CD Transports: anything in between?

The Jay's CDT Mk2 looks fantastic. Still, I am just not able to hit a $2,500 price point. On the other end, I see CEC TL5s for just over $1,050 but that is a 100 volt deal. So I'd need the step down transformer.

Is there something I should consider in between those two?


swvaaudiofan has refurbed Yamaha CD-S2100’s for $1499 (w/ a 3 year warranty). That’s a stupid good price.

Cambridge Audio and Project and Audiolab all have well regarded transports for less than a grand

Not players, thanks. I intend to choose a stand alone DAC. If I went under $1k it would be the Audiolab 6000CDT. The question was 'between' the CEC and Jay's. Maybe that is a price point that manufacturers are no longer supporting... Hmmm.

One of my previous pieces was the Bel Canto DAC/Pre. I know it was an earlier version because when the front glass cracked (my bad) I had to install a different assembly. I can look it up on their site - the possibility that they build cd transports too.


Sorry, see that now. I read right past transport and just thought player. My bad.


coralkong: I know nothing about the Yamaha line. Tried to grab a Rega Apollo on US Audio Mart for a friend. Canada shipping was ridiculous and the seller was sorta wishy washy. With my help this friend nabbed an Audiolab 6000CDT (his first piece) and paired it with an NAD integrated 328. We found open box Heco's and reasonable cables so he's all set now.

My thought is a transport and the Doge 7 tube DAC...


@swvaaudiofan , I, too, have a Doge 7 tube DAC (the special edition version with tubed XLR outs) on my list. I think they are built to order at this point, though (last I checked was a couple of months ago).

I don’t have any real-world experience with it, but it definitely ticks the boxes, as the saying goes..

I run multiple players, so I could certainly use it somewhere.

Yamaha is one of those companies that makes total crap (entry level stuff), but their high end stuff is pretty darned good. And I have/and have had some pretty nice players before. JM2CW.

Most of the "boutique" or smaller brands I have tried all have their little idiosyncracies or down-right design flaws. And that includes Esoteric, Classe, Rega, AMR (I didn’t own that one, but a friend lent it to me to try out), etc...Good players? Sure, when they feel like working. ;)

I got fed up (read: pissed off ) recently with a very expensive player and checked out the Yamaha one I was talking about earlier. Pleasantly surprised with the build quality and the sound quality (I think it’s around 35 lbs). NOT JUNK. If it was, I would say so. Is it perfect? No....I wouldn’t say that either, but it’s not crap, for sure. :) Good luck.




Some options in your price range. 

Nuprime CDT-10/Nuprime CDT Pro 8/SimAudio 260-CD (Transport only version)./Pro-Ject CD Box DS2. These models  range from 900.00 to 1700.00.


Thanks for the suggestions. We have a winner. I will order the Nu Prime CDT9 with that LPS- 212 this weekend (4/17/22).

Now I get to find an interconnect between the Nu Prime and a Doge 7 Mk2 DAC (RCA version). So XLR or SPDIF cable needed. One possibility is the KLEI Qflow3 but I am not sure about spending another $479 for the darn interconnect...


I am overjoyed with my CDT6000. On a recommendation, I bought Pangea Coax Premier XL. which is outstanding value. They probably have cables with connections you need. Check Audio Advisor



Well I'll be. I ordered, paid for, and expected a delivery confirmation for a Nu Prime CDT9  and the 212 power supply from The Cable Company. I just learned from 'sales' and then 'procurement' that they may or may not actually have access to a unit they showed as available on Saturday. I nixed the order because "homey don't play that game". Too many other fine transports that are 'really' available from places that aren't going to jack me around. Damn glad I didn't plan on getting anything else there.

Mesch: I am sure you are right, but I learned that the US distributor for Nu Prime is Summit Hi Fi - USA. So I ordered it from there this morning. Thanks...