Do we love our components more then ourselves ???

Recently I completed my long expected and delayed move cross country
My household furnishings was shipped via a national moving company.My components was packed ,crated palletized and shipped with a secured and bonded company. 
Because of delays with moving into a new home my household furnishings are in a storage unit .
My components however are neatly placed in a climate controlled room double locked room.
Am I the only audio addicted moron that would put this hobby and its cost before anything else ??
I'm sure many of you have moved and some long distance.What were your priorities //

I just moved 1100 miles, and won't breathe easy until I have my music collection back in my possession (like you, in climate-controlled storage at the moment). Equipment is replaceable, 5,000-10,000 LP's and CD's not so easy.
You are not alone...when i moved long distance from CT to SC my 1st priority was to find a moving company that had experience moving high-end electronics and packing collections of any kind. I actually found one based out of NY and Western CT whose shipping manager and lead estimator/load-planner was an audiophile of sorts himself with Macintosh equipment and Martin-Logan upper-end speakers.  We laughed alot at the fact that of a full truck load, over half of it at the time (I had a 7.1 HT and 2-channel hybrid system so lot's more boxes and platforms) was my system and many boxes of CDs, SACDs and DVDs...I packed the system myself, they packed the collection and we planned the load precisely centered around system componentry and the collections dimensions and weight distribution :-) The moving crew was Georgian (as in after the split-up of the Soviet Union), a group of great guys, and they worked extremely well and took care of what mattered most to me. 

An by the way,...the furniture and all my clothes arrived safely too :-) 

Musicians have said it once that their instruments are a part of their body. It's the same with us. I've never trusted any moving company's services for my components as well. Wood can definitely alter in different temperatures and I won't have it. I intend to keep my equipment for a very long time. 

You're not the only nut!
When I've moved I packed the equipment, albums and digital discs myself to keep them organized, but other than the turntable and the computer server I let the movers do the moving.  I never worried about whether the van or storage was temperature controlled because I didn't see any benefit over the time period the movers would hold my possessions (a few days).

When moving entire trucks can disappear, catch fire, get involved in highway accidents, be vandalized, etc.  Bad things can happen so take plenty of pictures and buy insurance.

And no I don't love my components, but my music collection is a different story.
When musicians talking about their instruments being part of the body, I wonder which part of the body they really have in mind. Or parts.
Musicians are truer nuts than audiophiles.
Whenever moving I drive my music collection, but I don't have thousands of titles. So yeah audiophile stuff is very valuable. But for me not as valuable as my custom knives. Speaking of body parts, right?
Very true, inna. I have to decide which of my vintage snare drums I want to be buried with me. My 1920's Ludwig & Ludwig Standard, my 30's Ludwig Anniversary, my 50's Slingerland Radio KIng, or my 60's Ludwig COB Supraphonic? Or, if I lose some weight, all of them?!
Delivery of my obsession is only 5 days away.Man, I miss my music.
bdp24 thats a lot of Lps and Cd's and along with other treasures how do you allocate the time?
Thanks guys for letting me know I'm not the only nut.
I'm sure there are many more of us but I guess they chose not to post 

bdp24, I hear you. I already decided which one of my knives I want to be buried with. It's a 7" John Fitch fighter, if anyone is interested.
It's a hell of a knife, even the devil is to be impressed, I suppose.
I once thought about it, but than quit thinking and figured out that it's almost no remorse for me to sell anything I own in terms of record collection, turntables or other electronics or firearms. In case my close one gets in trouble I'll sacrifice my goods in the heart beat to get one out of trouble. Pieces of plastic, metal and other mechanisms not worth to be so attached to them. 
czarivey, you are being too concrete even utilitarian. 
I don't like firearms, by the way. Bullets are stupid. Unlike blades, they are precise personal and never fail. Good blades I mean.
Inna, the point is that I'm not so attached to my firearms as you to your blades. I also have a few switchblade knives that can stab concrete pole and remain sharp and solid. They're all just metal toys to me with no emotional bonds whatsoever. Same with cars and trucks. Offered right money -- SOLD with no remorse and same with almost anything I own.
I'm attached to my parrot which is part of one of my shoulder right or left (definitely of his choice) and often repeats after me, answers or greets my guests. My friends and close ones are certainly NOT for sale.
I exaggerated a little about my attachment to knifes, but they are important.
Some of my friends are for sale but no-one is buying. Figures.
Bdp24, I have a solution for ya. You could go the route of cremation. That should leave plenty of room for all of your prized instruments. In fact, you could ask the Dude & Walter Sobchak to sprinkle your remains over your possessions while they rant about the injustices in Vietnam. Disclosure Statement: make sure its not a windy day.

I've had several corporate relocations over the last 25 years. My audio equipment was always a concern, but I've always known that most of it is replaceable / repairable so any damages would be paid by the moving company.  I've got a lot of audio gear and it's been rare when something (speakers is most cases) didn't get even a slight bit of damage.  I've made claims to what the damage was worth to me and have been satisified in most cases.  I'm probably worried more about my music collection as while most is replaceable, some would be diffiult if not impossible to find.  I've now got a list of every piece of music I own and did not always have that in previous moves.  The list comes in handy when moving, but the actual reason I did it is because I started buying music that I already owned and needed this list available on my phone to prevent repeat purchases.  Despite all this, I was probably worried most about my Corvette, though it was probably close.