Dynaudio Contour 30 vs Confidence C2 comparisons

Hey all, first time poster long time browser.

I currently own Dynaudio C1 platinum for the L/R fronts (midsized room), and I'm looking to get a bit fuller sound top to bottom from the larger floor standing models... ie the C2 or Contour 30. I have no means to audition either, but I know I absolutely love my C1s. Just interested in any opinions from people that have heard either/both of these models. I THINK I know what to expect with the C2, but with the contour line being remade and bumped up in price has me intrigued. I absolutely love the clean looks of the Contour 30, but I worry I'd be taking a step back from Confidence. I also have been hearing murmuring of an updated confidence line, which I'm sure (if indeed that is the case) will be priced even higher, way out of my budget.

ANY honest opinions (or facts for that matter) are welcomed and thanks in advance!

I think your in an exciting postion,Ive owned the C1s,C1 platinums and the C4s..Never cared for the C2.This new Contour series looks promising,no idea on cost but if me Id find a place to audition before buying anything. I have heard the Confidence line is being updated as well and it is about the right time as its been around .A couple thing that did come across my mind , are you running subs with your C1s as that's a must and two when the new Confidence line comes out all previous will dump in price..a chance to get some serious savings on C4s!
I run dual paradigm sub 15s, but i prefer to listen to the C1s (for music) without any sub at all, believe it or not. The current room (I will likely be moving sometime this year) has enough bass response where its not really an issue GENERALLY speaking. I'm just missing that last bit of oomph and that's where I'd like a "fuller" range speaker. I realize the C4 is an incredible speaker, but its just too big. Not to mention 121 lbs per speaker is a bit to lug around during experimenting :p. Enter the C2 and Contour 30. As they say on their website, midsize room - midsize speaker :) Just curious if anyone has any first hand experience with the Contour 30? I honestly have no possible way of auditioning any dynaudio products. I bought my original C1 platinums "blind" so to speak, and I was completely blown away by their amazing sound.
I agree with you though missioncoonery.. not sure when the line will be updated, but when it does there should be plenty to choose from at considerable savings. I'm in no rush, but it never hurts to get a bit of research in and get your ducks in a row! :)
Thanks for the reply!
I owned the Contour S3.4 with upgraded Esotar2 tweeters. I believe the new Contour series is using the Esotar2 throughout the line which is great. I also understand the Confidence C1s are supposed to have outstanding bass for a monitor speaker.

So, if you really want a full-range speaker, I would jump to the Contour 60 if your budget will allow. I've never had great success integrating subs with speakers (even with a REL T9), and I don't think the 30s will deliver the bass response that is appreciably much better than the C1s. Then again, I like visceral bass that you can feel. My 2 cents.
Yup, been very impressed with the C1s in what they CAN do! As far as really deep, visceral bass that you can feel, I'll just turn on my subs :D (I just prefer not to)... I hear what you're saying on the Contour 60s likely giving me the bass I desire though: but again, those are not small speakers by any stretch of the imagination. At 119 lbs each that's a lot of gravity to move around. They're also a bit above my pay grade at the moment, unless of course a new buyer doesn't want them anymore and is willing to take a big hit! If I could ask for your 2 cents on the contour s3.4 austinbob, how did you feel they performed in the lower register for a wide variety of music? Thanks for the input, greatly appreciated!

Currently have a pair of 3.4le, room size in 5.5 by 4.5 meters room size. Don't find bass department lacking unless you're a bass head or you like pipe organ. A great amp - one with good current ability certainly helps. 
W x D x H is roughly 25' x 16' x 8' with a large opening off to one side.. keep in mind this room is not the final room. Eventually this year I will be moving.

Main source is marantz sa11s3
Preamp marantz av8802a
Power amp anthem p2

Thanks for your input shingy! I’m guessing bass output on the 3.4 le would be very similar to the contour 30, but you can never be sure unless you’re able to compare directly.
I've auditioned a pair of Contour 30, do think it has slightly more lower output. Just check out the frequency range 32Hz to 23KHz. While the 3.4Le  ranges from 35Hz-25KHz. 

From memory Dyns themself did mentioned the newer mid/bass unit can handle a bit more bass. Do check out the C20 review on Stereophile, the frequency plot does show a slight bump at the lower end. 


Why don't you re-assess post moved? Never know what the room acoustic is like till you try. Probably will dictate what really suits. 

Given you have a top class stand mount, I would seriously check out some top notch pre. Pre with AV bypass and just let the AV processor do AV stuff. But that's just my 2 cents. ;)

I have C20 now and have no real complaint about bass or lack of bass. My biggest complaint of other speakers I've had is lack of bass. Mostly rock music for me but I can also put on Run The Jewels and just sit in amazement of the bass output. My room is of similar size to yours, 24'x20' with 9' ceilings. Haven't heard C1 but know a couple of people that face owned them and a couple of their complaints are very power hungry and higher volumes tend to cause the C1 to bottom out on bass heavy music. No problems like that with the C20. I believe Dynaudio gas mentioned this as an "upgrade" to the new Contour series. All that said my intention was to upgrade to C30 if I liked the C20 but I'm not going to do that after living with C20 for 10 months or so. They seem to provide all I need in my room. I'm fronting them with Naim 272/XPSDR/250DR. If more output is what you're looking for then C20 may be all need. 
I've heard the new C20s while shopping for floorstanders (they didn't have the C30s on display/demo) and they are pretty amazing. I think the new mid/woofers are much better than the older Confidence series drivers, and the new Contours also have the Esotar 2. I would definitely go with the new Contours over any of the older Confidence series speakers. They may be a "prestige" line up, but they are pretty long in the tooth at this point.
Thanks for the great insight everybody, much appreciated!
shingy, some day I hope to have a dedicated 2 channel pre amp, but that will have to wait. (money and space constraints are the guilty party) The av8802a has a very nice clean sound to it, but doesn't have quite the all around "robust" body of a serious 2 channel pre. When it comes down to it, my final decision will mostly depend on price/value of any deal I might find. I'm certain I'd be thrilled with either the C2 or Contour 30, but I have a couple concerns about both, to be honest. I've read (not sure where) that the newer Contour line has a treble that has a slightly more 'crisp' sound to it compared to the current Confidence range. I already have tinnitus in both ears, so I'm not sure that would be the way for me to go. Having said that, they have a much more modest appearance, and I think they'd be that much easier to set up properly. As for the C2 treble, I think its safe to assume it would be incredible similar to my C1.. although I've heard people say the C2 treble is even smoother, while others have disagreed with that. I know the Contours also use the esotar2, but the crossovers are not the same. I hear what you're saying about the Confidence range being long in the tooth nitewulf. I'm curious to know what Dynaudio plan to do about this in the (hopefully near) future. It'll be exciting, but well above my budget I'm sure! And to your statement, jonmc138, I can attest to the C1 being a bit power hungry, and I have also bottomed them out ONCE! I was watching the beginning of the first Guardians of the Galaxy during the scene where Star Lord gets taken by the space ship as a young boy. I've learned my lesson after that, so now I take the time to MAKE SURE I HAVE MY CROSSOVERS SET PROPERLY LOL!

I too started with an AVR to drive by Dyns (Audience 70 back in the days). But the sound was flat as a runway. So, sold both the AVR and Dyns and updated to to my current set of speakers and a newer generation AVR.

Still it sounded okay but nothing I would call Earth shattering. So I started trialing a brute power amp at 500wpc and AVR as pre. Certainly there was bass slam but no mids and muffled highs. 

Further updates lead me to try two pre/power combinations,  one was a tube pre and 300wpc power from same manufacturer. I could have stayed there. That had a wonderful SQ, tubey mids and with meaty lows from the solid state power amp. When a Gryphon integrated came up for sale I hadn't look back. This amp would stay for a foreseeable future. It has so much control over the Dyns, micro details and refinements. Yet when the source demands a huge push of power to the speakers, the Gryphon more than deliver. 

My thoughts are a mid range preamp can do wonders with your setup. when compared with an high end AVR. Granted it is not a priority right now. : )

Actually, I too contemplating in going up to C2. But room size is not ideal for placement. Too close to my listening position. So I am following your thread with interest. Cheers. 

One of the main reasons I started this thread is because I have an opportunity to grab a pair of C2's mkII but would require me to trade my C1s and I'm just not sure I want to do that.. I love them too much! lol
I have a pair of Paradigm S6 v3 in piano black that I need to unload before I can make any decisions anyhow. I just don't want to deal with shipping them so trying to sell them locally, which isn't the easiest thing to do in a small market area!
If you're happy with C1 and gave the room then a move to C2 would be a good one I think. Even if a new line comes out the C2 is still going to sound great. Upgrading the front end is also great suggestion if the C2 slips away or not. I think you'll get even more enjoyment out of either speaker with better electronics. Good luck with whichever path you choose. 
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So being that this thread has bloomed into something more than it's title, what suggestions would anyone have for a dedicated 2 channel preamp to go with dynaudio confidence or the newer contour series? I'm not about to announce a TKO for my marantz av8802a as it's a great piece of gear. The analogue section was not an afterthought as they improved it considerably over past generations. I'll admit, though, a solid preamp has a HUGE part to play in the overall picture. What are the thoughts on using the current marantz pm 10 as an integrated 2 channel for music, then using it as a 2 channel amp for the front left/right (over an anthem p2) for movies and the like?
If you're happy with the Marantz sound then I see no reason to not try a Marantz IA. There are tons of options so budget and sound preference will dictate your choice. Some options that seem to work well with Dyn are Naim, Hegel, Musical Fidelity, Belles, Octave and many more. 
So recently I was able to sell off my paradigm signature s6 v3 and an svs sb13+ subwoofer for cold card cash. I want honest opinions and a no sales man approach. I still haven't heard a convincing argument of the confidence c2 vs contour 30. I already know how special the current confidence c1 is.. in fact, the guy that bought my paradigms was completely blown away how much presence and bass they had. I just want to know if anyone has compared the new contour series to the acclaimed (and rightfully so) confidence platinum line. I'm well aware that sooner or later a new confidence line will arrive. I just don't want to take a step back in terms of overall realism to a minor gain in bass.. 
Sincerely looking for anyone that has 1st hand experience. Thanks!

A bit surprised that no one has come out of the woodwork to comment on a direct comparison between the "higher end" but older Confidence line versus a companion model from the newer but "lower end" Contour. In particular, I'm curious about the new Contour 60 vs a (used) Confidence C4, since both are around the same ballpark price.


I still haven't been able to directly compare both lines, but I had made an inquiry about a contour 30 and the seller did say the confidence platinum line is the better line.. and followed that up by offering to order/sell me a pair of new confidence c2s for a considerably higher price than the used contour 30 :p
Take that as you will, but I am under the impression the older confidence line is still better than the new contours. I've no proof or first hand experience on that yet, but that is currently what I believe . 
I own the C30. Little over a year now. It’s been a while, about 5 or 6 years ago, I owned a pair of the original C1. Audio memory is nearly impossible but I will say that I do not believe the new Contour series gives up anything to the old Confidence C1 series. Obviously, the C30 has better bass than C1 but the treble and mid is just as good as what I remember of the C1. Imo, the C30 is a much better looking speaker. Regarding the C2, I have never heard one. Tough call, C30 vs C2 sonically but financially I’d take the C30 all day, new vs new price knowing the performance the C30 possesses. I betcha Munich 2018, next month, we be the unveiling of the new Confidence line ... maybe it hits US shores in the fall. Who knows.
Anybody that’s looking for the Dyn sound on this older thread may want to check out Silverline Audio Bolero supremes.
They are a 3way design utilizing all Dyn drivers but with simple single order crossovers and the are 8 ohm and 93db.

Used ones pop up for sale occasionally,that’s how I bought mine.

I dunno about the silverline audio bolero supremes.. they look awfully similar to some old school sony ss speakers that actually were legit, I just don't know about the looks anymore. These days, speaker manufacturers can make a loudspeaker functional AND beautiful :)
I’ve recently auditioned the C20’s and was left underwhelmed in the lows. To me the lows sounded flubby. I didn’t audition the C30 or C60 but have heard the C60 at Axpona last year. Personally I like the S40’s a lot better (I know that’s not what you’re looking for). I owned C1’s and later upgraded to the C1 sig’s. At one point I had an in home demo of the C2’s when I had the C1’s. The bass was a lot deeper but the reason I kept the C1’s is I personally didn’t care for the TALL sound stage. That said I have to say the C2’s would be a better choice IMO but they are a lot more expensive than even the C60’s.

