Chinese DACs

I just bought a DAC from a guy, who modded it, for 60 bucks and it sounds better than my newer NAD CD player.
I wish I knew which model I had. The guy who modded it said if you are buying a DAC for more than 150 bucks or more than two years old you are getting ripped off. Anybody else have good luck with Chinese DACs? Any you could recommend?
Here are the DACs that I have that are made in China that I find really enjoyable.

Grant Fidelity DAC-09. It can also be used as a tube buffer.

Jolida Glass FX Tube DAC with GE 5751 tubes.

96khz/24bit Hifimediy Sabre USB DAC ES9023 + Tenor TE7022
At $350 this is hard to beat.

I've not heard this model, but some of his other stuff, this has all the current bells & whistles, proven technology and a great price.
The MHDT is a very good dac, and you can't beat the used price they are selling for.
The MHDT havana is very popular, but pricey. I'm not sure if Op is asking for budget dacs only.
Eastern Electric MiniMax, hands down the best under 1k new, opamp rolling is another great feature.
I've had a lot of luck with  minishow0328 on ebay.  I've gotten one with a ES9018 and I've since replaced it with a DSD capable model with the ES9038 chip set. I replaced the op-amps with Burson V4 in the first one and I'm using Vivid v.6 in the new one.  I've also added a tube stage using matched Soviet/USSR area voskhod tubes.  This combo is magic to me!!!! Kills a lot of stuff I've heard. 
I have owned two MHDT DACs. The Havana and now the Pagoda. Just wonderful sounding gear in every way.

I recently acquired the MHDT Orchid and it’s wonderful. I got it on the used market but I think it’s $1,150 new.
I’m very, very happy with it.
ozzy62, My Orchid uses the 1541 chip, I believe. I didn't search the Pagoda yet. Do you know which one is in it? 
I can't wait to experiment with different tubes. I hear good things about the WE 396a D getter. I think that's the one.
For the budget conscious check out the Wolfson WM8740 USB DAC.  

The following review is a year or two old but still relevant:

This little DAC is amazing for the price.  I paid ~$50 and that included the power supply, I was able to order directly from the manufacture. eBay and Amazon charge a little more but still under $70 and you will get it delivered more quickly.   This DAC has some limitations (only two input sources (USB and COAX) but for the money you can't go wrong.     


The Pagoda uses the PCM 1704 chip. My DAC, however, was heavily modified by the previous owner. Sounds fantastic.


I use a Questyle CMA400i.
This is my first DAC and so have not really compared to anything else but I think the sound coming from it is really great.
Connected to a CD Player and Computer for Hi Res music.

Feels like a real quality component and it's made in China.