Downsizing-Need Integrated Amp Advice

HI. I am downsizing my speakers (buying Green Mountain Europas) and would also like to downsize my amp/preamp to an integrated setup. I am moving soon and space will be an issue-my amp is pretty big, and I doubt I will need 200 watts to run the Europas. I am currently running a C-J PV10A and MF-2200, and would like an integrated that performs as well or better on all types of music. Tube pre is not required, nor is phono board, but I do like the slightly airy sound of a tube pre-I don't want something too harsh or heavy in the low-end. I have about $1000 to spend, and would like to pick up a used model if possible. On my initial list are the Arcam FMJ-22 or Alpha 10, Musical Fidelity A3.2 or A300, A306, Classe CP-101, Creek 5350SE.

Any opinions on these? Will they give me the same quality sound I am getting right now? I have heard that the answer is "yes" but it seem hard to believe, given that most of these units are probably 30lbs total, while a good amp alone weighs twice that.

Thanks in advance for the advice!
I wouldn't be too concerned with the weight of the amplifier, after all, it's how it sounds to you, not how much it weighs. I own the A3, and would say the A3.2 would be a great match for your speakers. The other integrated I was going to suggest is the Audio Refinement. It's a stellar integrated and I would put that high on your audition list. It can be had brand new in your budget. I think you will be happier with the A3.2 instead of the A300.
I've owned the Arcam Alpha 10 for about 6 years, have listened to the FMJ-A22 and also owned the Classe CAP-100 for about a year. You would definitely do better with the Classe CAP-101 than the ARcams.

Haven't heard of Musical Fidelity and Creek gears.
The Musical Fidelity integrated amps are refined and musical sounding and will do a good job with your new Europas. I owned the A3 for a year and loved it, before upgrading to a MF CD PRE 24/A300 combination (even nicer). Upscale Audio usually has great prices on new MF equipment.

Regards, Rich
Is there a reason that you're downsizing? I'm asking because you may be going backwards when you may be fine with what you have. If the c-j's are paid for, you might audition these integrateds against them before jumping into something.

Like S7horton, I have not the B&W Signature 805's, but their father, the Silver Signatures. So we're basically on the same playing field.

I had a c-j DA3 DAC that I really, really liked. I traded it in on a Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 21, which I think blows it out of the water. However, while I was waiting for it to come in, I took my c-j to the dealer and compared it against the MF Tri-Vista SACD. In 'CD' mode, I would not have chosen the Tri-Vista SACD over the c-j.

I did end up after that comparision or audition, trading in my Krell pre-amp and amp for the MF A308cr Pre-amp and Amp. They had to ordered them too, just like the Tri-Vista 21. In the meantime, my dealer loaned me an A3.2 Integrated. For the next four days, I was sick to my stomach thinking that I had made the biggest mistake of my life. I had the A3.2 running 24 a day thinking that it needed to burn in, but it didn't help. The A3.2 literally turned my stomach. I took it back and listened to nothing until the A308's arrived rather than listening to the A3.2. I even talked to my dealer and called another stereophile friend who assured me that once the A308's arrived, everything would be alright.

I've never regretted trading in the Krell KRC-3 and KSA-50S for the MF A308's, but the A3.2 couldn't even hold a candle to the A308 combo. My next upgrade though is to replace the A308 Pre-Amp with the c-j Premier 17LS2. Another out of state dealer told me NOT to replace the A308 amp, because with the c-j Pre-Amp, the A308 Amp will sing like I've never heard it sing.

All I'm saying is that I really like the MF higher end equipment, but I think the c-j equipment is something special that you may not want to give up without a good reason and side-by-side comparision.
Good things already on your list. You might want to compare the Naim Nait 5i integrated if it is available in your area. Inexpensive, high value, somewhat tuby in its presentation, very compact, especially if paired with the matching 5i CD player.
I am downsizing because I need to save space-moving to a smaller room and can't have a huge stereo rack out.

I have been pretty happy with my system so far, although the preamp hasn't been as impressive as hoped. I have A/B'd it against some cheaper (retail $600) SS designs, and while vocals are a little better and bass a little tighter, it isn't a stunning difference. Maybe I need new tubes.

The amp is different-it is very, very good. Tight, accurate bass, and great midrange.

I'm a tube system owner (Cat pre, Cary monoblocks), but recently I had the new Music Hall Mambo integrated for about a week. It's class A, mosfet, no phono, about $1200 new. I could live with it, and at a fraction the price of my set-up, it was not a huge step down. I'd say the main thing I missed was the 'air' that the tubes give, but it's a very sweet - yet powerful - amp.
I own GMA Europas and I run them with a Densen B100 integrated amplifier. The sound is stunning. Densen's US distributor is Audio Outlet (

Also check out

Build quality, sound quality and customer service are excellent.
Another option is the Prima Luna Prologue One or Prologue Two also available from Upscale Audio. There are many reviews on both.
I've been there (downsizing)m and found great listening pleasure with a Naim Nait3 integrated (now there is the Nait5 out there). Naim sounds great with Spendor or Monitor Audio Speakers.

Another option is to go for a passive preamp (AXIOM, Monlithic) and get e better power amp, you may end-up spending more or less rha same as for an Integrated amp option.

47 Labs Shigaraki or 47 Labs Gaincard, weighting in at 20 and 25 watts, most likely a very good match for the Europas. Someone in the Sakura Systems website has this set up, with a Wadia Digital front end directly into the Gaincard, looks as if it will sound awesome. Certainly looks so as the owner describes it.