CD Baby

Has anyone ever ordered from them? Thinking of calling in order and wondering if anyone has had good luck with them? They seem to carry items that I do not see in other record sites.
CD Baby is an invaluable resource. They serve to distribute the music of independent artists ignored by mainstream culture and the major label dinosaurs. By all means, do business with them. We---artists and music lovers---all benefit from CD Baby's efforts. Good listening!
I have ordered from them. Very nice outfit, seems to take personal interest in their customers.
I got follow up emails from them after I received the CDs, a nice touch.
They have a lot of good recordings of relatively unknown artists and is a good channel to help these fledgling performers to market their CDs.
I highly recommend them.
Awesome site! Great selection, customer service and prices. Tons of indy releases not available anywhere else. You will not be disappointed.
Yes they're great. It's a wonderful site for independent musicians in particular (disclosure- my CD is for sale there).
My experience with CD Baby is they have great Service and very prompt shipment.
Used them several times over the years with excellent results.
BUT WAIT!! Reading this post made me realize I ordered a cd a couple of weeks ago and have yet to receive it. All the usual email traffic but no delivery. Thanks for the reminder.
CD Baby just got bought out by Disc Makeres Aug 5th, 2008. I wonder how this will affect this fine company? More info here: