Guitar Alphabet. Please fill out unused letters...

I've just got an idea of creating the short guide to rock and jazz guitar players. So you will see that it's sorted by guitarist's last name in ascending alphabet order. Than I provide an information about the band he/she had been playing. You will see in caps the most respected guitarists on my list. Also there should be one or two bands or credits that he/she had been playing with. Please feel also free to add to the letters that already have one or more guitarists.

Here we go:

B -- Bruce Jack / Creme
-- Beck Jeff
-- BELEW ADREAN / King Crimson
-- BUCKETHEAD / Praxis, Guns and Roses.
C -- Clapton Eric / Creme
-- Corryell Lary
-- Creme Lol / 10CC
D -- DiMeola Al
E --
F -- FRIPP ROBERT / King Crimson
-- FRITH FRED / Company
G -- GUNN TRAY / King Crimson
-- Godley Kevin / 10CC
-- Hacket Steve / Genesis
-- Howe Steve / Yes
-- Hendrix Jimi
-- Hammill Peter / Van Der Graaf Generator
-- Hall Jim
I --
-- Johnes John Paul / Led Zeppelin
K -- KARN MICK / Japan
L --
M -- MANZANERA PHIL / Roxy Music
-- McLaughlin John / Mahavishnu
-- METHENY PAT / Pat Metheny Group
N -- Nelson Bill
O --
Q --
S -- Nicky Scopelitis / Material
-- Stern Mike
-- Sylvian David / Japan
-- Sharp Elliot
V -- Vai Steve / Motley Crue
W -- Wobble Jah
X --
Y -- Yamanashi / California Guitar Trio
Some corrections:

John Paul Jones was the bass player for Led Zeppelin whereas Jimmy Page played guitar.

Pere Ubu is the name of a band, not an individual

Jah Wobble is a bass player

Jack Bruce is a bass player

I don't think that Steve Vai ever played with Motley Crue

I am unaware of Buckethead every playing with Guns-n-Roses but could be wrong.

As to adding great guitar players, there's not enough time in the day. Besides, you've already got the greatest rock guitarist listed. He is known as Jimi Hendrix and he's not even capitalized on your list : ) Sean

PS... You can't forget Tony Iommi with Black Sabbath. While not the most talented player on his own, he laid down some of the heaviest and chunkiest riffs ever recorded back in the "good old days". You remember what i'm talking about, back when Ozzy could still speak English : )
Mick Karn is also a bass player,like wise whilst David Sylvian plays guitar so does Robert Plant and Bono!
Hardly guitarists.
Hendrix not amongst your favourites?
It's clear also you have a heavy slant towards modern left field,progressive avant-garde rock in your list.
It's not difficult to fill the letters(The Edge is for E-duh) but what's the point,what's the slant because the list of great guitarists is too involved to go into,really but boy you are missing some serious greats from Gene Vincent,Segovia,James Burton,Buddy Holly,Bert Janch,Peter Green,Jimmy Page,Richard Thompson,Eddie Van Halen,Neal Schon,Greg Allman,Dave Gilmour,J Mascus,John Squire,Steve Morse,Johnny Marr,Charlie Sexton,Keith Richards-Robert Johnson!!!!!----it's almost endless
Steve Vai played with david lee roth before embarking on a solo career. (ugh)

but, to add a few of my personal faves to your list:

Ash, Daniel / Bauhaus, Love and Rockets
Sharp, Dave / The Alarm, Dave Sharp
Squire, John / The Stone Roses, Seahorses
Carr, Martin / The Boo Radleys, Brave Captain
The Edge / U2
Sergeant, Will / Echo & the Bunnymen
Ibrahim, Aziz / (guitarist for Ian Brown)
Reid, William / The Jesus and Mary Chain

i'm sure i'll think of more, but all of them are very innovative, even if not technically perfect. (although a few of them are indeed both)
Hey, What about Robbie Krieger of the Doors for crying out loud!
Or David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, or George Harrison, or oh-my-I-can't-believe-you-neglected Jerry Garcia, or B.B. King, or Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins.
Of course there are a million unknowns who are probably better than all these folks (excluding Jimi, of course).
Steve Via also played with Zappa when he was about 18 never played with the crew that I know of. Slash played for guns and roses never heard of Bucket head having the gig unless he took on the new version and i see no point in him doing that, DiMeola started his rise to fame with Chick Corea, Frank Gambale also did time with Chick Corea and could qualify as the human sequencer he is so fast and accurate (no soul thhough). No Eric Johnson?!!!! claim to like guitar players and you miss that one. we could go on and on but there is no real point is there....
Here's some more guitar greats:

