Fluorescent light noise through tuner

Hi folks.

 I have had this problem ever since installing several fluorescent light fixtures in the next room. The type with the long tube shaped bulbs. The noise is only present when my tuner is being used and only in the lower and mid parts of the FM frequency range. The upper FM channels play just fine. Obviously that is because of whatever frequency the bulbs are emitting.

 Removing the lights is not an option, at this time anyways. Is there anything else I can do about this relatively on the cheap side? I'm just curious as I use satellite radio much more than the public airways but the question and answers may be of help to others.

 I doubt it matters much but the tuner I use is an older Harman Kardon Citation 23.

The FM antenna is made from the old rabbit ears dipole wire stuff I bought a roll of. It's somewhere around 10 feet high, running from the basement through the walls and into the attic. In the attic, the antenna "arms" go from one end of the house to the other, about 30' to each side.

 A better antenna is a whole 'nother topic for a different day.


@russ69  Comes up with the obvious answer.  :D

Fluorescents are a lot noisier than LED lights, though power strips sometimes have noisy power supplies.

 Can't really get too far away from the lights with the antenna. I could test somewhat by hooking stuff up upstairs when I get the time. That would tell me if it's air or the house wiring. That still wouldn't solve the issue downstairs though. Or would it if we knew how the interference was traveling?

Yes, LED lights would surely be an improvement but it's not in the budget for quite some time.

Unless you are willing to change the fluorescent lights to something else, move the antenna or move the entire system, I can't see your situation improving.




No competent reason not to replace fluorescent (so last century) with LEDs. Be aware that a minority of them are noisy too.

I had to relocate 1 bulb from a location near a tuner to the laundry room.

Speaking of, tuners are relics also.