Munich show is coming up and Dyn announced something new. Could it be a revamped Confidence??? Won’t know until the show.
Again this is my personal opinion. Also the C20’s I auditioned were the standard walnut finish. To me it looked like contact paper and not real wood. The optional finishes are really beautiful.

Another speaker I think is a lot better than the new Contours is the new Focal Kanta 2. To me I get the feeling Dynaudio is moving toward the old Focal sound and Focal is moving toward the old (better in my opinion) Dyn sound.
The silverline Bolero supremes use all A grade matched Dynaudio drivers in a better Implementation,Including much thicker cabinets that have proper curves inside to help prevent standing waves.

The crossovers use only 3 parts and need no Impedance correction circuit and they are a 8ohm load and 93db sensitivitie.Much easier to drive than any Dyn that I’ve ever owned or heard.

If you can find a pair on the used market like I did,they are a true bargain.

I'm sure the bolero supremes sound amazing, I just don't think I could ever get used to the looks of them. To each his own, as they say!
If you are looking for a speaker that sounds as good as it looks,
check out Lawrence Audio Double Bass,I have those in my main system.

I have heard the Contour 30 and Focal Kanta in the same system.
The Focal has a somewhat more detailed but leaner sound.  Impressive speed and dynamics.  The Dyns were richer sounding with better bass.
Jmlm, would you care to delve into your thoughts on the kanta a bit more? Was it the kanta no. 2? I don't know much about focal other than they make use of beryllium tweeters since I've owned paradigm signature speakers with beryllium tweeters in the past. I think the kantas have a very unique look to them which strikes my eye in a good way lol
I believe it was Kanta 2.  Notes started and especially stopped with a speed that was noticeable.  The dealer remarked that this is similar to electrostats.  Lower mid range and upper bass were a little lean IMO , but this did contribute to a transparent and detailed character.  The Contours had a more even bass response and pressurized the room to a greater degree: although they probably need to be played louder and with more power to come alive than the Focals.

I didn't find the beryllium tweeter edgy or hard (which I've experienced before) but perhaps cooler and drier toned than the Dynaudio's.  More detail information, but whether this is more natural sounding than the Esotar will be a matter of personal preference and system matching.

That same visit I also compared the C1 to the Sopra 1 in another room.  Similar impressions, but the Sopra 1 had a level of refinement and ease that was VERY appealing.
 I would want to use a subwoofer with it, definitely more so than the C1.
I've somewhat changed my mind on the Contour 20's.  I did purchase a pair of Sonus Faber Olympia 1's over the C20's last year, but had the chance the past several months to use my brother's Dynaudios while he was in Europe.  In my system (Gryphon Diablo 120 amp) and in my 13' x 17' room on 4-post Sound Anchor stands they are incredible - much better than I remember when I compared them at Quintessence Audio in a larger room on Simaudio gear.  Bass is phenomenal - really powerful and defined.  They image like banshees and just bring out details without spotlighting.  The importance of room & system matching has really been made clear to me!  
I think they need a dynamic high current amp slightly on the warm side. I am running mine part time with Lyndorf 2170 and it sucks up every bit of it and wants more! They do sound very good but I think the potential for them to be phenominal is there with the right amplification. Sounds like your Gryphon is a great match. 
Not side by side but I will say the C4 is my favorite Dyn speaker. More layers of resolution compared to the Contour 60's.
What about stage height and base? One complaint I read on C4 is that they produce unrealistically tall stage due to driver arrangement placing tweeter and drivers way up. And that due to cabinet they can’t go very deep in base. On the other hand a lower line Contour 60 might seem like it wouldn’t have those issues due to conventional cabinet design and driver arrangement. 
I haven't once, not ever heard of lack of bass complaint on the C4. But I agree, for me it would be too big and tall. I may have switched my focus to the upcoming confidence 30.. unless I get an absolute steal for a pair of c2.. and even those are taller than the newer confidence 30. Sigh.. If only my funds were bottomless lol
So you confirm that c4 produces a too tall of a soundstage? That’s a bummer. I like my soundstage to be realistic and not the typical high end everything-is-a-concert-hall soundstage. I want something full range with with soft treble and was hoping c4 would be it. 
I'm late to the game here, but I thought I could chip in. I just got to do a same-day comparison of the new Contour 30 and a used pair of Confidence C2 mk ii (2013) at my local shop. Though we didn't quite do a side-by-side (different amplification, room, but same source) comparison, the C2s were the winner in my book. I do agree with the general complaint that bass is lacking in the C2s. This was definitely true, but the Contours didn't perform much better in that regard. However, C2's imaging and Detail was absolutely outstanding. Seriously, the detail was almost too real; the buzzing of Stevie Ray Vaughan's amplifier was easily audible, not so on the Contours.
Caveat: The C2s cost $2k more than the Contours. 
On the other hand: Worth every penny. 
dannispel: I am with you, owned both C4 and C2s originals and now C2 Platinums in Mocca finish. Depending on room size etc.. The C4 in my old house the bass was overbearing. Imaging was better and more detailed comparing the the two. I heard the newer Contours at several shows and liked them as well, but to me it was more of a sideways move then moving further up the chain in Dynaudio lineup and even then some time just because they are more expensive doesn't mean they will be better to your ears. The too tall of a soundstage is going to be room dependent of course and how close you sit to the speaker, these speakers are not near field that is for sure! Right now I have the Contour 20 and C2 Platinums. The C2 were the owner of Dynaudio favorite speaker before he sold the company off to the Chinese! 
I own a pair of Dynaudio Contour 30 that I connected to Sub 6 from the same manufacturer. A magical combination that will probably work very long for me and my ears. The source of music that plays everything wonderful is roon nucleus + McIntoch 8900 :)
I directly compared the Confidence C1 Platinum with the Contour 20.The C1 is a much better sounding speaker.It does not sound like a box and sounds much cleaner and more open and 3D and bass is much more accurateThe Contour 30 might be better than the Contour 20 but I doubt it will be as good as the C1.The C1 is just a really special sounding speaker.I also suspect the C1 is better than the C2 as long as your room suits them.

