Budget Chinese Tube amps - any good?

In the midst of searching for a budget tube amp. Lots of chinese made models keep popping up. The price on these amps are often really low and would give someone like me a chance to try the tube sound for cheap.

Do you guys have any good experiences with them?

Reason I'm asking is that I hear many conflicting experiences online on each amp. Some say their amps are really good, some say they are really bad - each model might have 5 good reviews and 5 bad reviews. I guess this is par for course with audio, where subjectivity is the rule of the game. However, chinese amps tend to have the largest disparity of opinions.

The models I've read up on so far are: Mingda amps, Miniwatt N3, Yaqin amps etc.
This might also indicate a large degree of variation between different units; this is not unheard of , especially among new companies.
An issue with some of the brands that you mentioned is support - if the amp needs to be repaired, then you might have a more difficult time finding someone who is able (or willing) to fix it. I'd stick with Jolida or Cayin; both get good marks for quality and also have decent support.

I do not know, and it is your money so it easy for me to spend, but,

I think it would be advisable to spend a little more and get a great company like Rogue behind you if buying new or buy used audio research, cj, bat, vac, quicksilver, get a nice component and all are great companies that stand behind their stuff.

Have Fun!
i recently bought a yaqin for the same reason as the op states--to try tubes for cheap. as others have posted, build quality ain't great; however, it sounded surprisingly good--it made me want to buy better-built, snazzier tube gear. now, i enjoy the journey, so i'm not sorry i bought the yaqin, but if you're more into the destination, you would be better served to buy a more upmarket piece.
Good versus what other tube amps? What sound are you looking for? Reviews are for suckers! You want good amp suggestions - Lafayette KT-550, Music Reference RM-200, Counterpoint amps (many upgrades available), ARC D-150, Quciksilver M-190s, etc. These are very good designed amps that offer excellent sound for the money and probably better then most other amps made today.

Happy Listening.
M&C, What is your budget? I am not familiar with most Chinese tube amps. I have some experience with Primaluna. They are made in China under close supervision from the designer's firm which is based in Holland.

These are very well made amps. Lots of good reviews. They have continuous autobias, which I recommend for people just getting into tube amps.
I have some Cayin/VAS amps and pre amps, all of which sound great, high reliable and a great value. The equipment is all classic design units, just built in China.
I just did a demo of 2 tube amps from Tri of Japan, the dealer also had prima luna...the dealer sold way more of the Tri amps (made in Japan). To my ears they sounded better. Build quality was first rate.
The main thing you have to watch with the Chinese gear is build quality. It might sound alright for a while- till it breaks. The area of greatest concern are the power supply filter caps. We have seen counterfeit electrolytic caps that are half the marked capacity and also with reduced voltage ratings from what they are marked.

If the build quality is OK then you will find that it probably works and sounds fine, but you will likely pay more for it.
I find the Bada hybrid SET tube headphone amp to be of very high build quality and extraordinary sound quality. Even the original Chinese tubes are terrific.


Vendors like Pacific Valve are very reputable and provide support too and they sell the Bada amps as well.
My experience with Pacific Valve is less than stellar. I will say that my Doge 8 is a nice piece of equipment.
IMO who and where you buy from makes a difference in amps from China. May wish to check out amps from Quest for Sound. I have the SQ-88 integrated. Rock solid build and wonderful sounding.
I totally agree with Atmasphere, the thing to waych out for with the chinese gear is the transformers...I doubt they are reliable. I will purchase either the Tri TRV-35se or rogue tempest III. One made in Japan, the other USA...You get what you pay for in my book.
If I were you I would go with a JWN amplifier custom made by Jim Nicholls. He offers a lot of different options; and since you are new to tube amplifiers you can communicate with him directly to find an amp that meets your needs, tastes, budget, etc.. rather than shooting in the dark. His amps are affordable and you get a lot for your money and a direct contact if you have any issues/ questions.
I'll second the JWN amps great bang for the buck and great sounding.He also backs up his amps with a lifetime guarantee. With amps of this quality and affordability made right here in the U.S. why look elsewhere?