Bill Withers has passed

One of the Great ones. Will be spinning "Still Bill" this evening.

RIP Bill
Woke up to the news of his death today and just laid back down to gather my thoughts, his music has stayed in my mind since first hearing it so long ago. Will certainly be playing me some Bill Withers tonight to address his loss to me.
Oh man that guy delivered some very popular classics to cement his legacy.
"Lean On Me" will be around for many years (not to mention "Lovely Day" "Ain't No Sunshine" "Use Me" and "Grandma's Hands"--all direct and heartfelt lyrics). He was a great artist who overcame late bedwetting and a stutter that he kicked at the age of 30 to become a star who was never caught up in the star making machinery. I listened to him for an hour today and reflected on what he stood for and how his lyrics reflected that. Much respect.

Sorry, I've always hated Bill Wither' music, and wondered why everyone doesn't feel the same.  Ain't No Sunshine and Lean On Me are both AM radio cloying garbage, and both primitively written.  Lean on Me is just a scale up and down.  When we recently lost a much younger Adam Schlesinger to Covid 19, not to mention Bucky Pizzarelli, Ellis Marsalis and Wallace Roney to mention a few, I won't be missing this guy.  I regret that his songs will probably be used constantly to sell crap on TV.

He was a gifted artist.  I have most of his original albums and still listen to them on occasion.  My favorite song is "Grandma's Hands" because it always brings back fond memories of my grandmother. 

I hated it when he stopped making music, but after learning why, I understood.  R.I.P. Still Bill!