Best very small Speakers (at any price)?

I'm building a portable system that will fit in a small equipment suitcase. I'm using a 47 labs Gaincard (50w/ch) amp (that has stepped attenuators to eliminate the need for a preamp) and some yet to be named portable cd player. Has anyone heard some very small (maybe 9"x6"x6" or less) speakers that blow you away? thanks
I'm trying Norwex Nisse speakers, and they are very nice. I am writing a review of them, and will post it several places on the internet. There are also several other reviews of this speaker on the internet.
IMHO: If your "to be named" portable CD player is of the "Discman" variety, it really doesn't matter what kind of speakers you get, or whether or not you use your $4k Gaincard amp with it. I've listened to a portable Sony Discman (a high quality one with even a optical digital out) in my main system (Sim I-5/Merlin TSM-SE) and the Discman knocks about $5k (80%) off the sound of my amp/speakers. Using it as a transport to feed a cheapo Soundstream DAC-1 knocked about $4k off the sound. My CD "reference" in this case would be a Naim CD5. If cost is really no object, I would suggest you pick up the 47 Labs CD player/DAC (or at least one of those slick portable DVD players) as well before you think about the matching speakers, or the only thing that will be "blown away" is your money. As for speaker picks, my choices would be Dynaudio Audience 40 or Totem Acoustic Mites. The Dynaudio Contour 1.1s are better, but probably too big for your needs. The Gallo Acoustic Micro/Sub ( be a viable option. I would also point out that there are no speakers with dimensions of 9"x6"x6" that can possibly go below 100Hz, so only the Gallo combo could give you any kind of bass.
Fit in a suitcase? NSM Moldel 10 is about 10",5.5",6" and 8ohm. The only other I can think of is the AVI NuNeutron. Its has recieved great press in Great Britain, but I dont know if its available in the U.S. Its a little bigger too, about 10.5",5.5",10". I would second the Audience 40, and add the Totem 1s but they are a bit larger. Good luck!
Given the size dimensions you specify, there aren't many speakers that are going to "blow you away". Listener magazine just ran a review on small speakers in the $500-750 range, and the speaker liked best by the 2 reviewers was a Reynaud model (see the article for specifics). I would also audition the Sequerra Pyramid MET-7, which sell for about $1000. Richard Sequerra designed this speaker, and it's a jewel. Sequerra sells the speaker direct, and has a Web site.
Hifinut: I understand about the cd player and will probably try to get the 47labs player. I guess its no secret that all the pieces have to be right. Blowing even one piece costs a huge penalty. About the dimensions I gave: those are just a guide to give you some idea about "very small". thanks
How about Linn Kans and Tukans? Proof of the oft used cliche about good things coming in small packages. Very tuneful speakers, in my opinion.
May as well throw in LS3/5a BBC moniters, you pick the brand. Though they require tubes and stands to sound their best.
Thank you everybody. This last weekend I got to listen to a pair of Linn Tukans. They sounded pretty good, but I can clearly see (hear) what SDCampbell meant when he said that none of these speakers would "blow me away". sigh ... I did manage to read about some of the models mentioned above (that I have never heard of) and am interested in listening to them, but have no idea if I can find them (living in AZ). Carl_eber: Please let me know how I can find your review or chat with you more about the Norwex speakers. I'm also leaning towards the Dynaudio 1.1's or the Totem 1sig.
Shahinian Super Elfs (Elves?) are great. They are slightly large than what you are talking about, but the sound is amazing. I've heard pretty much everything...Linn, Triangles, Spendor, etc. Very musical, images like crazy, and a great buy at $850. Take a look
don't forget to check out the proac tablette 2000 signatures or the response 1sc. i tink the 1sc's are a li'l nicer, but also a li'l bigger. both much nicer than the totems, imho. doug
It depends upon your criteria. I'm certain that by strictly objective standards one could arrive at a fairly short list. However, we all know that most will defer to a subjective evaluation. Therefore, I will suggest a very non-audiophile solution. Audition the Radio Shack Lineaum hybrid in the cast alluminum box. They are usually sold at half-price at least once a year. In my area they are on sale now until the end of October. At $75 each with a satisfaction guarantee what can you lose? Good luck.
Mirage makes some speakers in that size range -I have a pair for my bedroom set. Not too bad driven by a classic NAD receiver. Plus they are affordable($ 350/pr 5 years ago). Warmish, forgiving sound, good bass for their size. Not the last word in detail,etc. and certainly no LS3/5a's, which are the best I have heard in this size range for imaging and soundstaging. Have fun and good luck!