It is certainly true that the C1 is better than the Contour 20 and it may not be strange considering the price. But Contour 30 is clearly better than 20. I have also compared the C1 with what I have at home and which is in about the same price class. Then C1 appears a little thin and without any pressure at the bottom.
I think you will find that the Confidence speakers need  to be matched with very good sounding amplifiers to sound their best whereas the Contour line are more forgiving of lesser quality amplifiers -but at the price of having lower resolution .
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Of course, much more expensive hi-fi equipment always sounds better than cheaper. Everyone knows this. But a couple of C1's will never give you the deepest notes from the choir organ, even if you connect them with a nuclear power plant.
I agree jtgofish that the new Contour line sounds like boxes emitting sound, 100%. I'm a unlucky owner of a pair of Contour 60. Previously i owned for just one year, a pair of Contour 3.3 which i loved. The upgrade was a complete disaster. I don'tt know the C2 nor the C4 but i assure to everyone that even the older Contour 3.3 sounds incomparably better as the Contour 60.
The Contour 3.3 timbre is very natural and the matericity of whatever instrument is immediately recognizable. Jazz cymbals, brasses, voices, drums...everything very very well rendered. The Contour 60 timbre is completely messed up. Nothing is in the right place. You never have the feeling the instrument is n front of you because it simply sound unnatural. 
the Contour 3.3 sound stage is precise, painting the exact collocation of each musician. It is wide wen it has to be wide and small wen it has to be small. Again the Contour 60 are not able to draw the 3D space. I'm never able to say this instrument is there or there. 
Unfortunately the enlightening comments in this thread have been written one month after my purchase. I miss the Contours 3.3 everyday.  

The new series is the 30 and 60 I  which is a major improvement in many ways from cabinet design to new isotar2 tweeter , even he Xovers totally beefed up bigger inductors ,Mundorf plus other capacitirs, better wiring looks like vandanhull

and the drivers are all improved the 30 i is a great speaker 

the 60i is even bigger and has a dedicated midrange which makes it slighly better still I can get the60l for around $10500 delivered 

it’s a great speaker and I feel will go toe to toe with any speaker up to $20 k just reading up on all that goes into judt the cabinet 

I have the older Contour S3.4 , with a Reference Xover over $1300 spent judt in the rewiring and Xover ,over $2k with friends labor for my total investment of $4300 

it’s a fantastic sounding speaker easily put up against any brand in the $8 k range.