E-bay and its sellers

Well I bought some items from a seller on ebay two days ago, today I saw another item on the same ebay web-site....So I made a offer and got a responce from the seller , he told me to "FO" which I though was a little rude, so I told him that I didn't care for that answer , and I had already purchased two other items from him........I told him I really didn't like doing business with sellers like him , so he cancelled all my purchasses and told e-bay that I cancelled them, which is totally untrue......So be careful with some of the sellers on e-bay, because they are getting like Amazon sellers, a little touchy and a lot rude...............That's my e-bay stoty for today            


I think you should write an email to ebay and tell them about this seller. You shouldn't buy anything from him/her.

I think people are losing there social skills, That one two letter answer cost him about 2500.00 dollars in about ten seconds......I don't know how to send anything to e-bay, and that is by e-bay design......They don't want to talk to anyone....And on top of that I won't get my money back for at least 5 days....I would call them but they don't like phone calls either...........

Leave negative feedback for this seller, along with a comment about your dissatisfaction. Sellers don't want this!

You made him an offer to buy, to which he he allegedly responded with a profanity .

To better frame an understanding of what went down:

- What was his asking price and

- how much was your offer?

- The prior two purchases are a red herring at first blush. Was there some attempt at linkage of the 3rd to the prior two that characterized an implied extreme slash in the amount of the 3rd offer?

- it sounds like Seller was insulted by the offer in the extreme .

In pleading your case in the Court of Public Opinion, let’s hear first the rest of the story of what went down:

“There are three sides to every story: your side, my side, and the truth. And no one is lying. Memories shared serve each differently.”

― Robert Evans

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I seem to have Ebay Concierge service, and whenever I have an issue, I just ask for a callback and they take care of whatever is the problem. 


now why would any seller out of the blue refuse to sell something to a buyer, especially a buyer that has recently purchased from the seller? I don't think we are getting the whole story. This is like a buyer on agon wanting to buy an amp from a seller and the seller out of the blue tells him to FO. Not buying it.

There's no mentioned of what was said that could have provoked the seller's response, So I'll withhold any comment.

I've had nothing but good luck on ebay.  I treat people as professionals and it seems to be reflected back.

One of the things most people don't get is I purchase over 5000.00 worth of Audio a week on e-bay, so I have a lot more transactions than most people.....Most of the people responding maybe spend 20.00 a week.......Regardless of what was offered , the response , in two letters was out of control.....And anyone who says different should go back to school and learn some manners......Anyone that condones that conduct better look in the mirror.......And that goes to any responder that doesn't know better .........I was hoping that I would get some knowledge from people that had a sense of right and wrong , but I'm not surprised at the lack of that either.....

After looking at some of the feed-back you have , I can see that if you have 2 feedbacks a year, you have no idea what I'm talking about....I have 3400 e-bay feed-back, 289 audiogon feedback and 40 feedback on audiomart....All positive......The person that I was trying to buy from has 2000 feedbacks and several negatives.....If that means anything, so that's the rest of the story.............W

carlsbad:    It doesn't matter who I am, and I don't claim to be anyone special......But I can see you have had one transaction in a year so you have dealt with a "even one" person......Yes you really know something about buyers............Out of all the people I have dealt with on the internet, I have had difficulty with 3-4 ....Not bad for a new guy.......... And its obvious that we are not learning much here ??

Autospec, it appears you think you know my ebay id.  My ebay id is 6 random digits that E-trade assigned to me as an account ID in the early 90s so I'm pretty sure you haven't guessed it.  

Keep ranting, I think you need 3 or 4 more posts.  Let it all out.


Sorry that happened to you. Must have been a shock to the system trying to digest the seller’s unjust reactions. Was it a McIntosh wheeler dealer, lol? 

Carlsbad:   I could  care less about your "I.D." , this is not about your ID its about something that you have no experience with and you are making statements about buying in large amounts , when you don't buy that way......Its OK not to buy that way, but don't talk like you do.......Its a different world when you received large amounts of poorly packed, poorly described, people wait a week or so to ship items that are paid for.....They don't remove the tubes and half of them get broke.....Then you have some smart guy lay a bunch of profanity on you......So if you are going to try and give some advice, have some idea what your talking about............W 

....and some days just don't go too well.....*mock tsk*

There's more to this intrigue, but either obvious or too subtle to be more than a curiosity to discern, however right or wrong....

