Grateful Dead- Sotheby's Auction

Nearly 350 items including a bunch of their McIntosh amps up for auction-
No doubt this band was cutting edge for its time, regarding the sound their live shows produced, and the recording from them.
July 1969, temporarily staying at Treasure Island.  A fellow offered me a hit of Grace Slick's Yellow Sunshine for 2 bucks.  It was a batch of Owsley's, never saw anything like it again.  The Summer of Love, 1967, lasted for about 2 years, then meth came in and we see the results to this day.
I suspect much of what is on offer has been blasted to death. Unless it’s signed by the members of the band most of it is useless and not worth bragging about…

AG.  🇦🇺
Yeah Yeah Yeah!

There's a Beatles auction too, at Bonhams LA.
Beatles memorabilia is by far the most collected.
I guess after them it's Dylan probably.
Used to be Elvis.
None of them are worthy of worship. When the dead head generation passes on all this stuff will be worthless. 
Nothing is worth worshiping, not just rockstars… But there are young and new deadheads being added every year, this music will never die. Now, will the younger generation deadheads care of such memorabilia is another question. 
Thanks for posting this. There is apparently a lot of rich Deadheads out there. I have to admit that there are several things I would love to have but alas, I would rather spend the money on a new pair of speakers.
The Dead and their “Wall Of Sound” must have been amazing to hear, but without signatures or …. I know a guy, do you mind if I call him up and get him down here???
Opps, just had a Pawn Stars moment.

It's amazing what people will pay for American culture. One of those McIntosh amps went for $378,000. I had one of those old SS amps and it sounded like the voice was coming out of a basketball sized hole in the singers chest cavity.
There is no 'Dead Head generation' - go to any GD-related shows and you'll see fans of all ages; new ones are being brought into the fold all the time. This will keep going for a long, long time, as it should.