Cleaning house ~ Completely unclear on values if any

Greetings. I used to be an avid hi fi junkie but years ago went to the dark side of streaming and wireless. I joined here simply to find out if my Rotel amp (970BX), Rotel CD player (same era), Musical Designs SP-1 (w/ some fancy upgraded tube(s?), and some ultra cool Elac speakers (German) which though small, weigh a ton and sound(ed) EXCELLENT (as I recall). I’d be disappointed to think that all these components are worthless. All in excellent condition and in original packaging (except for the speakers). Thank you for any thoughts you might share.  As stated earlier; I’ve been completely out of the online audiophile community for years. 
A descriptor of the speakers needs a model number as well. Ultra cool is nice but it doesn't tell a potential buyer diddly.
Thank you all for the above...diddly was funny. Elac Elegant 305. RB980BX. RCD970BX. Musical Design SP-1
 I’ll do my research later today, unbox, power up, take pics and post them up then. 
Much appreciated :~}
The Blue Book here was golden...I’ll compose my ad later today; perhaps try to sell as a bundle. Thank you again to all who weighed in 🙏
Try entering make and model numbers in the following site:
You should be able to find the value/average if any of these were sold. No guarantee, but you never know. 
Rotel is "better than the average bear" audio gear, sorta like NAD I think.  Although, my audio gear dealer got the new Rotel "Michi" preamp and I gotta say, it does not sound like your run of the mill Rotel stuff.  It's not a Pass XP-32 or ARC Ref 6SE, but it does stand out.  As for your stuff, two to three benjies I think...  
Again; I appreciate the input above 

I’m gonna try the Elacs and the SP-1 on eBay for a week
I don’t think the Rotel components are worth the time and trouble 
you should be able to get $150 or so on ebay for the rotel haven't specified a model for the cdp, but some of the older rotels like the 855 and 955 have a following and should likewise go for around $150--whether that's worth the effort is up to you.
Reading thru this thread brought back a memory of years ago.   Pre Ebay.  Pre Internet.   Possibly of such "worthless" notion of value.
Visiting my local Salvation Army I came across a pair of Accuphase units. Pre and Power amp.  Both of them.  $250.00.  Should have purchase them straight away.  Thought about it.  Went back the next day, Gone.

One person's trash is another's person's treasure.

No on ebay, unless you want to sell fast. Audiogon or Reverb I have found are the best. I won't go back to ebay.
I’ll try here and/or reverb today or tomorrow. Never got around to’s been a busy week
I also enjoyed learning the term “midfi”. When bought, these were an outlay for me. Now I realize that they’re almost entry level equipment 
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I like US Audio Mart too, but haven't sold anything there. Same items listed, sold on Audiogon and Reverb.
Tried CL here...just one lowball response.  Gonna post here now...Reverb after

Thank you all :~}

I left off the Amp because it weighs a ton and I'm not sure that shipping is worth it