Cables for Aurender N150

I’ve had my Aurender N150 for 6 months and have been using an AudioQuest Carbon USB cable and a Shunyata Taipan power cable that I had available.  I’ve really enjoyed the N150. Have Aurender owners found benefit in going farther upscale for USB and power cables?  

For the non-Aurender people out there, the N150 is the current bottom of Aurender models .  I’ve had excellent success when upgrading other components’ cables but you can hit that point where you don’t need Ferrari tires on a Honda.


Hey,  don't call any Aurender "bottom" of the line.   You 150 is a great machine!   Their entry to streaming is better than many company's  best efforts.

I am using a DH Labs Mirage USB.  I picked it because the data and power conductors are shielded from each other.  

I am skeptical about spending more on a USB.   It does a fine job. 

They just released Conductor 4.   It has some new slick features.  Much different than 3 but I like it 

Best new feature.  It presents Portrait OR Landscape now. 


I suggest you try NA ENO USB III cable. It comes with 30-Day “Try At Home” Money-Back Guarantee. This was one of my favorites USB cables under $1K price points.

@oddiofyl you are correct!  Bad choice of words by me, I should have said “entry level device”.  It is an excellent component!  I recently discovered the new Conductor V4.  It is nice!

@lalitk thank!  I’ve been drooling over that NA Eno package from another thread re network filters.  I think that “package” comes with a 1.5m cable.  

 I currently have an Alan Maher Ethernet cable feeding the N150 now.  It appears to have a device 6hat looks similar to those on the Shunyata Ethernet cables.

‘Now, back to USB and power……


Pretty much everyone reported positive results from trying ENO passive filter. You can give it a shot and see if you can hear improvements over Alan Maher Ethernet cable. Another option to improve N150 is swapping out the stock fuse. All of my digital components have HiFi Tuning Supreme Cu Audiophile Fuses. Check it out,

Shunyata Taipan is a good PC. Keep that for now and try the other things I’ve suggested. Good luck! 

High quality power conditioner and cables to all your components is worth the effort.  Minor upgrade to one component is of questionable use.  Judging by your post, I’m guessing that you are saying that you want components of quality similar to your Aurender, but it would sure be useful to see what else is in the room via your system posted on your profile.  Perhaps, there are better place to put your upgrade money.

@txp1 The Audioquest Carbon USB is a bottleneck of that unit. I used one decades ago when I was just starting out. The DH Labs Mirage USB which @oddiofyl is using is many levels better and amongst one of the best on the market despite its lower price compared to the competition. In full disclosure I am a DH Labs dealer but have compared the Mirage to many higher end USB cables in my personal journey before becoming a dealer. 

I am a Cardas fan boy so you may want to take my recommendation with a grain of salt.  Their Clear line for cables in my opinion are some of the better cables available.  I use a Clear power cord and Clear High Speed USB on my N150. Use the Clear Beyond PC on my N200. I have tried other brands but find the Cardas much more to my liking.

Try as many cables your finances allows and let your ears decide which cable sounds best in your system. Everyone seems to have their favorites nowadays :-)

I use a Zavfino USB but my only comparison is the stock/cheap USB that came with my DAC, but, they make great cables at very competitive prices. Construction appears similar to DH Labs.

Having said that, I was recently challenged by an AG thread about ethernet cables -  I was convinced there would be no difference between my $20 blue jeans cable and something more expensive. I compared a Pangea SE premier and an AQ Cinnamon to my $20 cable. 

Much to my chagrin the AQ made a significant sonic improvement over the others so I kept it (for now).

Based on this thread, I just ordered a DH Labs Reunion ethernet - if it bests the AQ I may try their USB.


@macg19 Congrats on getting the Reunion. It’s quite a good Ethernet cable for the price. Given its silver plated conductors, ensure about 100-200 hours for it to settle. You should hear an immediate difference off the bat with it, and it will likely be more detailed than your Cinnamon. But it will smooth out and become a bit more effortless as it breaks in more. Let us know your findings. 

Thank you everyone!  I’ve gotten several ideas and am still researching.  I’ve been streaming for over 10 years but until a couple years ago it was all improving the computer doing the streaming, not a dedicated streamer or better cables.  So I’m still learning regarding how much each incremental cable upgrade can improve my sound.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised!

@vonhelmholtz My primary digital system is currently the Aurender N150>AQ Carbon USB>Chord Hugo M-Scaler>dual Nordost Silver Shadow BNC>Chord Qutest DAC>Cardas Golden Reference IC>Cary SLI-80HS with all possible upgrades>shotgunned Nordost SuperFlatline II cables>Meadowlark Osprey speakers. All components fed by Shunyata power cables fed from Denali v2 conditioner fed from Alpha XC cable fed from a dedicated home run 20 amp circuit with a FIM Gold outlet.

I cannot easily upgrade the speaker cables because it’s a long LR run under a rug on hardwood floor.

I was a longtime diehard vinyl enthusiast until streaming sources significantly improved.

@txp1 talk about Heinz 57 cable menagerie:-). I think I already mentioned this above but try the Cardas Clear High Speed USB.  Will be quite a nice improvement over the AQ Carbon.