Doping your fuse box

As part of improving power to my system and after installing a separate spur I came across two products to improve the separate fuse (junction) box for the spur:

Akiko Audio cylindrical fuse unit: a Siemens design with silver treated contacts, silver coated rod for Neutral and a ceramic fuse containing an Akiko Fuse Tuning Chip. This unit is best installed by a qualified electrician lest you know what you are doing around live mains. It has a major impact on lowering the noise floor, detail retrieval and impulse speed

Akiko Audio Fuse box Pro: attaches to the fuse box’ ground connection and removes hash from the system and substantially improves bass performance. Easily installed and one of the better value for money tweaks out there.

I cannot overemphasize the importance of optimum mains treatment. In big cities the amount of mains borne noise keeps increasing with the number of digital devices connected.

I have no association with the company, just a happy customer.


Personally, I would never stick my hands or anything inside a live breaker box.  You may want to check local code and your insurance company before doing what you stated.  I wouldn’t want it to come to…….”sorry honey about burning the house down, but the stereo sounded so much better”


I assume you are turning off the main breaker before attaching the Akiko Audio products?

After reading the Akkio description what is a cupboard? Does the pro unit attach to the breaker box or to the outside meter?

"Cylindric Fuse Cartridge Silver has the great advantage of directly supplying power from your meter cupboard to your devices, without having it go through any inferior electromagnetic fuses. This positively influences alldevices in the rendering chain."

"The Harmonizer comes with a meter long connection cable and should be placed besides the meter cupboard.

Preferably connect this green/yellow cable to the same rail on which the earthing for the separate power cable of your audio/video set-up is also connected.

Since the cup board has to be opened for this, this is work for an qualified electrician.

Shorten the connection cable if possible.

Finally, mount the Harmonizer as close as possible to the meter cupboard using two self-tappers or screws."


I'm waiting on someone to come up with audiophile breaker, curious as to benefit.


the cylindrical cartridge should be installed by a qualified electrician. The fuse box pro goes on the unified ground rail where there is no live current, hence I did it myself. The effects are very significant in my setup: I have both sit in the junction box for my dedicated spur off the main junction box.


I don’t see how this can work, it’s just one wire that connects to the grounding bar and goes into a little black box. What in the world could be inside the black box that would make a difference? And there’s no explanation at all. I just have a funny feeling that if I took this to my Electrician that I use for my business that is soon as I pulled it out of my pocket he would start laughing.

I'm waiting on someone to come up with audiophile breaker, curious as to benefit.


Isoclean  makes a complete breaker box.


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 I just have a funny feeling that if I took this to my Electrician that I use for my business that is soon as I pulled it out of my pocket he would start laughing.

of course he would, an electrician’s universe extends no further than ohms law.

I have some Akiko Audio products:

Triple AC Power Enhancer, Tuning Caps on amp outputs, Universal Tuning Sticks on speaker cables, Fuse Box Tuning Chip, USB Tuning Stick, 3D Tuning Chip.

My next purchase will be either the Fuse Box Unit Pro or Harmonizer Unit Pro.

An audiophile breaker would be great. However, there are so many different types of breakers and I doubt if it would approved for consumer use.

Best I have tried is the use of the NPS-1260 on the wire that goes into the breaker.


Wooden clothespins clipped to breakers.

Don't knock it if you haven't tried it.

A package of 50 costs a few dollars.

I have Akiko products. They work but I rent and share a house so messing with the electrical is not an option. Especially given that my neighbor below me is the landlord.

Goal Zero makes a very good sounding rechargeable battery driven generator. I believe that will be my go to option for cleaner electricity.


I've just managed to get an Akiko Audio Fuse Box Unit Pro.

Would this be best in the meter box (power enters property), or fuse box (power enters house)?

I'm also considering a fuse cartridge. Just for my system line on the fuse box.

So what would be the difference if you plugged the device into a wall outlet to your system rather than into the breaker box?. Using just the ground of course.

Also, anyone know who in the USA distributes the device?


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It is meant to get as close to the fuse box as possible connected to the ground/earth connection of your system. While I obviously defer to Akiko on how it actually works, I believe the purpose to be removal of ground distortions by piezoelectric (crystal) load. Let me know how you get on pls.

I'm unsure how to install this; will get my electrician to do it.

Bought the 'Akiko Audio Fuse Box Pro' used from Romania, and waiting for it to arrive.