I've always approached eBay as a sophisticated sort of swap meet/flea market with certain 'commercial' sellers.....

One's approach to the seller can make for a pleasant transaction, or an utter fail where the seller would rather give it away to the next person....preferably not the person Next to you....

Get over it.  Get your money back, and move on.

Regards, really...J 

Scum are to be found everywhere.

Remember if you make contact with someone there is a relatively low likelihood of getting a scammer.

But if they make contact with you, a scam is much more likely.


@autospec ,

All people are asking you is to give a little more information on your interaction with the seller so as to better understand why he said what he said. But instead you go off on how you are this major player on EBay, and then insult those who are not.

Obviously the guy had a reason for responding the way he did. Whether he's simply a jerk or it was warranted. Why are you keeping that reason to yourself?

Based on the information available:

The OP is a business and his goal on eBay is to buy low so that he can sell to someone else high (potentially adding no value in the process).

He makes an insulting offer (based on an end user expected resale price). The person receiving the bid looks at the profile and their transaction history, sees they are a business, knows the offer is low ball with the goal to resale higher, and expletively calls them out. They likely see little loss in doing this since the OP is not their target customer and is unlikely to be one again.

If you are buying $5000/week, you know what a realistic end user price is and likely offered less, perhaps far less than that. You know it. Likely that seller knew it too.

It's not possible for any here except the OP to know the details of this transaction, however, I have been on eBay for a LONG time and have had 577 transactions, all as a buyer. Over the years, I have had only a handful of transactions that went wonky....until recently.

I saw a small pair of Polk speakers in a 'No Reserve' deal for $74.99 with free shipping so I went for it. I ended up being the only bidder, so I won. About an hour later, I got a notice that the deal was cancelled. When I looked at the reason for cancellation, it said "Buyer Cancelled".

I then sent a message to the seller explaining that I hadn't cancelled but, unsurprisingly received no response. Since the deal initially went through, I was able to leave feedback in which I gave the seller a negative and explained my reason. The next day, my feedback had disappeared along with any record of the transaction.

I then looked at the seller's 'Items for Sale' and there were the speakers with a starting price of $79.99 and a shipping cost of over $40. OK, I get it; he goofed and forgot to charge shipping.

I did a search on this and there are a whole bunch of buyers who are complaining about being falsely accused of cancelling an order. Ultimately, I didn't lose anything on the transaction, but it seems like a pretty tacky thing to do on the seller's part. Incidentally, the purchase price was not reimbursed for almost a week.  

It's not possible for any here except the OP to know the details of this transaction

Yes, and he's not giving any, so people are free to speculate until he does.


Sorry if you took that personally. You're also free to speculate all you want on what I did wrong in my transaction.

Hi, @minkwelder .

No, I didn’t take that personally at all.

I was merely making an observation. And I see no wrong doing on your part whatsoever in relaying your transaction as you told the whole story and didn’t come here looking for sympathy or validation. As an aside, an apology followed by snark is never a good look.

@autospec ,

I think you are almost there.  Keep breathing deep.  

Keep thinking you know more than everyone else. that will work well for you.

BTW, I had an ebay business for several years selling millions of dollars worth of collectible coins.  I met a few guys like you.

Deep Breaths,


I want to thank the very few that actually touched on the real issue, and also thank the others, who if nothing else brought some entertainment to the "forum groupies".....It always amasses how people process things, I wonder how we get anything done........THANKS 

@ this point, we can only hope that Paul Harvey shows up with, the rest of the story.

I think his feelings were hurt. Bought two items, then offered a low ball price probably and the guy said F.O.  Sellers have the right to react if not happy.  If the offer is within reason of 5-10% that would be fair, if were talking 20-30% off.  Heck, I think many AG would say F.O. too.

autospec- People “process” things be getting ALL the relevant information before coming to a conclusion.

Your lack of response to two simple questions speaks loudly as to YOUR character.

What real issue @autospec ?   That you tried to make a buck at someone else's expense with a low ball offer and got called out on it?


It's all about perspective.

