BoenickeAudio's "unique" wood speaker driver?

Evening Goners!

I have been intrigued has to the Boenicke w-13se and it's "Wood" midband driver.

Not much on it alone in reviews/technical reports.

Hoping some here will have a site tip for me to look at or can explain the design/ choice of this unusual idea?

Thanks all!

Same here.  I find it very intriguing and I'm not aware of other speakers using a similar driver.  (Though I'm sure there are some).
I'd like to know more!
JVC sold a wooden cone speaker in 2005. You can also buy them online for DIY. The idea is that wood is musical and imparts a pleasant tone.
Tang Band makes a range of bamboo-coned drivers.  Bache uses them in his speakers.
Thanks all but WHY?
Is it simply a "tone control" issue or are there other benefits to using them?
I do not think someone like Sven would risk using it just to save a few dollars as he seems relentlessly inventive!

FWIW, I use the Tang Band 3” bamboo cone full range in my front loaded DIY horns-it’s quite the driver from about 700 Hz on up.
We also using Tang Band wide range driver in all loudspeakers made by  our Co. they make very nice bamboo fiber reinforced paper  cone,  over perform many much more famous and expensive  drivers
OP, lighter and stiffer than paper with better damping than metal and more rigidity than plastic.