Good workout music for baby boomers

So I am finally ready to get some nice tunes in my basement workout room, which is located in proximity to the HT room which is clearly audible. Finally getting good sound out of this system, which is secondary as far as music goes.
On the treadmill yesterday, found I had a better-than-average workout with Pink Floyd in the player. The drive, and of course that I love the music, kept me going.
The problem is I don't have a lot of software that qualifies, having taken up a lot of classical, jazz, vocals, etc. in my 'mature' years. While I love that music also, it is not my first choice to get the blood pumping. What other music (from any generation, but I hope we can stay away from the headbanger stuff) would you classify as great workout music? Hopefully we can get a good thread going here for all to benefit from.
Ok, I'm a genuine 52 year old boomer and I like music that borders on "head bangin" to fuel and sustain drive in the home gym. When I'm lifting weights, circuit training, and hitting the stationary bike I get off on AC/DC, Van Halen, Guns n' Roses and other stuff of that type. Music driven by testosterone, horniness, and frustration works real well to push me. AC/DC, "Back in Black" and "Highway to Hell, Van Halen, any of their first five albums, Guns n' Roses, "Appetite for Destruction." Ok, here's something good that's not so bangin." Ginger Baker (ex Cream drummer) has two solo records "Horses and Trees," and "Middle Passage" that are propulsive, percussion driven albums I really like to work out to. Check them out and happy sweating.
I'm half the age of a baby boomer, but I've given this topic some thought before so I'll chime in. I find high-energy rock or classical works best for me. Nickelback, Staind, Ozzy Osbourn and Vertical Horizon come to mind. Also the Top Gun soundtrack works surprisingly well. For classical, consider just about anything by Mahler, Dvorak's 9th, Beethoven's 5th, etc. If you're in a strange mood on your workout day, try Shostakovich.

Occasionally the high-energy music doesn't work for you, so be prepared to shift gears and try something smooth and relaxing like Rachmaninoff's Vocalise or Beethoven's Moonligh t Sonata. (Or try Enya.) You might be surprised how frequently the change in pace can get you out of a rut.

I am 53 and some kid (30 something)at work let take home Social Distortion's Sex, Love and Rock N' Roll. I now have all their albums. I also love to workout to Tangerine Dream's Tangram, very spacey electronic music.

Good Luck
I ride a bicycle for excercise... don;t get to listen to tunes. If I did, it would be agressive as hell old punk, techno, trance, house.... The high BPM really keeps me going, as does the angst of the older, slower stuff.
As a 62 year old pre-boomer with an eclectic taste in music, I use a 40gb iPod for workouts. Using the shuttle mode with an 11,000 song library, consisting of everything from Glen Gould to Hank Williams, Stevie Ray Vaugn, Cuban, Cajun, Caribbian, Willie Nelson, Verdi, Mozart and lot of other stuff in between, I am constantly delighted with the serendipity. If something comes along that doesn't fit the moment or the mood- hit the advance button. At the same time you can build a new list of what you find to be just right. iTunes on a Mac or PC with a large hard drive and a USB DAC connected the the main system is a fabulous combo, and the Playlists you can generate can be exceptional. Everyone has their own musical preferences, so best to find your own.
Johm Lee Hooker- "The Best of Friends" and Soundgarden- "Superunknown" are my favorites.
"Santana", by Santana. The Doors.

I agree with the above post - an Ipod is great for working out!
"Audio" by Blue Man Group is very up-tempo and works for me on stationary bike, elliptical or rowing machine. Another favorite is Allman Brothers Band, especially a couple of the songs on "2nd Set." Happy Listening.
Hello. My name is Dan. And I am a Boomer (just had my 50th last year). My favorite motivating CD as of late has been Motorhead, "Ace of Spades". To get my blood coarsing in double-time I also like Reverend Horton Heat, "Holy Roller", The Twistin' Tarantulas, "Attack Of", The Blasters, "American Music", Insane Jane, "A Green Little Pill", Southern Culture on the Skids, "Dirt Track Date", ... I have many more I am sure, but cannot recall at the moment - a sure sign that I have too many CDs.
One more excellent jump-starter: Detroit Cobras, "Mink, Rat, or Rabbit". If this doesn't get your feets movin', you dead.