Ethernet cable recommendations

can you please share thoughts on an ideal Ethernet cable. My preferences in sound are neutral weight across highs, mids, bass, but with a very rich full body midrange and sweet in the highs without being aggressive.

Looking for around $300-$800 price range. 



I've not heard anything in that price range but will say I was quite stunned by the improvement wrought by Blue Jeans ethernet cables @ $17 per 1m pair.

I have replaced all my Blue Jeans with Via Blue.

Much better. Still under your range.

May I suggest that you may wish to first read this simple review on Ethernet cables before you drop a lot of cash on them.

in brief: focus on quality build connectors and proper cable shielding and don’t assume just dropping a lot of $$$$ on a brand name automatically gets you what you need

REVIEW:What causes audible differences in network cables ... erkkabels/


We round off our little investigation into network cables with a listening test and a clear conclusion. As promised we subjected the network plugs to a listening test and listened to three different configurations: shielding fixed on one side, shielding fixed on two sides and double shielded (and both sides connected). Do we hear differences? Well…. yes…!

Let’s clear up one myth: that there is NO audible difference in network plugs. There is a difference in build quality, price and ease of installation. In short: it does make sense to invest in a good plug.

But let’s continue with the sound reproduction: as you know, we have installed everything from standard plugs to expensive Telegärtners. We tried all cables on the same switch (with an IFI power supply) and listened to the same system:
We did not notice any difference between the connectors. Sometimes we thought we heard something (think of a louder or sharper S-sound), but when we went back to the other connector, there was no difference. It is sometimes very complex to listen to this properly and to judge it honestly. But after hours of switching back and forth, we dare say that there is no difference in reproduction. In any case, we do not dare to take a bet in a blind test…

But where we do hear immediate differences – and continue to hear differences even when going back and forth – is the method of shielding.

We made three cables for this purpose: one cable with DeLock plugs and shielding fixed at one end. One cable with Delock plugs with the shielding fixed at both ends and finally the double shielded version with the nice sleeve. Also with the shielding on both sides (and Delock plugs).

What we observe almost immediately is that the version with the shielding fixed on both sides focuses better. The version with shielding on one side seems to play a bit larger, but that is not true: the effects in the song Perfect Life by Steven wilson are placed at the same spot in the room, but are more tightly framed with the cable where the shielding is fixed on both sides.

With voices, the same is true: it’s tighter in focus and also more stable between the speakers (if we move our heads back and forth, the voice stays in place better very odd).

Going to the double shielding we make another step. Again a bit more tightly focused, again a bit better framed. And with that a bit more calmness in the reproduction allowing details to surface a bit easier.

Clearly for us it is clear where the differences come from: shielding, shielding, shielding.

And that is quite logical if you consider that a network cable is included in a digital chain. A chain that relies on clean energy to keep everything clocked tight. A chain that works with noise-levels of -140dB. A chain where small deviations are immediately audible in staging, focus and smoothness.

This also explains why fiber networks work so well as a first upgrade: you immediately shut out a lot of misery by creating a barrier through which electrical energy cannot pass. And thus no electrical noise (common mode in particular).

To conclude

Can you hear differences between network cables? Yes… definitely. Our samples have shown that. And about the real cables you can buy at the store… pay particular attention to what the manufacturer has done in terms of shielding. We would still leave the unshielded versions. Especially after this experience. But anyway: try it yourself at home!

These CAT 8 are OFC, larger 22awg x 8 solid core (not twisted) = 13 awg,

Each pair shielded, overall shield ....

Impressive quality. I used them for speaker cables, bought some red, bought some black, twisted them. cut the very impressive connectors off, put nice spades on.

in people's experience is the cable from server to switch as important as the one from switch to DAC?  do you tend to put the cheaper one from server to switch?

JCAT or Network Acoustics are excellent choices in that price range. Supra 8 is the budget choice but is not on the same level sonically as the other two. (I've owned all these cables and many others)  

Hi acdvd: I use a combination of these with the Viablue cables recommended by fuzztone. The Viablue are noticeably better than the Supra Cat 8 caables at only a small price difference. Good listening. 


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Here is what a professional network engineer (and Audiophile) posted on CANUCKAUDIOMART recently

“ … A little tip, don’t ask for networking advice on a HiFi forum unless you want to be sold on the idea of overpriced and unnecessary equipment with no benefit. Any network engineer will tell you that a packet is a packet and if the received packet isn’t the same as the one sent it will be dropped. Gold plated audiophile grade marketing won’t change that….”

I have been optimizing my digital rig (before my DAC) for the last 2 years.

I found out that everything matters to a more or lesser degree: from Ethernet cables, to power supplies, to power conditioner and to switch...

Ethernet cables: I am using Ethernet cables from sotm and they had a significant impact on the static noise levels with especially older recordings

Power supplies: I am using Farad3 LPS for my swith and audio PC and they contributed to the soundstage width

Power conditioner: I am using an Audioquest Niagara 1200 to power my switch and audio-pc and it contributed to the musicality (with an little more energy in the sound)

Next update will be replacing my modified HP swith with a Farad3 LPS to a maxed out sotm switch with Farad3 LPS and Hurricane cable...

Thanks so much all. 
in your experiences would you say the cable from switch to dac Will only ever sound as good as the one from server to switch?


I have experimented with Ethernet cables a lot. In all price ranges. From consumer grade to Shunyata Omega Ethernet.

First remark: do not expect too much. Ethernet cable is NOT transformative. It will not make a $200 streaming setup sound like a $20,000 setup.

Second, to me, best Ethernet cable, period, is the Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Reference. About $1,000. Cheaper if used or you know a “friendly” dealer.


Third, best no brainer budget Ethernet cable: this Ghent cable from China:

I use SOtM ethernet cables with filters.  Recently added the Cat7u with a special edition set up.  Lowers noise floor.



I'm thinking of adding a filter into my streamer at some stage.

Looking at the SOtM iSO Cat 6 LAN,  Acoustic Revive LAN RLI-1GB-TRIPLE-C, or maybe a Network Acoustics ENO


I have a Cat 6 filter, several Cat 7 cables and the ne Cat 7u and then ENO.

The new Cat7u is very good.  I prefer not using the ENO with the Cat7u.  It add a sort of artificial airiness with a touch of grit.  It was better with the Cat7.


I ended up buying Triode Wire Labs Freedom ethernet cables.

From wall to switch, and then another from switch to streamer.

Ended up buying two Lan isolators.

Acoustic Revive LAN RLI-1GB-TRIPLE-C and Pink Faun.

I was able to purchase a WireWorld Platinum 8 for around $550 on sale.

Awesome ethernet cable.


If you want the richest full body Ethenet cables definitely go for the Pink Faun Interlink, i have 3 of them in my system.


I have moved from Supra CAT 8 (good) to Wireworld Starlight 8 (better) to now Audioquest Vodka (best of the 3). Each step was an audible improvement, with the AQ Vodka a significant increase in quality from the Wireworld Starlight 8, which was very good.


I intend to try out the WW Platinum 8 when I can find a 10" used cable. I live in a spacious 1 BR apt. in NYC (by relative terms) and there are a a lot of cables stuffed behind components, router, etc. and some have to stretch. Neal

I liked Shunyata Omega very much,  what a diffrence  from my previous Acoustic Revive, I do not remember the model though. Now I am using AAI Maestozo, and have 3 of them on SOTM switches and Pink Faun because it was similar sounding for 1/3 of price.  No more experiments for me.