Roy Buchanan
Buddy Guy
Jeff Healy
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Danny Gatton
Duane Allman (sorry Ben, Greg plays keyboards)
Leslie West
Gary Moore
Carlos Santana
BB King
Johnny Winter
Since you did not specify only rock guitarists for your list, let's add some other guys who should be on your list:

Blues guitarists:
1. A: Luther Allison
2. C: Albert Collins; Robert Cray; Johnny Copeland
3. G: Buddy Guy
4. K: B.B. King; Albert King
5. M: Coco Montoya
6. V: Stevie Ray Vaughn
7. S: Son Seals
8. W: Muddy Waters; Johnny Winter

Jazz Guitarists:
1. A: John Abercrombie
1. B: Charlie Byrd; Kenny Burrell
2. C: Charlie Christian; Larry Coryell
3. E: Herb Ellis; Mark Elf
4. F: Tal Farlow; Bill Frisell
5. G: Grant Green
6. H: Jim Hall
7. K: Barney Kessel
8. M: Wes Montgomery; Pat Metheny; Pat Martino
9. P: Joe Pass
10. R: Jimmy Raney; Django Reinhardt; Emily Remler; Lee Ritenour
11. S: John Scofield
12. T: Martin Taylor

1. A: Chet Atkins
2. K: Mark Knopfler
S for Michael Schenker, who laid down some of the most fluid, melodic playing out there in 70's and 80's rockland with UFO.
Here's a "B" - Lindsey Buckingham, of Fleetwood Mac. Truly great, mostly underappreciated, finger-picker extraordinaire.

Here's a "K" - Mark Knopfler, of Dire Straits. Voted Guitar Player Of The Year when the Dire Straits debut LP came out. Another superb finger-picker.

Here's an "L" - Sonny Landreth, probably the best slide guitar player around. Has played with John Hiatt & Mark Knopfler, as well as having about 4-5 solo albums.
Here's a B-Jason Becker,here's an H-Michael Hedges(exellent),and here's an M-Vinny Moore.Fine fretwork by all,enjoy!
ah, I love guitar!
Marakanetz, you owe it to yourself to check out the "tres" sound.
Add Eliades Ochoa to your list.

here's some more info:

Pere Ubu won't qualify, but what about James "Blood" Ulmer?

As for Q, add Robert Quine, an indie-rock legend who has played on (and defined) Richard Hell, Lou Reed, Matthew Sweet and others' records.

Verlaine, Tom (Television and solo).

Zoom, Billy (X).

Sharrock, Sonny.

Young, Neil.

Mould, Bob (Husker Du).

Uhhh, this could go on for parlor game.
hmmmmmmmm,first name BOB, last name DYLAN
known to play the guitar from time to time
less obvious, but a great musician/writer: tweedy, jeff
One last addition that should have been on my original list:
P: Les Paul -- arguably the "father" of modern electric guitar
Four more K's--Leo Kottke, Phil Keaggy, Ritchie Kotzen, Greg Koch. I didn't see Paul Gilbert either--might have missed his name in other posts. Also Greg Howe. Now if you REALLY want some spaced out but killer guitar playing, check out Steve Hillage's older stuff--"L", "Motivation Radio", "Fish Rising". Interesting to see Bill Nelson in your post. One of the MOST underrated guitar players of all time in my opinion. Check out 'Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape' on the Live in the Air Age CD (or cool white vinyl LP from mid 70's). Oh yeah, Brian May.
Believe it or not I've read all of your great responces and certainly will continue my list on the paper. I know that I've even forgot to include many that I know such as BB King, Les Paul... I've even included some basists deliberately since I know they qualify for the guitar players as well and one of them is Percy Johnes that plays synth- 6-string fretless bass as solo in Brand-X.

I'm sorry Sean for not capitalizing Jimi Hendrix. I do consider him as an "idol" who's spirit lives in bunch of crafty guitarists. But after him there are his followers that stepped over grabbing and "amplifying" his techniques and then applying them to the modern times making the kind of evolution: FRANK ZAPPA, MICHAEL KAROLI, JAN AKKERMAN.

