Dual-Disc Destined to fail?This reporter thinks so


I have thought so for awhile. 1st one (Donald Fagen) Nightfly would not play in my APL 3910

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I had problems with the one I purchased. Would only play in an old Sony cheapo DVD player. It make one hell of a clock, though.
Don't get me started.....I feel like a rant, but will try and control myself. The thing is, we have these highly resolving systems that we have put our time and money into, and the software is crap. My DVD audio discs sound good enough to let me know the boat has been missed. Its like having a bunch of NBA players show up for your weekly pick-up game, and the only ball you have to play with is a beach ball. Bottom line, I want my Thorens back from the guy who bought it at our garage sale 10 years ago!
Dualdisc is crap. IT's the answer to the question that no one is asking. It will likely go the way of CD-V (CD-video) which was basically stillborn/dead in the water from the get go.

Lame on Sony's part to give up promoting SACD. Hopefully the new Sony CEO from the USA will get over there and kick some sense into those wankers and get things back on track.

I have never had one that did not play. I can't believ all the stories about problems with them. I've been buying them for over three years! What are people using to play them; K-Tel?

Are you talking about hybrids or dualdisc? Dualdisc have only be available for 6-9 months max. You can tell if its a dualdisc by how thick it is and it's slightly heavier also. A dual disc is a CD and a DVD bounded together.

I had one dual disc. I got my hands on it about 4-6 months ago. It would not play in my Philips SA963, Xindak SACD-2, Plextor DVD-rw rom drive, Sony CDRW drive and my SUV (slot loaded). It did play in the drive in my laptop, but it made a hell of a lot of noise. And, yes I did exchange it and the second one would not play also.
I hate to say this on this forum but the average customer is happy with CD's just the way they are. They don't see SACD or DVD-A as an improvement, it's just another format to them, one they don't want to switch to.

The recording industry's idea on dualdisc is more content will increase sales. At least two audio/HT mags have published warnings on DualDiscs. Also, there are stories out there of them getting stuck in slot load CD players(think your car) because of the non-standard thickness.

DualDiscs do not meet redbook guidelines and can damage your player.

Harman International has made it policy that DualDisc use voids the warranty. That means the following brands which fall under the Harman umbella have no warranty w/ DualDiscs Harman Kardon, JBL, Infinity, Revel, Audioaccess, Lexicon, Mark Levinson, Madrigal Imaging, and Proceed.

Other companies that have advisories against using DualDiscs while they study them include; Pioneer, Toshiba, Onkyo, Marantz(I'd assume this means Denon too as they have the same parent company), and Sony. In Sony's case their computer entertainment division said "some DualDisks may be unreadable on its Playstation consoles-----And it also warned that, for certain models, playing a DualDisc when the console is in a verticle position 'may damage the disc, the console, or both."
I was at Tower records today and saw the R.E.M. dualdisc reissues out there, ON SALE, for $22. Twenty-two American? No thanks.