First impressions.What multi-channel disc is your favorite

When guest arrive that have never heard your system,what disc, or concert/movie do you pull out to share? I'm not talking stereo, there are tons of them. What video concerts or even movies are mixed to your liking's . Personally , I seem to use Eagles Farewell Tour or Queens Bohemian Rhapsody Movie tracks ..Just looking for other disc to purchase for future gatherings, if we are ever allowed to have them again .... 
Daryl Hall and John Oats "Live At The Troubadour" is an excellently recorded and multi-channel mixed concert.  Unfortunately, it is only available in DVD format, but it is rather excellent anyways.

Melody Gardot "Live At The Olympia Paris" blu-ray is probably the best sound quality I have heard in a recorded concert.  Traditional Jazz if that is your taste.
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Audio only remixed and surround sound formatted The Beatles Abbey Road 50th Anniversary Edition. Features a few Blackbirds flying across the screen as a screensaver. Jeff Beck at Ronnie Scotts is a long time favourite. Steely Dan Two Against Nature /Plush Tv even though its a bit dated. Standing in the Shadows (The Funk Brothers)even though its mostly interviews the songs played are outstanding.
For me two of the Eric Clapton Crossroads concert disc, specifically:

1. John Mayer - Queen Of California (2013, in 4K)

2. Susan Tedeschi & Derek Trucks - Midnight Up In Harlem (2010)

Both tracks have stunning visuals, superb recordings and IMHO stunningly beautiful music.

Thanks. I already have Ronnie Scotts Beck and Frampton @ Detroit. I’ll pick up James Taylor Live at the Beacon.. Love Derek Trucks, so I'll look for it also. Not a Mitchell fan, so I’ll let that one slide

If you don’t already have it, the Pretenders Loose in LA is mixed well too And is a really good concert.

jdub 39,

James Taylor at the Beacon (22 years ago) was the first one to jump out of the recesses of my mind also. Live recording excellent fidelity, excellent imaging, excellent volume balance of so many terrific musicians and back up singers!

It must be noted, it was also one of my first proper 5.1 experiences.

Sophie Milman, Montreal (12 years ago) is 2nd out of my mind, actually I view/listen to it more frequently than James, it’s perfection!

Rolling Stones “Shine a Light“ Martin Scorsese directed.
Human Nature “Sings Motown” 
Alison Krause & Union Station “ Live”
Diana Krall “Live in Paris”
I second the Jeff Beck & Melody Gardot selections. 

Rolling Stones Shine a Light has great sound but I'm just not sure Keef is on the same page as the rest of the band.
Porcupine Tree- Arriving Somewhere, Chicago concert
porcupine tree - Anesthetize, Tilburg Norway 
Steven Wilson- Get All You Deserve, Mexico City 

David Gilmore - Remember that night, London
Echos and Fat Old Sun are outstanding 

Dire Straights Alchemy live at Hammersmith  Odeon, London 
incredible. This is before the album Brothers in Arms.

not a general fan of surround sound music favourite is the flaming lips yoshimi battles the pink robots on dvd-audio which was natively recorded in surround sound.


No, but someone else on here might be. I'm mainly a soft rocker or blues enthusiast. Its hard to find multi track disc that are recorded well.  I don't care about the performances or the song selection as much as  how its recorded/mixed. Most of them are so muddled.

IIRC Kal Rubinson recommended an Arts recording of Corelli's Violin Sonatas Op. 5.  It's recorded in a church with great surround sound.
The first 15min from Overlord a stupid WWII Zombie movie. It has some real cool Atmos steering and its just fun