I've forgot to bring in my personally known guitarist Torsten DeWinkel who's founded NYJG band. You have to try hard to find this band on Tower Records but sometimes it shows up on

Did Bob Dylan play solo guitar?
Some pretty good K's, Volker Kriegel, Steve Khan, Mike Keneally, Ryo Kawasaki and Jackie King also put out some fine stuff. Geez,I must have no life: John Abercrombie, Neal Akchote, Coste Apetera, Toto Blanke, Gary Boyle, Michael Brook, Roman Bunka, Raoul Bjorkenheim, Jean Paul Bourelly, Phillip Catherine, David Chastain, Ed Cherry, Nels Cline, Tim Crowther, Warren Cuccurullo, Dick Dale, Buck Dharma, Christy Doran, Matthias Eklundh,James Emery, John Etheridge, Bernard Falaise, David Fiuczynski, Reeves Gabrels, Rory Gallagher, Ax Genrich, John Goodsall, Ollie Halsall, Radim Hladik, Tsuneo Imahori(Tipographica),Richard Johnson, Mike Johnson (Thinking Plague), Shawn Lane, Gary Lucas, Rene Lussier, Frank Marino, Thurston Moore, Phil Miller, Roger Miller(Birdsongs of the Mesozoic), Houcshang Nedjapour (Guru Guru, Eiliff), Leif Ostman (Panta Rei), Buzz Osborne (Melvins),Glen Phillips, Richard Pinhas, Chris Poland, Tony Purrone, Robert Quine, Vernon Reid, Marc Ribot, Brandon Ross, Ulrich Roth, Blues Saraceno, G.E. Stinson, Max Sune Miroslav Tadic, Ron Thal, Steve Tibbets, Steve Topping, Jukka Tolonen, James Ulmer, Pierre Vervloesem (X-Legged Sally), Jack West, Andreas Willers, Peter Wollbrandt, Ron Eberhard Young, Neal Zaza, Atilla Zoller.
PS Pekka Pohjola and Percy Jones are (great) bassists. Hope none of the hundreds of other great guitarists who must be rabidly reading this thread will be upset not to have been named.
I've got pretty big L too that I've forgot to mention(shame of me!) ARTO LINDSAY a former member of Lounge Lizards.
No is the pretty big R with MARK RIBOT that is also member of Lounge Lizards.
To answer Marakanetz query about Dylan and lead guitar.
Dylan was obviously a folk-based guitarist to start with despite returning to his rock n' roll roots circa'64 subsequently he always allowed his main guitarist of the time to play lead (Robbie Robertson in the main)until '76 during the Hard Rain era (Mick Ronson played guitar)when he started playing lead,which at the time he really couldn't do that well.
It's something that's never left him since then and despite having noticably better guitarists throughout the years-G.E Smith and now Charlie Sexton(awesome lead player)and Larry Campbell he still likes to play lead,sometimes a lot certainly the last few years have seen him play more than possibly ever before.
Whilst he has improved and can occassionaly do some brilliant stuff,it's fair to say he is not a top class player.
I saw him twice recently and he played lead a fair bit despite obviously being constantly outplayed by Sexton and Campbell.
If you wanted to analysis it,it could be said that '76 heralded a time when he felt he couldn't deal with the confusion he had in his life via words (totally at least)and tried using his own sonics although sonics had been part of his live sound since '66.
Of course Dylan's genius has never been on the technical level-I think he has an amazing voice but it's not a technical purist voice likewise he is often derided by fellow musicians as not being technically that great a musician and yet he has produced music in his field light years ahead of his contempories.....
I wouldn't have him on this list anymore than Springsteen and Springsteen's obviously a better guitarist.
I see your slant is very krim/eno ish
I like that kind of music as well but feel your list is a bit too skewed in that direction

g Peter Green
c larry carlton steely dan session player
t james taylor
r todd rundgren
d dave davies kinks
b martin barre Jethro Tull
m joni mitchell
d bo diddley
j elmore james
b tad benoit
a william ackerman
d alex degrassi
f john fahey
p liz phair
c mike cambell (tom petty)

many more I am sure

May I add:
George Benson
Dicky Betts
Kevin Eubanks
Jeff Healey
Stanley Jordan
Alvin Lee
Robin Trower
Mark Whitfield
Maybe I missed out, but I like to mention a talented, young and virtually unknow guitarplayer called Joe Satriani :).