I have over 800 positive reviews on eBay.  It’s never appropriate for anyone to receive a response as the OP did.  Even low ball offers get a ‘no thanks’ response from me.  If I’m very firm on the price I don’t respond.  Sometimes I’ll play along with a high counter offer if I’m more flexible.

I occasionally  buy things to resell and make a buck, but what’s wrong with that?

I will make offers of maybe 25% off, if that’s what I’m willing to pay, and I’m often surprised that sellers accept.  I don’t want to make offers to offend a seller, but I probably have.  That’s just part of selling.



(1) Without prejudice to the fact that:

(a) its an ineffective, incomplete and thus very lame plea for sympathy from the jurors in the AGON Court of Public Opinion in the first part,

(b) coupled with suspect alleged facts triggering high juror skepticism and doubt because the baseline simple key question of requesting the alleged binary discussion terms vis-a-vis the “asking price” vs. “offer presented” has been capriciously ignored with nada other than “crickets” ; ( it may have been not just an insulting offer, but rather way past that into the realm of the extreme insult )

Why the hell do we even give a rat’s pitootey on what allegedly occurs on EBay?

…. There has been no violation or transgression of protocol, manners, or conduct rules here on AGON,

Let me take a wild guess; lawyer?

Great point, why come on this forum to cry about something that happened to you over on EBay. The other day a guy from Craigslist said something I didn’t like.

I better start a forum thread about it...

The OP also said that the seller cancelled some sales and incorrectly reported that the buyer canceled.  So there’s a second infraction of eBay policies.

The OP may be venting, but he’s also warning us about potential buying issues on eBay.

I just sold a brand new espresso machine finger guard that I took off my grinder before using it.  Then the buyer sent me a return request with a picture of the guard with coffee grounds on it.  He said it was dirty and used.  So I was out the shipping to him, and returning it to me.  So there are bad buyers and sellers on eBay.

We don't have the whole story here. There use to be a program called "The rest of the Story"... that's what we need "The rest of the story".

@tcotruvo - there are some bad buyers and sellers on eBay? Who would have guessed? 😀

Also, some sellers may consider absurd low-ball offers as insults to their intelligence and will respond accordingly, and I totally understand that. 

Carpathian:  I really don't have to do anything on here, because you folks can do it all......And to address the other noble statement, I have worked on tube electronics for more years than most of you folks have lived........Why don't you guess where I've worked ??   Because you are extra good at guessing ??    Give that a try and Ill let you know if you are correct.....

I have worked on tube electronics for more years than most of you folks have lived.....

You sure do like to brag about things that have nothing to do with why you started this thread.

Anyway, since you’re going to pick on the slow kid, I’ll give it the old Community College try:

You worked at Tubes R Us? TubeMart? TubesTubesTubes? Goober’s Oil and Tube?

Rubic’s Tube? Tony Shatube? Tubey-doo? Icetubes? GreatsettaTubes?

Am I close? What did I win?

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All this comes from resonantly well educated people, who have nothing to do.....Its all about lawyers and crows, which one are you ???  Just setting on the wire......Waiting and waiting.......At least this puts me in a better mood than the real topic, which nobody really got anyway.......And if your watching you have to be entertained by the silliness of it all...........Resonantly well educated ?? 

I have 7645 feedback on ebay. I have left 11,100 to date for others. There are probably another 1500-2000 not left because buyers don't always leave feedback. As a buyer I don't always leave feedback if there was a poor transaction but not worth crying over. Contact ebay and file a complaint. You say you do $1,000s a week and yet not so high a feedback rating. That could be 10 or less a week on audio equipment. Not all sellers are levelheaded and many buyers are total a-holes. As a buyer I confess to a little assholyness myself....but all in all I have stayed levelheaded.
We are not trying to judge, but don't need to be attacked as we are not the seller. There is a way and as a guy who proclaims so much you should know the ebay path to file the complaint. I am not defending anyone or attacking anyone, either. Use the force, Luke...just not on audiophiles on this forum.

Yes I am new here but this is my 4th ID. I have never been banned or thrown off. I have my own reasons for joining and leaving and coming back. Mine and for me only. I still get incite here but may not have a lot to give. I’m hoping I stay.

I am sorry about your problem and understand a need to vent. I read your post. Now it’s ebays turn to help you. Go for it.