table he has heard.I have been told Fremer can get carried away at times but the review sure made it sound like the ultimate.Fremer commented if he and 9 other readers were to order one they would get a nice discount.He also "jokingly"asked for donations from readers to help him finance a table.I hope no one sends him money.Send it to ME so I can finally afford a MINT MOFI copy of "CRIME OF THE CENTURY!"
But David, Mike does more to influence more people into taking an interest in vinyl, than you do. He's extremely important. Not that anyone should donate anything to him, that's absurd; he gets too many perks anyway. But his writing is very important. He's far more objective than anyone else at that magazine nowadays, for whatever that's worth...not much, I guess.
Carl,you are very right about him,but he does get carried away.When I get my Mag.I always go right to "analog corner"Its getting to the point thats the ONLY section I enjoy.Probably the only reason I will renew my subscription next month.
Carl,you are very right about him,but he does get carried away.When I get my Mag.I always go right to "analog corner"Its getting to the point thats the ONLY section I enjoy.Probably the only reason I will renew my subscription next month.
I've noticed that the issues have gotten much thinner, too. I hate to say it, but the magazine that was once so great (even only like 2 years ago), and even got me started in all of this, may be coming to an end. Whoever the scumbag is at Peterson, that decided that Scull should be in charge of reviews, cut the magazine's jugular! They're bleeding to death, slowly...
Carl well said and not to go off on another tangent (but I will) I for one will not renew my subscription to Stereophile (after 15 years) for exactly that reason. I disagree that it has been only the past 2 years, it has been longer than that. I can't handle Scull and there aren't enough insightful reviewers there to warrant it. Stereophile has finally become what they always professed not to be, a tool of the manufacturers, the conclusion to "Animal Farm", the ideal is dead long live the PIGS!!! But I can't handle that Harry (bitchy) Pearson at TAS either. If HE would leave, I might try them. I sent in for a free copy recently but found the same stuff (stereophile bashing) was still going on after a 10 year hiatus, no thanks. Why aren't there more like J Gordon Holt? I love his original ideal.
The problem with Holt, is that now he thinks anyone who listens to 2 channel is wasting their time. Truth be told, I've not read much of any of Sphl over the past year, ever since I got my computer. Not that the net-zines are worthwhile either......Agree on Pearson, he's as bad a Scull in many ways. Somebody needs to tell both of them that they're too old to hear as well as they think they do, and they need to just do their wine tasting full time. AS LONG AS FREMER AND ATKINSON ARE STILL THERE, my subscription to Sphl will stay renewed. At least Atkinson knows what he's doing, always...
Atkinson is really the ONLY reason I have continued with the subscription although I do enjoy MF, since I still listen to vinyl and am interested in what is going on with analog. Reviewing all analog gear and the set-up involved is a quite formidable task, he does it quite well. What I always liked about JGH is the fact that he will absolutely say what he believes. I agree that for listening to music 2 channel is the only way to go and I can speak through my own experiences with multi-channel, ambience extraction etc. The fact that Holt is going down another path doesn't negate his integrity. When I first started subscribing to Stereophile, his comments and reviews were the one's I always sought out first, no BS with that man, he uses common language and is completely irrepressible. It is unfortunate there aren't more like him.
Integrity or not, we agree that JGH lost touch with what's important to music lovers; and every last word out of his mouth/keyboard wasn't necessarily beyound refute, IMHO. Fremer's writing style is easily the best of all of them, and he too uses plain language, and knows how to review all equipment, not just vinyl. He interviews Beatles producer George Martin in the latest Listener, you should check it out.