Gallo Reference 3.x Stands...

There has been some discussion of this topic in a few unrelated threads, so I figured it deserved it's own.

I had tried concrete blocks from The Home Depot with moderate improvement. First I used 1 block roughly 8"x15"x3.5" laying flat, I then used two on edge, to bring the lift to 8". I'm in the process of implementing my own custom solution, built from 3/4" MDF. Details to follow.

Please post your solutions and what changes they brought to your system here, so that there can be a complete reference in one place for all to learn from.
Kinda what I did...2 cinder blocks on each side laying sideways covered with black cloth...cost few dollars and no eyesore at all...helped my height challenged I'm fighting with bass issues after obtaining sub amp, don't know much about room acoustics...
I've been going through an evolution in my Reference 3.1 stands.
I started by doing a fair amount of research on what was available, as far as different designs were concerned. I noticed two main styles available, add height or add width.
I decided I wanted both!

I started with some concrete blocks from The Home Depot, I got 4 of them for ~ $5. At first I used 1 under each speaker like so...

I then used two blocks on end to get more height, stacked flat they were less stable than like this...

I noticed that with each increase in height of the stands, from 3.5" to 8" , I got a nice increase in the height of the sound-stage. I then added the MDF stands to add 10.25". The stock stands are bolted to these by putting screws through the top of the stand into the cone mounting points on the bottom of the stock stands. Adding the MDF stands was a big improvement over the concrete, not just in sound-stage height, but in the total size of the sound-stage.

I think this has as much to do with the added stability provided by the added width of the stands as it does to the added height. The stock base of the Speakers is only 8" wide, and the cones are mounted 1" in from each edge, so the effective width of the base is only 6", very good for a sleek looking design, not so good for stability. Adding to the width keeps the speaker more stable, limiting the side to side motion, and that improves the imaging by keeping the source of the sound in one place. Imagine the image below is a driver moving from side to side...

(( )) it's sending sound waves towards you. The sound doesn't come from the same point because the speaker is moving. Adding lateral stability prevents the speaker from moving, improving the imaging and sound-stage. In my opinion, it's likely that one of the main improvements of the 3.5 is the much wider base. It's also probably one of the big improvements made by the Mapleshade bases.

I plan on painting the stands satin-black, to match the stock stands. Once that is done, I'll reattach the speakers to the stands, fill them with sand, and seal them up. The added mass should make them even more stable than they are now, and give me additional improvements over what I've already achieved.
Anthony Gallo auditioned some prototype stands and approved 8" tall stands.
You can also raise the soundtage by adjusting the spikes.
I hope this helps
Has anyone tried the Mapleshade stands? I am strongly considering purchasing a pair of 3.1's this weekend, and I'm looking into stands. The Mapleshade ones look pretty nice, though they are a bit pricey.
Well Casouza, I've auditioned 10.25" stands and I approve of those ;~)
Also, if you'd read my post, you'll see that I not only raised my sound-stage, but increased it's width and depth.
Goatwuss, I am also trying to find out more about the Mapleshade stands. I am thinking they will solidify the bass, especially at higher volumes.
I use the custom Sound Anchor Gallo stands. I like them a lot because they are really heavy and provide excellent support for the 3.1's. They are cast iron I believe and give a similar height to the Mapleshade stands.

scroll down a little past halfway on the page for the pics.
02-07-09: Barry_e_cohen
Steel, do the References mount to the Sound Anchors, or just sit on top of them?

The Sound Anchors come with mounting disks that remind of an adhesice sorbothane. They mount pretty well but I prefer using the BluTak that wlds the base of the 3.1 to the stand. I can lift the speaker up and it will pull the S/A stand up with it. Pretty good since the S/A stand is at least 50lbs. or more.